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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Finding PC-free TV Sanctuary in Bob Newhart

Last night as I was hunting YouTube for something interesting to watch, I came upon an old episode of the Bob Newhart show from late 1972

And based on all the politically correct and social progressive identity politics norms of TV today, made the show absolutely refreshing

Before getting into the plot of the episode, it was just amazing and very comforting to watch and not see not a single black person depicted

Don't care how it sounds..  It's true.. 
Absolutely every show today Has to have at least one token black cast member, usually in a position of great authority and/or wealth no matter how completely unrealistic it is

There were also no token Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, homosexuals or any other group that Has to have representation in everything no matter how contrived

Pretty sad that one has to watch a TV show from 46 years ago to escape the liberal shit that permeates every single program today
Anyways the episode's plot revolved around Bob and his friend Jerry the dentist wanting to watch Monday Night Football and Bob's wife Emily essentially sickened and having a cow because to her, Bob watched football on Sunday so that was plenty

So they try to include her in watching the game but she is utterly confused by the game and asks truly dumb questions

Can not think of any show in the last couple decades where a TV was brave enough to depict a woman as less knowledgeable and more confused then a man with maybe the exception of the character Mallory on 'Family Ties'

So once again.. Absolutely refreshing to watch
Then ultimately when Bob says he plans on watching every Monday in spite of Emily's protests, they have an argument and neither sleep until settled

The very cool part of this?  Not only did Emily not win but she was contented though disappointed because her love for Bob trumped the need to be in power and control and win the day

She wasn't fighting for women's rights or #MeToo bullshit..  She simply wanted to spend more quality time with her husband

Once again, pretty sad that one has to go back nearly five decades to see relationships and life in general depicted with any sense of reality where the man does not cower to the woman and where whites do not have black friends just because the advertisers need to target that demographic to sell their soap and soda..
There are two realities to life - Real reality and entertainment reality which is rarely ever depicting how things really are or lamenting how things should be but projecting to viewers how the liberal creators of the content want things to be...

Used to be women sought contentment and fulfillment through relationships.. 

The last few decades, the message is that contentment and fulfillment can only be found in career
Used to be women looked at men in patriarchal terms and didn't mind a man one loved and trusted taking the lead

Now everything has to be a battle and as entertainment depicts the male-female relationship, she has to first kick his ass in a big explosion-ridden cartoon comic book fight and then later show a sensitive side so that that emasculated man knows she can kick his butt again if need be

Or horrible films like god damn Wonder Woman, one of the most rotten pieces of crap I've ever seen where she is a clueless moron but no man will bluntly tell her that her beliefs are idiotic and oh yes, only she can end World War I..

Fuckin' hell..
Amazing is the word of the day as in just amazing how topsy turvy life has been over the last couple generations and how many people especially the young are absolutely distorted in their views of each other based on the modern poisons depicted on TV and film

Thank goodness for the old days..   Well, most of it

The Mary Tyler Moore show was horrible feminist crap too.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

'Pro-Choice' Does Not Really Exist

We saw on Drudge today that Gucci is deciding to inject themselves in the pro-infanticide debate.. oh, sorry, we mean abortion 'rights' with an expensive purple jacket that says 'My body, my choice..'

They all think they're so brave.. 

Real bravery is making a jacket that says 'I am pro-life' and standing up to the hysterics and threats of boycotts which would follow

But who ever said soulless profit hungry corporations who latch on to whatever social causes the social progressive zealots embrace are brave
And when one says something like 'It's my body and I can do what I want with it' its taken as some kind of absolute right that no one can deny or disprove

Except it is absolute bullshit

Whether we like it or not, we do Not have absolute control over our bodies because we live in a System which does not allow it except when it comes to the killing of babies in the womb including third trimester

We mentioned this point a few weeks ago in more detail but in the world we live in, no individual has the legal right to kill themselves or make the choice when and how they are to die
The right to self determination as to the how, where and when to no longer be on this Earth is as fundamental a freedom as breathing yet no country anywhere in the world gives individuals that authority over themselves

Some people have terminal diseases or cancer where its 100% certain they won't survive but the only guarantee is lots and lots of physical suffering as the body is destroyed from withing

Some people are just sick of life, specifically their lives

If one even hints they're thinking of doing the deed, the authorities step in to stop it so if one is to do it, they better damn well keep quiet about it and be successful on that first try..
So if a person does not have any say in their ultimate fate unless to do it secret and shamefully, why the hell do we as a society keep pretending a woman has a right to abort which is snuffing the life of an entity before even drawing first breath, and often for the most selfish egotistical of reasons:

Ccareer, keeping a man and hiding an affair being the top 3

Why so much passion from the left when it comes to abortion?

