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Monday, March 18, 2019

Socialism.. A History of Violence

~ President McKinley's Assassination - 1901

When one looks at Trump's presidency so far from an objective prism, it has been for the most part successful so far and much has been accomplished that otherwise wouldn't had he lost in 2016

His major faults are two fold: 

1)  Incessant identity group pandering that is both repugnant and offensive, which at times makes the Democrats look like amateurs in the game

2)  Publicly at least, he appears absolutely oblivious to the danger the far-left poses to this nation and unlike enemies abroad including North Korea, Iran and ISIS, just seems unwilling to directly engage them
Fault #1 is just a continual, ulcer-inducing annoying

Fault #2 if privately Trump takes the same posture as publicly is just scary because absolutely nothing these socialist-communist radicals are expressing or their patterns of ultimate violence are new

Anyone with a keen sense of history can trace down the line - hear the same tired refrains though now repackaged much slicker and the same vile violent intensity as past generations
Far left radicals back in the 1880s wanting to overthrow Czarist Russia decades before ultimately succeeded in assassinating Czar Alexander II after many failed attempts.. Alexander was actually was a reformer who ended serfdom but not enough reform to the leftist radicals' liking

Then with the big immigration waves of the 1880s and 1890s, a lot of people of Eastern and Southern Europe with the socialist and anarchistic mindset ultimately found a home in the US

Their ideologies permeated the lower aspects of society and in 1901, one of them who embraced the fake-utopia, Leon Czolgosz murdered President William McKinley
Amazing how everyone knows everything about Lincoln & JFK's death and knows little to nothing on McKinley and President James Garfield's assassination (1881)  - just another reason public education is so terrible

But anyways..

So a couple decades later, socialist-communist scum believing the same lies as that dirty brown anus squirt Congresswoman Cortez and others, decide they are going to scare the Woodrow Wilson administration by placing a series of pipe bombs in the mailboxes of prominent government officials and members of Wilson's Cabinet in 1919 & 1920
This resulted in what was known as the Palmer Raids named after the Attorney General at the time and ultimate formation of the FBI to combat such domestic terrorism

By the 1930s with the Great Depression, we all know how they caused civil unrest and provoked violence in nearly every labor dispute, a pattern which went back to the 1870s

By the late 1930s you start to see in films of the day, that they've infiltrated Hollywood and have carefully crafted their socialist messages into the movies they created.

For the most part this was controlled and curtailed by the studio system, especially during WWII but by the 1950s it was quite pervasive
By the 1960s you had groups like the Weather Underground who used violence i.e detonation devices with the ultimate goal of overthrowing US imperialism, embracing black power zealot monkeys and aligning themselves with any other group who shared their values to destroy the US from within

The group conducted a campaign of bombings through the mid-1970s and took part in actions such as the jailbreak of Timothy Leary in 1970.,  a riot in Chicago timed to coincide with the trial of the Chicago Seven in 1969 and bombing of the US Capitol in 1971.

One of their leaders, Bill Ayers spent a lot of time in the 1980s with a young pot-smoking lost-soul loser with an African father and white whore mother named Barry who influenced him greatly

You all know him as Barack
It's just a continued pattern over many many decades to corrupt and contaminate this nation, always by targeting the young and poor which are the most ignorant and naive, then exploit them for their own nefarious purposes

And for some reason we as a society always tolerate them..  Generation upon Generation allow them to spread, infest and infect our population

And government only acts After people are physically harmed; it never seems to ever be pro-active and anticipatory
The god-awful media love to focus on the 'dangers' of the far right which really is near non-existent and completely ignore the far-left, mostly because deep down many who work in that industry along with those in entertainment embrace socialist-communist values

Guess they figure in America, they can somehow create the skim-milk version where they get all the economic and social equality for all and not have to worry about the extra 'calories' like how the freebies get paid or all the political controls that go along with this system

So Trump's posture is that all this socialism talk is good for him and his re-election because he figures like in 1984, moderate liberals will not support someone far left
Problem is 50% of the nation did not have an irrational deep personal despisal of Reagan clouding their judgment so they voted in 1984 with their brains, not emotions

Last week Pelosi wanted the voting age lowered to 16 years old.. 

The way young people think and look at the world - so easily corrupted by socialism political correctness, multi-culturalism and social-progressivism, maybe the voting age should be raised to 30