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Monday, April 22, 2019

'Ain't Over Til The Fat Lady Sings'

~ "God Bless America...   God Bless Kate Smith.."

There's just something about America..  So much that is wonderful and beautiful and amazing about it..  So much hope and promise..

And yet 50% of its population continually make it such a rotten, horrible, constrictive, suffocating, God-awful place to live

So many daily examples of this but we'll focus on something which happened this past Friday which deeply irritated us

Back in the early 1970s, when the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team needed a good luck charm before a very important playoff or Stanley Cup game, they would have Kate Smith, famed singer of the 1940s come out and sing God Bless America

It would get the local fans into a joyous frenzy and pretty much every game she appeared, the Flyers would win
She became such an icon that even after her passing in 1985, the team would show a video of her singing before special games and erected a statue of her in front of their building where the team plays

Except on Friday, the statue was covered up with garbage bags and those who run the team stating they were distancing themselves from her because of 'cultural sensitivity'

What was her crime? 

She sang a couple songs 60+ years ago that by the standards of today are politically incorrect and offensive to blacks

Think about that..
A woman who has been dead for nearly 35 years.. A woman who was originally sought out by the Flyers to perform (it wasn't as if she needed them)..  She sings very popular songs back then with questionable lyrics she herself did not write..

And in 2019 because some politically correct culturally sensitive fuck discovered she referred to blacks as colored in a song, the corporation which is the Flyers ran for the hills and decided to wipe out all traces of her existence

We remember reading about something like this which happened years ago in Europe
A group of disgusting, deranged people led by a little nobody nothing of a mustached man blotting and burning all traces of a society where those of Jewish faith prospered and re-writing their history so anyone and anything anti-Fascist that went against their worldview was to be eliminated from record.

Just because one was Jewish, they ultimately were prevented from attending public school, holding public jobs, forced to divorce if married to those outside their faith..

All because of their religious beliefs
Now it seems liberals want to do that to anyone who is not 100% enamored with colored people and don't see them as exceptional

Funny how quick in human history the anti-Fascist turn into Fascist

You would think liberal Jews in particular would understand from their past horrors what they are doing in the present
So perhaps an article or two was written on this on a Good Friday where the news focus is solely on how to figure a way to impeach, remove or execute a great President simply because he breathes

The few who probably heard of this Kate Smith situation vented a couple seconds at best then went on with their lives as if there was no greater concern to come from it

We write endlessly on this and admittedly it is so frustrating n' exhausting
Either people genuinely do not care that we live in such a toxic social progressive, cultural sensitive society where not only can you be destroyed in a snap of a finger while alive for anything, but if you're one of the few who possesses any legacy, that can be shit on as well..

Or are so afraid of consequence, people are unwilling to fight back in any meaningful way

These fake Americans (liberals) tear down statues of Confederates that had been erected over 100 years, harming no one and doing nothing but collecting bird droppings then they through corporate pressures take down or cover up statues of entertainers that honestly few in 2019 have ever heard of
You can be a comedian or a celebrity chef or just a normal person with a normal life who built a successful local business..

Say one thing... Do one thing..  One thing you said or did in the past, and that person might as well kill themselves though the better option would be to Stop Apologizing

Why do you ever believe the slippery slope will ever stop?!
We live in a world where people of color run the show and white guilters allowed it, encouraged it and put the wheels in motion to make it so

It was done methodically over many decades, it was strategic, coordinated using every media and pop culture apparatus available

And now we're all so numb to it all even Fox News which is really moderate Conservative at best, uses putrid terms like 'Afr-Am' to describe those people

Black people have successfully been allowed to given the dual roles of ruler and victim, and allowed by white-guilt liberal fake Americans to play both parts as needed
You might feel that its all too much..  What can you do..  You're just one person

You start by Never Ever conforming or conceding your core beliefs

Do not use the politically correct language in public.. Never Ever say those hyphenated terms or back down from an discussion or argument with a liberal..   They are cowards and bullies with no conviction - it is easy to defeat one if you ever make the effort

Do not give your money to entertainment, especially movies or magazines that go against your values
Use social media and every other tool at your disposal to tell advertisers and corporations you are angry with them and sick of their need for incessant multiculturalism propaganda forcibly shoved in your face

Try to convince others who are brainwashed to stop thinking as their told and start to reclaim their individual thought

And even if nothing ultimately stops this scourge, at least you know fought the good fight and you did not let evil claim your mind and spirit