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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Why Would a 76 Year Old Want To Be President?

~ Last time we saw a face like that was a painting where Napoleon coronated himself

We've always been amazed why anyone wants to be President

Two grueling years running for a job that pays $400k which is chicken scraps to the wealthy which often are the ones who do seek it

All the shaking of hands and kissing of babies while being teared down constantly, first by those who supposedly share your values and worldviews then if you survive, the real fight with those who don't

Every closet and other orifice forcibly opened to lay skeletons bare because no one can serve as President unless they fully go through the demean and degrade process

Unless you're black then you get a mostly free pass (if black and conservative, you're treated worse than if white)
No idea why Trump ever wanted to run.

We're glad he did and happier that he won but still..

And we've no idea why Joe Biden wants to run either.

Right now he is 76 years old which is four years older than Trump and if he was to run and win the 2020 election, Biden would be 78 when inaugurated

The same goes for Bernie Sanders who is one year older than Biden and looks/sounds like a ranting old fart who belongs in an assisted living facility so he can stare alone at a wall all day and fantasize how wonderful life would be if Lenin was in charge
Almost every person we know in their late-70s to very early 80s have dealt with or dealing with very severe health ailments - heart attacks, strokes (which are even worse & longer lasting), cancer and usually if one is to be stricken with something terrible like dementia or Alzheimer's, it hits about at that age range

And of course there's the big 'D'

Absolutely do not understand why anyone that late in years wants to deal with the daily grind and exhaustion of a Presidential campaign
Trump is getting on in years but he's 73 right now and its a lot easier running for re-election when usually no one worth taken seriously will run against you in primaries and there's a whole re-election financial war chest and other apparatus already in place

We overall love Reagan but it was clear that in his last year or so in office, he was losing his mental faculties

He was just about 74 years old when sworn in his 2nd term, about 76 when Iran Contra occurred and expressed he had no recollection on certain dates & events, and about 78 years old when Reagan left office, which as said before would be the age of Biden if sworn in as the 46th President

So we don't get it..  Why bother?
More specifically to Biden, why open yourself to being shit and spit on by everyone in your evil to the core political party who obviously loathe more than like you and think you can win over these rat-people who are embracing such bottom barrel tactics?

At least when Trump was shit and spit on by the rest of the GOP at the beginning of his candidacy, he didn't have a track record of decades spent working in public office helping a party that sought for the longest time to destroy him in the primaries

So who knows.. 
We expect Biden will still run..  He seems to be that big an egotist

But don't be surprised if he doesn't make it to the end of the race - running for President is a grueling, long slog and as Hillary showed, you can't win an election if you spend more time napping and recuperating then campaigning