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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

'Worthless Woman' or Why History Depicted in Cinema Matters

~  How did WWI's carnage end? Why Wonder Woman stopped it of course.. 

Yours truly made a wager a long time ago with a family member, just $1 and with someone not yet of driving age but a bet is still a bet and I wanted to win it

Because I absolutely hate comic book films mainly because they appeal to children and stunted adults, and everyone who knows me knows how I feel, the wager was for me to watch the film 'Wonder Woman' from beginning to end

If I could do it and prove I did so, I'd get the dollar -

Seemed simple enough
Well obviously after 4 attempts over the last couple years with the most recent effort to watch over the weekend, I conceded defeat and paid up

Just a brutal experience.

So what makes Wonder Woman such a God-Damn horrible movie to suffer through?

It's not the acting, directing, special effects or anything technical like that - I've sat through films like Police Academy and Cannonball Run without completely losing my mind and Wonder Woman was better made than those.
It's not even all the identity politics nonsense of women being superior to men and better fighters and basically better everything, all of which 100% bullshit but then again their goal is not to brainwashing the adults..

It's the kiddies' minds their after - so innocent and pure.

No, what made that movie so putrid was the need to inject a comic book superhero into a real life event as if to imply to the morons watching it that history could have been altered only if Wonder Woman or some other magic entity were here

In the film, Wonder Woman gets involved in World War I, fought between 1914-1918 which took 16 million soldiers' lives when including civilians claimed 37 million casualties
So the liberal pieces of shit in Hollywood who create and finance this type of idiocy felt it perfectly fine to inject Wonder Woman into a world of constant death and destruction, of trenches and 'No Man's Land' and mustard gas and shellshock to make some grander point about something or another

Who knows if there really was a point to be made

Of course no one was offended by this when the movie came out and why should they - all combatants from the Great War are all dead and even if one complained, who listens to the complaints of 120 year olds
Now if the producers were brave, they would have dropped Wonder Woman into the rice patties of Vietnam and have her help the US defeat the Viet Cong; with her bracelets and whatever, she could have killed all the Vietnamese for us

Or send her to the jungles of 1960s Detroit or LA and had her deal with all the angry uppity blacks who were looting and rioting in the streets like mindless animals.

Oh that's right.. it is um, politically incorrect and culturally insensitive to go after minorities and would be 'wrong' to inject her into historical events like that.
Always the double standard - like having colored people play Alexander Hamilton on stage or make a movie about Shakespeare's Henry VI where a black woman plays Queen Eleanor of France, a 100% Real historical figure who was as white as bone china.

But get a white person to play that Martin King fella.. 

Hollywood has always had disdain for history..

They gets places and dates wrong, condense events for brevity and to speed the flow of the film, add fictional characters who happen to interact alongside real people; make heroes of villains and villains of heroes as it suits their social progressive storytelling needs

And no one seems to care..
Moviegoers just want explosions, laughs and to see the black boy get the white girl in the end

Wonder Woman was a very successful film financially which is really all those who participated in the film valued; they know its not art and no actual meaning or intellectual nutritional value will come from it

Sorta like eating a big bowl of sugar cereal topped with more sugar

But to any person who respects history even a smidge, Wonder Woman and films like it are disgusting and offensive.
We know political films are all terrible because the Republican must be the baddie or else what is the point of making it..

And we know movies like Inglorious Basterds are terrible because it gives the impression that the Jews could have simply got even and killed a ton of Nazis if they felt like it - it was just that they didn't or so one of the movie's points..

But superhero films are just the Worst

From injecting Captain America into World War II to constantly using 9/11 and modern war on terror themes in fuck awful films like the Batman and Superman franchises.. 
Absolutely no point to it

Guess no such thing as straightforward villains wanting power or money

We feel sorry for all those from the past who participated in WWI - who put their lives at risk and suffered physically, mentally and emotionally from 4 years of trench hell

They could have all stayed home to enjoy long lives and let Wonder Woman do the fighting for them to show the menfolk how emasculating weak and worthless they are compared to a dyke-looking Amazon woman with a sword, shield and magic lasso
So yes I couldn't stomach more than 45 minutes of it..

I lost that bet and paid up yesterday.

A dollar most well spent