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Monday, March 11, 2019

Why Everything that is 'News' Today Is Not Newsworthy

We admit we feel sorry for the news junkies..

Doesn't matter one's political stripe really because anyone who is addicted to all the daily doings and gets worked up about it whether be pro or anti Trump is a bit lost

And so we feel sad for them
Why would we express such a thing?

Because right now there is not a single issue or news item outside of perhaps a plane crash or celebrity death which the President does not have the legal authority to stop if he wishes

For instance all this nonsense about Democrats trying to pass a piece of legislation or Green 'New Deal' or meaningless resolution and the news building it up like it will become law

Guess they forgot how a bill becomes a law
You need both Houses of Congress to pass a piece of legislation by simple majority then it goes to the President who has 10 days to sign into law or veto in which case 2/3 need to override the veto

In other words not a single thing the Democrats in Congress that does not benefit Republicans and Trump will become law..

So why bother covering it?
Then there's all the never ending nonsense over investigations and indictments, etc

If he so chose, Trump could end the Mueller investigation - just call up the Attorney General and tell him to stop the probe and if he refused, fire him and go down the pecking order until it was done

Or Trump could simply pardon anyone or everyone involved if he so wished and do it based on any reason or no reason and Congress or the courts could not do a thing to stop it

So why is the fake Russian meddling still covered?
And of course if/when Democrats try to impeach, it takes a simple majority in the House (which they have) followed by a 2/3 majority in Republican controlled Senate (which they will Never get)

So why pretend Trump's removal is a potential or eventual reality?

Why pretend the investigations and committees and sub committees matter?
What else..  Oh yes, the wall funding

Trump finally declared a National Emergency at the border a month ago and as he said himself, there will be lots of lawsuits, the liberal 9th Circuit will rule against the President and he will ultimately win in the Conservative-dominated Supreme Court on appeal as he's won the travel ban and kicking transgenders out of the military (thank god to both)

So what really is there to discuss there..
On and on and on..

Such consistent contrivance by the media to make nothing into news and create fake drama where really it does not exist

We understand why.. advertisers.. ratings.. need eyeballs glued..

Problem of course is Trump does this himself as well
For 2+ years he constantly uses Twitter to bitch and complain in a victimization tone when really he has the power if so choosing to get his way and quite often refuses to

Guess the President feels if he gripes and vents to us the supporters as if we had the power to do anything, we'll come to his defense and be more emboldened to rush to the ballot box in 2020 to support him

Can't think of any other reason a multi-billionaire who is the most powerful person in the free world would be asking everyday Joe Schmo and Jane Doe to help him
Its funny how politics work..  sickening and pathetic but funny..

An election is held where 100+ million out of a 320+ million population who bother to vote must choose A or B which is like choosing between Hershey bar or Hershey kisses, and then one side wins

Then for the next 4 years the side that loses works nonstop to discredit and destroy whoever is President so they can win the next election and possess the 'power' while we guess naively believing the party once in power won't ratchet up the stakes to ensure that other President is a failure too
Every decision the elected President makes from the budget to signing law to pandering to minorities all geared to re-election and then legacy and library

And if you really want to experience 24/7 never ending non news, no better place to do it then to follow a Presidential election

We remember when news used to be interesting and informative and Free on the Internet

Now its all politically biased social progressive-agenda empty bullshit with paywalls
If anything actually important happens, don't worry - we'll cover it and with an honesty you won't fine elsewhere

Otherwise, just enjoy your day, relax and have a Shamrock Shake.