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Friday, March 8, 2019

Understanding 'Pride' & How It's So Misused

~ Of all the many uses of 'pride', this is probably the most correct way..

This post may be a little repetitive to loyal readers but the points expressed are much more important than the President doing this or Alexandria Cortez saying that

We want to take a moment to talk on pride; to focus on how so often people feel this emotion about the wrong things which often lead to anger, hostility and as history has often shown, into bloodshed

In its true form, the word Pride means an emotion felt after achievement / accomplishment or at least an attempt which perhaps came up short

Examples include:
'I'm proud that I studied hard and got an A on the test'

'I'm proud of myself that I tried to ice skate though I fell often'

'I am proud that I got hired..'

But often we use the word wrong to its meaning
Pride has nothing to do with things in which you or another do not have any control

This includes skin color, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, national origin and religion

There are occasional exceptions to this rule - for instance if you are of one faith and ultimately convert to another after taking the time to learn and immerse yourself in it, then one can feel pride
Another example is someone who Legally immigrated to the US to ultimately become a full citizen should feel immense pride in themselves;  someone born in America to two American born parents should not

The person who Legally immigrated here, he/she took the necessary steps and achieved a goal;  the rest of us just popped our heads out of our mothers' vaginas on US soil

The word 'pride' is used too much and condemned only in very limited and selective cases
'I'm proud to be white'   --  That symbolizes racism

'I'm proud to be black'  --  That is 'beautiful'

Both are absolutely Repulsive and wrong - when a worthless idiot says he/she is proud to be black or white or Mexican or Iranian, he/she is saying 'I am superior.. you are inferior and I can't prove it as person to person so Here!'
'I'm proud to be a man' --   Huh?! 

'I'm proud to be a woman'  --  Society is supposed to go 'Yay!'

One has a penis.. One has breasts and ovaries and unless you're a tranny, you have no right to feel proud over Either gender

Ironically someone like Bruce Jenner does have every right to feel proud because for whatever misguided warped reasons, he wanted to be a she and pretty much made it so and thus he achieved his goal
People seem to need to align themselves with groups; this desperate need to be part of something bigger to validate who they are and make themselves feel more important as part of a collective then to be content as an Individual..

"I'm black.. I'm a Muslim.. I'm homosexual.. I'm Southern.. I'm a Democrat.. I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan.. etc..etc.."

And when this happens, the 'Us v Them' mindset begins
Sometimes its harmless like rooting for a sports team though on some occasions especially at events, it can lead to being hit in the face by an opposing fan

But often in time it leads to hatred, hostility and in some cases especially where nations are concerned, warfare

People say they're proud to be American...  It is absolutely wonderful those who express it love their country and feel extremely positive emotions about being in this country

But proud?
As we said before, if you did not Legally immigrate here, how is being American an achievement?

You are fortunate to be American because you either was born on US soil or born elsewhere to at least one US born parent which ultimately makes you a citizen

Now you can say something like 'I am proud to have served my country' or 'I am proud to be a productive, law abiding American citizen' but to attach such intense identity to something is scary

Historically wars were not fought over religion or economics as much as identity politics
"I'm English so I must show the French who is stronger..."

"My American Indian tribe the Sioux is superior to the neighboring Pawnee so I must attack them (this type of thing happened A Lot among Indian tribes back in the day)

"My pretend religion tells me Christians and Jews are evil so I must kill them.."

"My blood is pure Aryan Teutonic and these other people who look almost exactly like me are not so they must be gassed"
This stupidity all starts with pride to fill the void of a true sense of identity and worth of self

No one says 'I'm proud to have 10 toes and brown eyes and a colon"  - He/she would instantly be labeled a loon or loser

Why do we allow someone to say they're proud to have brown skin, a vagina or come from China?

All that matters in life is the Individual i.e. You
You enter this world by yourself, you will leave it the same way so why spend all that time in between giving up your personal power to collective entities as the means to define your uniqueness?

You are not better or superior to another because you are white and your life does not matter any more than another because you're black and so forth

Everyone in society is put into pens because caged animals are more manageable then free ones; easier to market and sell to and get to vote as those in power want

Easier for social engineers to control

Don't willingly be a part of all that...