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Friday, March 1, 2019

Video: How the US via Economic Hitmen Enslave Nations

We were happy to see talks with North Korea broke off yesterday but not for the standard reasons that the President gave that NK demanded too much or weren't budging on this or that

As we wrote yesterday simply as fair-minded observers with no vested interest in them either pro or con, there really is little to no advantage for Kim to open his country up to the US and the rest of the West

Unless that is how he seeks his ultimate toppling and overthrow
The US has never given Kim any genuine motivation to give up his nukes. 

Certainly not to see an infiltration of Big Macs, Cokes and Levis jeans saturate his country

We're kinda surprised Kim hasn't threatened to use nukes if the US does not stop the economic embargo... 

We're not saying we want this obviously
Just saying if we put ourselves in Kim's shoes and am sick and tired of America bullying us and trying to topple me, then there would need to be some kind of private threat to get the US to loosen the sanctions

Anyways, we have posted this video a couple times before and do so again to show those who truly do not understand how the world and specifically the US works since the end of WWII when dealing with third world nations, this will be most educational

Video is 24min but very informative so the time goes quick..  You might have to click two separate times to start video..