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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Criminals' Right To Vote For the Left

Last night, Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) said on Monday that all prisoners - including domestic terrorists such as the Boston Marathon Bomber, should have the right to vote while in prison.

Many seemed surprised by this stance

We are not sure why..

The Democrats voted for Hillary in 2016 didn't they?
If you are a fake American which a liberal is, why would you care about any of its laws, values or principles; why would you not want to do everything to destroy the nation from within?

There's also another reason why the political left is bringing this topic up and it has nothing to do with freedom or slippery slopes

Criminals with perhaps the exception of those who commit white-collar crimes are poor, black, Hispanic and/or deeply ignorant, educationally backwards people

In other words they make up a large percentage of the Democrat voting base
So if the political party of evil could have all imprisoned criminals from those who commit petty crimes to the most harden criminals vote alongside those who come here illegally, you would have a Democrat version of a 1,000 year Reich in national and state politics.

And of course, if criminals like those who masterminded the Boston Marathon bombings could vote, then you will ultimately have candidates for public office who court them

"Vote for me and I promise you will all get a 20% reduction in sentences across the board..."
One one hand we kinda think the Democrat party is necessary because just like any movie or TV show, how can one portray 'good' if there is no rotten for good to distinguish itself and triumph over

Except Democrats are really, Really rotten people and life is not like movies or TV - good often does not win because if it did, then there'd never be a single Democrat that held or wielded any power on any level, both public and private sector

A month or so ago, Pelosi and some other Democrats were floating the idea of one day lowering the voting age to 16
Why not just lower it to 4 or 5 years old and then have characters from Sesame Street give stump speeches with whoever the Democrat candidates are

"Me Elmo Vote Democrat.. They Be Good....  Yayyyyy"

And if that party of truly rancid people want to change voting laws, go all the way - take away the 1 vote per person limitation

Make it like voting for the MLB All star game - unlimited ballots

Why not..   What is democracy to a Democrat anyway?
We told this 100% true story before and will do so again..

Back in the day, the Democrat political machine in order to ensure their side would win elections, would gather up a bunch of riffraff and tell them a few weeks before, to grow beards

On voting day, they'd converge at the local pub and be taken by caravan to the polling place where they'd vote Democrat in the morning..
Then after, they'd be taken to the local barber where all their beards would be cut and only mustaches remain..   Then a second vote..

Afterwards back to the barber where they'd be clean shaven and back to vote a third time where upon completion, they'd all be taken back to the pub where their payment for services rendered would go to getting drunk

This happened a lot in the past..  We mean A Lot

So when we think of Democrats and voting, that true story always comes to mind
They're much too sophisticated to do things like that today..  Instead they just register dead people, create fake voter IDs and have lowlifes vote Democrat in the deceased' behalf

Much classier.

Now do we expect criminals to really vote in elections?

Sure.. its already happened - remember in Virginia back in the 2016 election, the Democrat governor allowed 600,000 ex-cons to vote and guess by how many votes Trump lost that once great state and its electoral college votes?

So basically if you ever want to understand why so many vote for that despicable party election upon election it comes down to one thing:  They give handouts and freebies

Think of it as one would when trick or treating on Halloween - you live on a nice street and when you knock on some front doors, you will be given chocolate bars and bubble gum while other homes, will give you apples or toothbrushes & floss (yours truly had a dentist who lived on my street as a child and its all he gave out every Halloween)

If you are a child or have the mind of one, which homes are you not going to bother going to the following year?

No different with election campaigns and voting..
If you want to truly understand the difference in the two political parties, it was explained to me by a very wise person:

A Democrat will slap you on the face and say something like "Oh I am So Sorry.. There was a mosquito (or such) and I was trying to help you by shooing it away..."

A Republican will just slap you and say nothing.
Some people need the words to feel better; others appreciate the honesty of the silence which followed

But you're still going to get that face slap no matter what.

And that's why when it comes to things like debating letting criminals vote, Democrats do what they do.