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Monday, April 29, 2019

Why Did the Mueller Investigation End Specifically When It Did?

Overall we didn't bother spending much time over the past 2+ years covering the whole Russia "meddling" hoax because to be honest about it, either the accusations weren't true or they were yet the US has meddled in foreign elections for decades so we weren't going to get all holier than thou over it

By extension, outside of writing on the tweets and texts of the two lovers who expressed deep Trump hate while working for Robert Mueller, we didn't bother covering the ins and outs of the process

But now that the investigation is over and the report submitted, we did wonder one thing from a strategic point of view:

Why did Robert Mueller end the Russia investigation when he did?
He could have let it drag it out for another year or so and severely hurt Trump’s chances for reelection. Not like he was under a time deadline to wrap things up..

But he didn’t do that.     Ok, Why?

To star to answer, you have to understand that the investigation was never intended to uncover the truth.    It was a sham investigation from the start.

If it was genuine, then Mueller would have interviewed Julian Assange,  and retired members of the Intelligence Community who have shown that the Podesta emails were leaked by an insider (on a thumb drive) and not hacked by foreign agents.
Mueller would have also seized the servers at DNC headquarters and done the necessary forensic investigation, which he never did.

He also would have indicted senior-level agents at the FBI and DOJ who improperly obtained FISA warrants by withholding critical information from the FISA court.

He didn’t do that either.

Because Mueller did none of these things it demonstrates that his final report was what many people had expected from the very beginning; a purely political document that twists the truth to achieve Mueller’s particular objectives.
But to understand what those objectives are, we need to determine what the real goals of the investigation were. So, here they are:

* To help sabotage Trump’s political agenda

* To create a cloud of illegitimacy over Trump’s election

* To prevent Trump from implementing his plan to normalize relations with Russia.
The real objective was to create a forth branch of government (Special Counsel) that had the power to keep Trump permanently on the defensive while the media made him out to be either an unwitting accomplice in Russian espionage or, even worse, a traitor.

The aim was to reign him in and keep the pressure on until a case could be made for his impeachment and Mueller played a key role in this travesty.

His assignment was to undermine Trump’s moral authority by brandishing the cudgel of criminal indictment over his head, and so a D.O.J. appointee, who had never held public office in his life, became the most powerful man in Washington.
So then the question becomes why did Mueller give up all that power when he did?

The answer lies in the title of one of Trump's books i.e. 'The Art of the Deal'

We will start with a quote from candidate Trump in 2016:

“We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past…We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments…. Our goal is stability not chaos, because we want to rebuild our country [the United States]… 

We will partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism …In our dealings with other countries, we will seek shared interests wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding, and good will.”
Not a very Neo-Con George W Bush-like position is it?

Imagine how terrified the foreign policy establishment must have been when they heard Trump utter these words. No more regime change wars? No more destabilizing coups? No more bloody military interventions?

That's what we do?   We're good at it..

But here's this guy.. this TV personality saying on the campaign trail that we’re going to work collaboratively with countries like Russia and China to see if we can settle regional disputes and fight terrorism together?  Seriously?!
Instead of foreign policy change, its been a shift by Trump to more of the same and once it was clear that nothing would alter from previous Presidents, those who truly control this nation told Mueller to finish up, release his report and declare “Trump is not guilty after all!”

So, what changed from 'Get Trump' to no Impeachment push as of this moment?

Trump changed.
In mid December 2018, Trump announced the withdrawal of all U.S. troops in Syria within 30 days. But instead of withdrawal, the US has been sending hundreds of trucks with weapons to the front lines.

The US has also increased its troop levels on the ground, the YPG (Kurdish militia, US proxies) are digging in on the Syria-Turkish border, and the US hasn’t lifted a finger to implement its agreements with NATO-ally Turkey under the Manbij Roadmap.

The US is not withdrawing from Syria..  Rather Washington is beefing up its defenses and settling in for the long-haul.

Trump changed his mind and did a complete about-face
The same thing happened in Korea. For a while it looked like Trump was serious about cutting a deal with Kim Jong un. But then, sometime after the first summit, he began to back-peddle.

He never honored any of his commitments under the Panmunjom Declaration and he never reciprocated for Kim’s cessation of all nuclear weapons and ballistic missile testing.

Trump has made no effort to “build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula” or to strengthen trust between the two leaders.

Then, at the Hanoi Summit, Trump blindsided Kim by making demands that had never even been previously discussed. Kim was told that the North must destroy all of its chemical and biological weapons as well as its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs before the US will take reciprocal steps.
In other words, Trump demanded that Kim completely and irreversibly disarm with the feint hope that the US would eventually lift sanctions.

Trump made these outrageous demands knowing that they would never be accepted because the foreign policy establishment doesn’t want a deal.

They want regime change - it is what we do and they’ve made that perfectly clear.

But wasn’t Trump supposed to change all that? Wasn’t Trump going to pursue “a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past”?

Yes, that was Trump’s campaign promise.
There are other signs of capitulation too; like providing lethal weapons to the Ukrainian military, or nixing the short-range nuclear missile ban, or joining the Saudis'  war on Yemen, or threatening to topple the government of Venezuela, or stirring up trouble in the South China Sea.

At every turn, Trump has backtracked on his promise to break with tradition and “stop toppling regimes and overthrowing governments.” …’ At every turn, Trump has joined the ranks of the warhawks he once criticized.

Trump is now marching in lockstep with the foreign policy establishment and the investigation is over even those some Congressional Trump-hating zealots want to rekindle it..
So we believe a backdoor quid pro quo deal was struck: Trump agrees to change foreign policy directives and Mueller very quickly disappears?

Don't act surprised..  Secret deals happen all the time

LBJ did it with the military industrial complex in 1964 to give them conflict in Vietnam in exchange for helping him beat Goldwater..

No one is immune..  Not even 'outsiders'