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Friday, March 15, 2019

Uncovering the Truth.. Many Years Later

There's a lot of great things about this country, the existence of liberals withstanding

But if one had to compile a list of the worst things that go on in America, near or at the top would be how constantly information is withheld by the government so by the time the people find out the truth, no one can really do anything to change things..

Today we present two very recent examples of this
1)  The Justice Department and Hillary Clinton's legal team "negotiated" an agreement that blocked the FBI from accessing emails on Clinton's homebrew server related to the Clinton Foundation

This is according to a transcript of recently released testimony from last summer by former FBI special agent Peter Strzok.

The testimony was given 9 months ago and only now sees the light of day
Under questioning from the Judiciary Committee General Counsel, Strzok acknowledged that Clinton's private personal email servers contained a mixture of emails related to the Clinton Foundation, her work as secretary of state and other matters.

Strzok added that "a significant filter team" was employed at the FBI to "work through the various terms of the various consent agreements."

The foundation has long been accused of "pay-to-play" transactions, fueled by a report in the International Business Times that the Clinton-led State Department authorized $151 billion in Pentagon-brokered deals to 16 countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation - a 145% increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration.
What's more, slimy Bill Clinton reportedly received a $1 million check from Qatar - one of the countries which gained State Department clearance to buy US weapons while Clinton was Secretary of State.. 

The Clinton Foundation confirmed it accepted the money.

Then there was the surely unrelated $145 million donated to the Foundation from parties linked to the Uranium One deal prior to its approval through a rubber-stamp committee.

And half the country wanted to elect this rancid cunt as President
2)  A newly declassified US intelligence memo has been unearthed this week and featured in a bombshell Wall Street Journal report.

The year prior to the Bush administration's 2003 invasion of Iraq, the White House was expressly warned in great detail of all that could and would go wrong in the regime change war's aftermath, including the Sunni-Shia sectarian chaos and proxy war with Iran that would define Iraq and the whole region for years following.
Also it reveals that seven months before the US invasion of Iraq, American intelligence officials understood that Osama bin Laden was likely "alive and well and hiding in northwest Pakistan"  — important given that a key Bush admin claim to sell the war was that Saddam Hussein and bin Laden were "in league" against the United States.

Only took 17 years to be declassified but who's counting..

The July 2002 memo was authored by William Burns, then serving as assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs
"Following are some very quick and informal thoughts on how events before, during and after an effort to overthrow the regime in Baghdad could unravel if we're not careful, intersecting to create a 'perfect storm' for American interests," Burns wrote in the memo, classified 'Secret' and sent to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

The ten page memo outlined a litany of catastrophic doom and gloom scenarios resulting from the invasion which would destabilize not only Iraq, but unleash sectarian hell on the entire region.

Here are but a handful of the memo's many warnings which later proved right on target, as summarized by the military reporting website Task & Purpose:
*  Iran increasing aid to anti-American groups in both Iraq and Afghanistan because it feared being "next on US hit list."

*  Security in Iraq collapsing following regime change because Iraqi troops and police would be too afraid to patrol while Iraqis aligned with the United States would prove to be inept.

*  U.S. troops coming under increasing attacks as they patrol both Shiite and Sunni cities. "If they intervene to stop disputes, they are perceived to have sided with one party or another in a tribal dispute, thus incurring the wrath of the opposing party."
* Afghanistan's security situation simultaneously deteriorating, creating the need for more U.S. troops there.

The memo also stated, "I don't mean to be pessimistic, because I really do believe that if we do it right this could be a tremendous boon to the future of the region, and to U.S. national security interests, but we should have no illusion that it will be quick or easy."

One wonders if anything would be different if people had a right to know of such things when they happen and not find out months or years after the fact when so much time has passed, its hard to work up sustained anger
Also its hard to get too worked up when life itself is lie upon lie upon lie, and not like you're going to get any truth from media regardless of political affinities

There are no longer investigative journalists in mainstream media - they either are spoon-fed the information or just make things up as they go along

This is just how government works and all those elected officials that shake our hands and kiss our babies at election time do not really trust us to know anything about how the government really works

Then again, most of us make no effort to inquire
We still do not know what happened with the JFK assassination.. 

The official information was finally supposed to be declassified after 55 years but for some odd reason, Trump ultimately decided to extend it

Guess not everyone involved and their children are not dead yet

Yep.. What a country..