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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why Are the Young So Attracted to Socialism?

As everyone knows by now, there's been a lot of talk about Socialism in the news

And we mean lots n lots n lots n lots...

With the exception of conservative news, its all portrayed in a very positive manner as if this is 'the Change we Need'

Of course the media is deeply insincere about this because they are corporate entities with major presence in the stock market and if anyone at the top of these massive profit making entities thought we'd really become a Robin Hood society, they'd instantly muzzle all their on-air so-called 'talent' on the topic
But the question needs to be asked - why is there such an attraction to this evil especially among the young when the economy has been booming in the last two years?

There are many reasons people can give but we'll stick to the primary one:

The biggest reason young people are so attracted to the idea of a socialist utopia centers around student loan debt which right now is at $1.58 Trillion dollars

Cumulatively this nation owes half a trillion dollars more in education loans then the total US citizen debt of credit cards
And college tuition keeps a risin' and giving less and less in return in terms of a quality education and prospects for a good paying job which allows the debt to be repaid

This is not a very recent problem but something that has occurred for decades

Personal anecdote time:  Yours truly went to college many years ago and acquired my bachelors' degree but I can honestly say it was the biggest waste of money I've ever spent in my lifetime

Where I attended, my major required 30 credits of core classes in my field and another 15 in electives..   The other 75 credits were in topics I didn't care about or had no need to learn of in order to advance in my work life
So I like so many others then and now paid for 120 credits of education when only 45 of those credits (15 classes) were relevant to me

Once I got out of college, I found no one respected or valued my degree or was impressed with my GPA or where I obtained it so I did the same menial shit jobs so many then and now are forced to just to pay back the loans

And to this day, just thinking of all the temp experiences in my 20's and the treatment one receives in that lowly status brings out a lot of negativity

It did not used to be this way.. 
Back in the 1960s when my mother went to college, she was able to pay her own way without need of a student loan -- the cost was just affordable enough that she could work evenings and weekends to afford the tuition

So when she like so many others of that period and prior ended up getting their degree, she was not saddled with crippling debt and when she ultimately got into her career her salary did not go to a bank, which really what Sallie Mae is..

And see its not just that college education is too expensive and does not provide most students with the tools to survive and thrive in the marketplace but once you acquire the debt, you can not discharge it in a bankruptcy..

It is there forever
How fucked up is this system where someone who just turned 18 years old with no real work history or ownership of anything as collateral who would be 100% rejected for a car loan or mortgage, can acquire tens upon tens of thousands of dollars to go to school

And then even if one goes Chapter 7, the loan debt is still there - unless you are permanently disabled or dead, and who wants to die over student debt?

So everything in the life of a 20-something gets stunted - can't afford an apartment, a decent a car, money to go on dates or have fun..

It's working shitty jobs and nearly everything earned going to pay student loans while competing in the workplace with a million other young people in the same boat
It seems so unfair..   And it is.

You don't think this Matrix-like system is meant to be for your benefit do you?

Everyone has a valuation - how much money they will get in debt in their lifetime and how much will be profit off loans.. 

Education, home(s), furnishings, car(s), the expense of having/raising children..

Debt Debt Debt..  Profit Profit Profit

The only way to really avoid this trap is to be filthy rich i.e. inheritance or basically deny yourself every tangible joy in life so you can have the means to save so you can stop being trapped n' controlled by your employer and do so with something solid behind you to keep you afloat
So this more than anything else is why so many young people are attracted to socialism

Dirty brown anus squirts like Congresswoman Cortez promise the Millennial and post 9/11 generations debt forgiveness and/or free college tuition to go along with free healthcare and mandatory job placement

When one has next to nothing in income and massive crippling debt, who wouldn't be attracted to that

But the way life works is this:  The less you have, the less you have to lose and the more you are tangibly invested into a system - car, home, furnishings, etc, the less you want disruptions to the system
So socialism always preys on the have-nots because those who have (unless they have so much, they feel guilt ridden like celebrities) do not really want to give up everything they worked to acquire to give to those who didn't

In a perfect world, an undergraduate college degree should not take any longer than 2 years to complete unless the student wanted to take all those extra electives and loans could not exceed 50% of the tuition so to cap how much one could borrow which would save their souls and sanity in the long run

But until then, we have what we have and the risks to economic and social destabilization are getting higher