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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Why Is Congresswoman Cortez Portrayed in News as 'Important'

~ Brown, snake-like and pungent.. Kinda like something found in a toilet..

Sometimes because we feel like we are living on a completely different planet politically and socially from just a couple decades ago, we like to pretend a scenario:

Friendly, peaceful UFOs visit here for the first time and we imagine what their observations were and what information they'd take back to their home planet if all they did was watch and read mainstream news

They would believe blacks were the dominant race in population and political power which is statistically very untrue (only 14% of the population) yet unfortunately the latter part would be accurate
They would believe it odd to see a family that was all white; that they were the exception rather than the bi-racial multicultural family 'rule'

They would also believe homosexuals were the dominant sexual preference, that a person could choose to alter their gender as simply as changing socks and straight people were the anomalies

And of all the nonsense the UFO brains would be contaminated with, would be the believe that freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most powerful and important person in the country
All media is to blame for this Lie including Fox News - they get no pass

Every single day this lil brown anal squirt who has not been in Congress two months, has every stupid thought and belief talked about, analyzed and hyped as if she was the sitting President

If we were other Democrat members of Congress, especially moderates and old-guard, we'd be furious

As it is, we're just nauseated
So here's just one of many many examples of how the media use this inferior imbecile to suit their agendas:

Recently Cortez expressed that the mere existence of billionaires was both immoral, and a threat to American democracy

The specifics of what she said is not important but rather what happens next
First we'll look at liberal media -  remember that its all corporations that provide news and pretend they're of the people..

CNN is owned by Time Warner which owns HBO, TBS, TNT and Adelphia Cable among many other entities and MSNBC is part of the vast NBC corporate umbrella

None of these entities actually believes any of the shit Cortez squirts from her mouth or genuinely supports or agrees with her distorted Socialist-Communist utopia

However, she attracts viewers especially the young and dumb and they're more likely to buy what advertisers are selling
And because so many fake Americans (liberals) are deeply mentally sick in their Trump hate and need an outlet for their cerebral poison, they will go to the extreme of liking and embracing policies and agendas that go against their core values if it means getting rid of the President in 2020

So Cortez, a former bartender who represents among the poorest and most intellectually inferior people in the country as her constituency, says whatever pops into her mind, people gravitate because she's young, pretty in a off-interstate seedy bordello kinda way and has lots of energy and passion in her views, which most politicians do not

Essentially the media is helping to create a Democrat populist version of Trump
They believe the President to be a blathering idiot and that everyday people who support him are bigger losers, so why can't it work for liberals while knowing nothing she says or desires has any bite and thus not a threat to their bottom line profits

Simply put, Cortez is genuine in her views but ultimately a media creation and watch what happens to her if/when she ever attacks the corporate hegemony of media control in this country

Now Fox News is just as god-awful because they know Cortez is a dum-dum and barely anyone there agrees with her but its no different than CNN and MSNBC - she attracts viewers and that's all profit making entities care about - showing advertisers they can draw viewers in
The big difference is Fox News expresses disagreement and the others fawn but the purpose of Cortez in their daily coverage is the same..

'You won't believe what Cortez is saying now!'

Fox is perhaps even more guilty of propping her up because they do it from an angle of sensationalism and fear so if one had no brains or didn't follow news for a while, one would truly believe this cunt had real political power in this country to change this nation into Venezuela

Remember in terms of cable news, the 3rd year of any Presidency is considered a dead-year in terms of viewership..
First year, people are curious about a new administration..  Second year is mid-terms hype..  Year 4 is election cycle meaning lots n lots of ad revenue from both parties

Year three..  Ehh..

So we kinda feel sorry for our pretend UFOs for having to be constantly contaminated by a never ending onslaught of lies and distortions of social & political reality coming from news

We feel even more sorry for real people who watch and believe