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Thursday, April 11, 2019

A Very Brief History of the Human: From Being to Buying

Ever wonder how we came to be as humans - here's a very brief history

At some point in time's past came about the origin point from man and whether we evolved from apes, salamanders or descended from the Garden of Eden is not important

In the beginning, there was Man (and Woman) and they were in the purest, truest sense of the word, capital-I Individuals

Some did the hunting and gathering..  Some did the cooking and outside of the life rhythms of the sun rising and setting and changes in seasons, no one was bound by schedules
Each survived either as individuals or within the group unit of what we call family but beyond that, had no obligations or demands placed upon them by others

This was the closest to absolute autonomy our ancestors ever experienced in the history of time

But because there were threats to safety and not ever human was a warrior, for many there came a belief that people are only safer and stronger in packs

And from packs came groups and from groups came villages..
The more the human sought to be part of something outside of him/herself, the less individual that human became; the greater the identity to a collective and attachment of self identity & pride

Rules by one over others; conformity followed by more conformity - in dress, attitude, beliefs, appearance..

And the bigger the group the more brave all the cowards who compose it become

From there there's fights and wars - Tribe A takes over B; X rapes/kills Y
Villages merge with others or are swallowed up through conquest to become territories, then ultimately nation-states

Laws.. lots n lots of laws; lots n' lots of controls

And the bigger the collective, the more everyone from neighbor to those who run it must know your business; individuality and privacy given up in exchange for the belief in security

From human origin where one worked to feed and clothe and provide for oneself and family on one's own terms, came the expectation and demand that now a portion of that toil go to the collective
Maybe to benefit one's fellow citizens or maybe it all went to those at the top, but one no longer truly worked for oneself and each was told it was for a greater good so it was accepted

Those who did not were jailed, tortured and/or executed

And we open our eyes to the present to see a world in many days no different that millenniums past when not counting technology, clothing and hair styles and the like

The technology is better but so is the means to keep citizenry controlled and the ability to spy on movements and expressions of thought
You are told you are free - can go anywhere you wish.. Do anything you want..  You are only bound by your limitations to dream and dare

Except it is not true of course.

We accept or ignore the controls because we are conditioned to believe in the greater good; that it is all done for our ultimate betterment

Something as simple as driving an automobile - need a license and what is that?  Only a card with the most important personal information so to be identified and tracked down
And how does one get a card?  Provide even more personal information - birth certificate, social security card, voter ID, tax records...

But its for our national safety and security so we accept everything as if we really had some Option B other than take a bus, a cab, walk or hitchhike

And even so, there's so many examples of where in the course of daily life you must possess or provide an ID to so anything from take a trip to use a credit card

So as time progresses forward, humans lose more and more individuality and freedom until its all gone and morphed into ways that aim to promote the greater collective good
Want to show you are free and unique and special and different in 2019?


Freedom is in choosing donuts and detergent; uniqueness is in the choice of hair dye color and number of tattoos to deface one's skin

Every choice keeps the economy going so the collective does not care what one wears or drives or who's fast food french fries one consumes

They care about guns..  Some don't want it or see why anyone should have it so you should not be allowed
One is also told he/she can be anything one wants to be in life..  Any profession..  Doctor, teacher, astronaut..

But you Must do something and give another entity a nice portion of your labors back or not work at all and starve on the street

Just being is not good enough.

We could go on but everyone knows where we are today.

Just a shame how few understand how much over time we've given up to be part of a System; a price that is just greater and greater for something so harmful and spirit crushing