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Monday, March 25, 2019

Mueller Report.. Why It Makes Us Think of the Aztecs

When thinking about the Mueller Report, its findings and the fact this nonsense has gone on for 18 months, it made us think of the Aztecs

Specifically, their most popular game called Tlachtli were two teams played on a field shaped like an H between two walls and the goal was to get an 8-10 pound rubber ball to the other team’s side using only hips and the feet to move the ball. 

The losing side would be killed by the winner for sacrifice purposes.

Yes, sometimes it is a shame we live in a democracy.
From the very onset of Trump's Presidency he has had to deal with continual lies of Russian meddling and collusion and accusations illegality & illegitimacy and threats of Impeachment by some of the most despicable mindless monsters one could have the embarrassment to call fellow countrymen

We call them fake Americans

You still call them Democrats.
And after over 2 years of incessant investigation and people's lives being ruined just for knowing Trump, those on the left are not to be punished in any way for it

As it is, Democrat filth were rewarded by winning the House this past November

One can say with naive serious that the liberals will get their punishment when Trump wins in 2020 and we certainly hope this occurs but really who knows..

The election is not for another 20 months and even if the President wins, we get 4 more years of horrible identity politic pandering that is just as disgusting and intrinsically Wrong as when a Democrat does it
So yes we thought of the Aztecs

Shame there can't be actual punishments meted out to those responsible for this time waster and national distraction

In a nice pretend fantasy scenario, the one who is the most severely punished is Hillary along with all those on the top levels of her staff during her failed 2016 campaign

It was she and they who conjured up the lie for purposes fear mongering including the creation and payment of the fake Trump dossier which were packed with lies alleging Trump ties to Putin, etc

So for Hillary and the top scum who started all this, we're thinking something involving dungeons, racks n' pulleys, piano wire and Iron Maiden (no, not the music group)
For Robert Mueller and all those on his staff who tirelessly worked for two years to try to bring down a great President, we'd send them to Guantanamo for the exact same length of time this so-called investigation occurred

For the liberal corporate establishment media both visual and in print who basically aided and abetted Clinton throughout that last election and have done everything to fan the flames of criminality and molding stupid people (Democrat voters) into believing Trump won via a coup, in a just world, we'd punish by preventing all entities from keeping their ad revenue for 6 months unless they voluntarily cleaned house then it would be loss of ad revenue for 2 weeks.

Trust us, that would hurt them more than anything physical
Those in Congress like that bitter brillo pad head monkey Congresswoman Maxine Waters who have wanted to Impeach Trump just for breathing still won't let up even after Mueller's findings, would be forced to resign and never be allowed to run for any political office on any level for the rest of their lives

Finally in this nice fantasy scenario, all liberals who irrationally hate Trump which is pretty much all of them would be forced to pay 25% more in income taxes than normally paid for 2 years - this money would be used to fully fund the wall   

How lovely would that be.
So while America overall is a great country, it does a piss-poor job when it comes to punishing those who seek to destroy this nation from within

If one is a foreign threat, we'll issue crippling sanctions, drop bombs, send in our military to invade and overthrow regimes that go against us

But domestic threats like liberals we tolerate and passively stand back as they figure out every way possible politically, economically and socially to destroy this nation from the inside while the media and entertainment apparatuses work together in conjunction to push their worldview especially upon the young

Yep, we're thinking about Aztecs.