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Monday, April 1, 2019

Very Brief Look at Some Democrat Presidential Candidates

Even though its 9 to 10 months away before the first Democrat nominee caucus in Iowa followed by primary in New Hampshire (or maybe vice versa - who knows) we thought we'd spend a couple moments talking about those who've announced their candidacy for President and those we expect to run

It would be easy to just express that they all are or will be total absolute garbage because after all they're all liberal but that really doesn't express anything of substance beyond the obvious

So today we are going to try if possible to look objectively as if electing a Democrat in 2020 wouldn't absolutely ruin this nation especially when it came to mass illegal immigration

April Fools.   Go find objectivity toward liberals elsewhere.
We will start with former VP Joe Biden who we assume will run if he hasn't announced already - he sorta did a month or so ago then backed away

Seems everyone is ready to pounce on the guy because he had so-called "inappropriate' hugs and other touches of women

 Not sure how something is inappropriate if all the women in the photo above are smiling

The woman in the top middle photo came out in Biden's defense over the weekend saying he didn't do anything wrong and she wasn't the least bit bothered

And in the case of Hillary (center), if a straight male can get a butch dyke to giggle as if Huma Abedin was hugging her from behind, then Biden has some mad skillz

Another example of why #MeToo is complete bullshit; a social-political tool by politically correct male-hating bitches to further scare and emasculate men
We can only assume the far left socialists want to destroy all centrists before their campaign even starts knowing full well that even most registered Democrats don't want to see everything they've worked to obtain given to ignorant backward minorities who can't or won't fend for themselves

Back in 1988 Biden ran for President and ultimately had to withdraw over the disgrace of plagiarism

Democrat voters didn't seem to care 20 years later in 2008, Obama didn't care when choosing him as VP and we will assume they don't care in 2018 if/when he runs again
So who else is running..  hmm

There's this black woman - a California Senator named Kamala Harris who literally slept her way to the near-top

This isn't some wild accusation - many a career advancement in San Francisco politics she got to enjoy while having a pretty open affair with then mayor and 100% married Willie Brown
Guess Harris is the perfect representation of the modern woman that Steinem feminists have worked so hard over to mold girls and young women into over the last few decades

She got what she wanted out of it, he enjoyed what he needed from it and the wife..   We're talking liberal morality so ~shrug

To be fair, she is actually attractive in a Vanessa Williams way(a black woman who looks like a white woman with a dark tan) so we definitely understand why Brown would want to 'hit that' as the ghetto saying goes

Who else is running.. hmm..
Honestly we haven't paid much attention to anyone else but we will predict that by the first official Democrat nominee debate, it will have to be split into two groups like was done with Republicans in 2016 because there will sure to be a couple dozen power hungry people telling their voting base why they are the biggest rat

We know Elizabeth Warren, the pretend American Indian will run

She's truly despicable - back before the 2008 crash, she and her brother were major house flippers, which while not illegal is a bit unethical
House flipping is when you purchase homes at let's say $200k which you have no intention of actually living in, doing some minor repairs or simply do nothing as the real estate market rises then quick-flip sale for say $225k to a real family that had they been able to get the house at original $200k would have saved $50k over the life of a 30 year mortgage

As much as the Lehman Brothers collapse triggered the dramatic stock crash, it was the mortgage lending industry and among other things extending lines of credit to house flippers which exacerbated it

Yours truly has a family member who did that - awful person.. 

At the time of her eventual bankruptcy she had mortgages for 4 homes not including the one she lived in; the rest were ultimately to be flipped had the market not tanked

So that's pretty much Elizabeth Warren's ethics
To be clear, Warren did not declare bankruptcy -she just was money hungry which in a fucked up way may be considered good compared to the extreme left that want everything to be a level playing field economically with those who actually produce and save

Hillary pretty much said she isn't running and she wouldn't stand a chance but who knows - she needs power like a hypoglycemic needs a piece of candy

There's a few others..  Bernie Sanders, the Jewish New Yorker who has spent his whole life distancing himself from his religion and ethnicity..  there's Beto someone..  ehh.. 

Easier to remember state capitals then bother to memorize the growing list of candidates to represent that evil political party.
Truth is no matter how decent or ethical or moral a person is who makes the decision to run for office, the fact that its is to represent the Democrat party means either that person will have no chance of winning nomination or be so contaminated and changed by the process that by the end will be no different in repulsiveness than anyone else

Just the nature of liberals and their rotten belief systems

Whoever is the nominee - male or female, white or colored, moderate or extremist will be forced to celebrate collectivism, cultural diversity, identity politics, attack so-called 'white privilege', fight for open borders, push for draconian gun confiscation like the scum in New Zealand and every other nauseating extreme-left policy a decent person can think
Ultimately we predict the Democrat nominee with either be someone with strong far-left credentials or moderate who has to play the pandering game so much that he/she ultimately comes to believe the lies expressed which got that person nominated

And barring some major event like economic panic or something new and damning that would validate impeachment hearings against Trump, we see that leftist-socialist candidate losing in the next election followed by more nuttiness within their political party of piranhas

So now we go back to completely ignoring that topic barring some genuine news item for the rest of 2019.