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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Why We Defend Biden

~  Uh oh.. Senator Biden touching two more women.. ~eyes rolled~

For today's post we feel like we're entering some bizarre Twilight Zone-like world because it takes something very abnormal for us to ever defend a Democrat even for a moment

Seems after years and years of former VP Joe Biden touching women 'inappropriately' that all of a sudden it is bothersome to liberals; that women who were smiling and giggling at the attention are now expressing feeling uncomfortable

Wonder if all this would be discussed right now if politically speaking, Biden was a dye in the wool socialist-communist like that little brown anus squirt Congresswoman Cortez and the two muslim cunt congresswomen, all serving their first term in the House
Wonder if anyone would care if Biden spent his lifetime playing the race card and attacking this concocted fantasy of 'white privilege' and spent decades pushing black superiority and exceptionalism?

And if Biden stated he was retiring from public life with no interest in running in 2020..

Well we all know don't we
But Biden is thinking of running..  Teasing it..  Testing the waters

And the far left extremists are scared because he's the most well known person that could throw their hat into the nomination ring and deep down, Biden is a centrist

Oh sure he's been thoroughly contaminated by the far left to the point that the values he embraces today are nothing like in the 1980s which was quite liberal enough

We will also always hate and despise Biden for publicly drawing attention to gays wanting to middle finger organized religion and God by demanding their deviance be called marriage which the Supreme Court wrongly voted to support
But the touching.. the hugging..  the smelling of another's hair.. the whispering of naughty thoughts in one's ear..

If despicable rot-rotten to the core Democrats did not mind it when he was VP, then they have no ground to complain about it now, years after these incidents occurred

Liberals really are revolting people - so many examples but how they look at and treat Biden is as good as any
At one time they were repulsed that in college, Biden plagiarized term papers and as a result it killed his 1988 Democrat nominee candidacy then the people of Delaware thanks to a loyal liberal base, kept electing him back to the Senate again and again

Then everyone wants to shit on him in 2008 because he called Obama intelligent and articulate because the Obama campaign and the lackey white-guilt media that fawned over him wanted to make that sound racist

Of course Biden was right because Obama was both and as a black person that IS a rarity, whether your PC sensibilities can accept that or not
Obviously no liberal was all that offended because they still voted for that horrible person when he chose Biden as his VP

And as VP, Biden did everything to women publicly short of bending a woman over a table, pulling down her panties and pulling out his cock and no one and we mean No One who is Democrat complained

In fact when incidents were criticized by Republicans, the media came to Biden's defense and everyone representing the political party of evil made it into a big joke as if to say 'Hey you stodgy conservatives, get a life - no one was bothered..'

And now magically they are
We defend Biden on this not because we think what he's done over the years is to be embraced (pardon the pun) but rather we're sick and tired of women tolerating repulsive behavior with smiles, laughs and at times full acquiescence, enjoying the attention only later to bitch they were victims

No.. Nope

Can't smile and giggle and laugh when someone hugs you from behind or pulls you onto your lap and smells your hair or kisses your ear or cups your breast and later on say you're a victim just like one can not voluntarily let a man inside them, achieve full orgasm and years later claim rape

Only in a political correct cowardly environment is this tolerated
If No means No as we're all forced to learn at some point in our lives then why did none of these women say it at the time they were touched by Biden?

Why is there no photo of a woman pushing him away or expressing disgust in her face as the act is happening?

Why was there no public demand by Democrats for Biden to resign as VP? -  After all the position is just one heartbeat away from actually being President?

Once again, we all know why
All this nonsense along with #MeToo and every other pro-women empowerment contrivance is just bullshit meant to selectively destroy any and all men who go against the social and political aims of the far left

And today Biden is the target

We will state one fact with 100% certainty and are so sure of this, we would wager our entire collective life savings on this one point:

If Biden does end up running and in spite of all this nonsense wins the Democrat nomination, we state with absolute certainty that 99% of those bitching about his so-called inappropriate behavior will actively campaign and vote for Joe in the 2020 election

And that is why all this is such idiocy and waste of time to talk about.