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Thursday, March 7, 2019

The 21st Century Superiority-Inferiority Pecking Order

In society both here in America and Europe, there is a pecking order or if you will, ranking of superior to inferior when it comes to groups

This is not something we made up - certainly not what we wish for but its there and unlike most, we call it out

It goes like this:
Blacks are at the very top.  This includes mulatto, quadroon and octroon

They are the superior; the exceptional and always get their way while generally as a group cling onto victimization and oppression like a baby sucking hard against a mother's tit

Just below the colored people are just about every other 'minority' group all across the vast spectrum of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion whether be real or pretend (Islam) and any other contrived category one can think

The level closest to the bottom are heterosexual Caucasian men
At the very bottom today as has been for most of human history unfortunately is the Jew

No better example of this then the Democrats in Congress fighting with each other over passage of an anti-Antisemitism resolution based on Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's continual anti-Israel and anti-Jewish comments in the mere 45 days or so she's been in office

Originally the goal of that cowardly cunt Pelosi was to get something quickly passed condemning it while of course never mentioning Omar by name
But the progressive - socialist- Communist Democrats led by the little brown anus squirt Cortez and the Black Caucus resented Omar being singled out (especially because they agree with her views)

They wanted the resolution to include hate toward Muslims, then it became a focus on hate toward every other group - Hispanics, blacks, etc..

In other words.. 'Fuck the Jews - They're not victims..  We are'
So after a spirited debate, rotten bitch Pelosi conceded whatever principles were left inside her geriatric body and after a full capitulation by moderate Democrats, the resolution will now be focused on condemning Trump and his supporters as the hate mongers

Any other country these despicable fake Americans; these Enemies of the State would be lined up and shot or in days of yore hung.

In America, we give them near unlimited freedoms and rights to destroy the nation from within while 99% of the press cheer them on and assist in the process
Something about Jews..  We truly feel bad for them..

Always picked on.. Always discriminated against.. Always the lowest of the low

And even though they show themselves to always be brilliant people, hard working, resilient and determined to succeed (unlike blacks who 150+ years after the Civil War still refuse to stand up on their own without handouts and be content to be equals), it seems Jews always are shit on
The worst part is often it is their own kind, especially what are known as 'Reform' Jews who often are the ones who do the squatting and squeezing; they will forever be Democrat and fight for the rights of people that despise them out of some deep shame of being too successful in life.

Just really sad.

Anyways what we wrote above is the 21st century superiority - inferiority pecking order and the only reason its gotten that way is thanks to white guilt/shame liberals who want it as such
So if you encounter one of those fake Americans in your day to day travels, be sure to give them a nice open-hand slap to the cheek

It might not change things but you'll feel good doing it.