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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Remember When Fox News Was Actually Conservative?

Everything one watches or reads has bias..  Nothing is neutral

Cable TV, magazines, newspapers, blogs - everything pretty much as very specific points of view it wants to get out into the public with the purpose of persuading

We at A&G are no different with the exception we are very forthright about our messages and goals
Simply, we strongly believe capital I Individualism trumps collectivism, group / tribal pride, identity politics and everything else where one seeks to attach to a larger entity in order to derive who one is as a person

As such everything we write or express here is meant to motivate the reader to think for him or herself and to question everything

Now we all know what most news media's bias is - 24/7 destroy Trump while providing the troughs for mentally sick Trump haters to eat their slop from
But what about Fox News - what is their bias?

The simple answer is that the network is pro-Trump and a safe space for his supporters to get the news

But that is not accurate because the Fox News one watches today is not the same network of the days when Bill O' Reilly appeared and dominated cable ratings

You know when you go into the orange juice section of a supermarket and there's certain containers that say '50 calorie' and dare to call themselves OJ when really its watered down by 50% so to get the calorie content lower?

Well that is Fox News - a watered down version of what it once was
It supports Trump often which is nice but feels more like it does so in a niche sorta way as if to say, no one else on cable news values the Trump supporter so we'll court them, rather than a network that wholeheartedly supports and believes the President's policies

The difference is a subtle one but its still there..

Ever since Rupert Murdoch's sons took over the network from their father, it has not been so steadfast conservative, but more moderate in view

No self respecting conservative for instance would dare use politically correct hyphenated terms to identify people but on Fox News, that fake 'Afr-Am'  term is used constantly as if by directive from higher ups
The programming during the daytime is also very centrist and host Sheppard Smith is as liberal as it gets

Do you think the Fox News of the past would have ever tolerated Smith outwardly shitting on Trump live on air after his press conference with Putin as Sheppard did last year?

Fox News really is not news anymore and its sad to say that

The network in a desire to attract ratings has taken a page from CNN and MSNBC to go down the gutter path of sensationalism
On the liberal networks, its 'you won't believe what Trump said or tweeted next!'

On Fox News, its now become 'you won't believe what Congresswoman Cortez said or tweeted next!'

The liberal networks figured out that by focusing on Trump constantly as a polarizing force that provokes so much anger and fear, they could convert their message to some kind of Voice of America where the 'oppressed' can get information and know soon liberty is at hand

Idiotic yet but it has been a successful economic model for them
So now Fox does it but instead of focusing so much on Trump, they exaggerate every single thing any Democrat says as vitally important and in particular pushes that freshman Congresswoman up upon this alter where it gives credibility to every idiotic thing she expresses like as if she was the most powerful woman in the country.

Like yesterday Cortez tweeted something about the Veterans Administration and the entire 8 to 11p evening programming was devoted to dissecting her words and debating the impact of her views if ever becoming reality

This is what the news does today.. create and amplify villains because just like voting, you're more more likely to watch or read news if angry or scared then feeling contented.

So what happens is they elevate nobody nothings with dangerous views into somebodies that matter, then ultimately the populace will be affected adversely because then that worthless person's ideas can become policy

Not that the media cares really..
That's what happened with Hitler.

Absolute bottom feeder whose views got more and more press when the German newspapers of the day saw him as an outrageous idiot but would make good copy and sell more papers

By the time it dawned on them that the papers propelled this nothing into a something, then they were forced to write on him daily but as their leader

In a way that's what the liberal media did with Trump - gave him tens of millions of dollars of free press during his 2016 election bid because they saw him as a joke and loser and just assumed some other Republican would get the nomination and worse case, Hillary would destroy the clown (the media's viewpoint)
And now Fox News is creating their own Frankenstein by daily focusing on what that little brown anus squirt thinks and says and tweets and all to draw higher ratings

It's really become an unbearable network to watch if one is sincerely conservative

Tucker Carlson who appears at 8p is a moderate conservative at best who is more interested in making academic arguments then presenting information as to how we the viewers can assist in combating liberals and social progressivism.

Guess we're all just supposed to be angry for an hour every weeknight with no outlet to channel it productively
Same with Hannity's show at 9p - he must hold a record for longest opening monologue because they usually seem to last 30 minutes into a 60 minute show and often when he has guests on, he gives softball or 'set-up' questions and then constantly interrupts

Laura Ingraham at 10p is the worst - She seems to think by constantly playing and replaying every single thing a Democrat says then having a panel including one liberal discuss it that she's winning the argument and making some kind of difference

Who knows..  Would be utterly naive if that's really the thinking
No one at Fox News goes on the attack anymore..  Goes for the jugular like we do..

It's all so restrained, professional and phony

When we state here that we despise liberals politically and personally, we are 100% sincere; we don't create fake 'enemies' to stir contrived controversy

And nothing we express is meant to keep eyeballs glued so we can sneak in ads for laundry detergent and hamburgers

So when we watch Fox News it makes us sick because what purpose do they really serve the public if they are just a lite conservative version of the insipidness on the left?