It's mostly paranoia..  The same kind you saw from the same rot-rotten bottomfeeders when Trump won in 2016
Just like how colored people are afraid if that evil known as affirmative action is scaled back and/or removed, it will lead in their distorted little minds to being made slaves again,  many women have a warped view that if abortion is limited or made illegal, it will lead to the vote taken from them and put back into that supposedly 'horrible' kitchen

Then they'd be forced to be dominated by their husbands and boyfriends instead of the 'freedom' they enjoy of driving in congested traffic to an office to be dominated by an employer

Of course it won't ever go back but that's what you see so many women who are old wretched creatures and deeply fugly women who never had a date with a man, fight harder for the right to kill what is inside a woman then those who are young and attractive enough to attract a mate and conceive
It is also about economics..  Abortion is big business

Each year the abortion industry generates $1.1 Billion in the US alone - those doctors who snip the head from the rest of the baby fetus' body have to get paid don't you know

The doctors get paid between $250 to $500 per abortion and that doesn't include all the consultation visits and other expenses earned prior

In fact it is the only procedure where a doctor is allowed legally to demand cash payment for services and he/she never has to worry about being sued for malpractice since the goal is to kill the baby, not save it meaning they don't need malpractice insurance which is a big savings to doctors.
The big irony over abortion is the people fighting the hardest to protect this non-right are piece of shit political correct social progressive identity-politics embracing liberal scum and yet who are the future children being eliminated before drawing breath?

Colored people and Hispanics and liberal women who if giving birth would have children to indoctrinate to their distorted way of thinking on life

Just a lot of truly awful people on the left.. lowest of the low

And we're all forced to live among them

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Commercials.. A Constant Cavalcade of Crap

It's Tuesday and we're back..  Hope everyone had a great Decoration Day Weekend

Decoration Day.. Huh?

See that was what Memorial Day used to be called and it was specific to Only honoring those who died in the Civil War..

But then someone decided to honor all fallen of all wars, conflicts and engagements in one day so to save time and now its what it was

Funny if you really think about it..  Blacks, Hispanics. Women, Homosexuals, Asians and every other identity politics group gets a full month a piece to honor them and celebrate their history, etc and yet those who die for their country get a day
Anyways yours truly visited some family for the weekend which overall was fun except for the fact that the loved ones who I visit watch TV incessantly..

They sleep with the TV on then wake up to the idiot box always showing programming and since they don't have movie networks like HBO, it means constant commercials

Nonstop incessant ads upon ads upon ads

So even though I'm not a big drinker by any stretch, I decided to play a game of sorts to numb my mind to the barrage of commercials I was forced to sit through just to spend time with family
It went like this...  I would take a drink of alcohol every time the following occurred in an advertisement:

*  A white man was portrayed as truly masculine, confident and dominant in an ad where he was with his woman (a white male hanging with other male friends did not count)

* A woman was portrayed in a sexy or sexual manner in either dress or conduct - this could be flirting with a guy, wearing a bikini or apparel which accentuated her tits, ass or other body part

* Any commercial break segment.. Just ONE where there was Zero black representation of any kind, especially interracial couples or biracial families - Yuk!
* Any time a black and white were in the same ad and the black acted like the goofball or idiot and the white person is the person in the ad who gives the reaction shot to express 'what a dope'

* Any ad in an office setting where the male was the boss and the female the secretary or underling

* Any ad where the female was the homemaker and genuinely contented to be wife to a wonderful husband and mother to beautiful kids instead of only feeling contentment by working

Needless to say, it was a very sober weekend
TV is just one super shitty advertisement after another reinforcing the political correctness and social progressivism of the the crap programs its financially supporting

So many god-damn awful ads I saw this weekend.. a few stuck in my mind as particularly revolting

* An ad for Head and Shoulders where this teen girl is embarrassed she may have dandruff flake then you see her using the product in the shower and finally she's at her prom where she rushes into the arms of her fucking dyke girlfriend, they kiss then dance together

*  An ad for some prescription to prevent the spread of sexual disease to people who are HIV negative and every person speaking is a faggot male, lesbian or disgusting tranny
*  An ad where a chunky guy wearing a beard is dressed in an aqua blue tank top and panties trying to flirt with another guy in a humorous way...  The expression on the other guy's face is WTF!

*  A daddy allowing his daughter to apply makeup on his face including eye shadow, lipstick and rouge supposedly because he loves her but really ends up looking like an emasculated queer

* One black family after another advertising everything from waffles to cereal to cell phones to cars - just non-stop colored as if these fucking people were 95% of the population
How and why no one fights back in any way from this complete propaganda takeover by the far left as they shove their worldview down middle America's throat is beyond me

So even though it's always nice to have a 3 day weekend, if it means keeping that wretched TV off and not being exposed to the constant crap on every TV network, then horray for another workday

Friday, May 24, 2019

Is This Really What Our Founding Fathers Intended?

When we watch/read yesterday that despicable cunt Nancy Pelosi stating Trump is involved in a cover up which to anyone with any understanding of the word, implies Nixonian criminality and a President canceling an infrastructure meeting with the same bitch he openly stated he wanted to be the Speaker of the House and would campaign in her behalf if asked..

What a perfect example of how absolutely Horrible a nation we live in politically

It made us think - is this bullshit what the founding fathers envisioned when creating the Constitution in 1787?

And the answer is both yes and no..
Those who met in Philadelphia that summer to figure how to fix the Articles of Confederation and what ultimately create the Constitution were very paranoid

They did not trust anyone or anything - so afraid to give too much power to this over that yet knew the Confederation government was too weak to accomplish anything

So they created this checks n' balances which everyone is told is great but it basically means every branch has power to override each other and absolutely nothing gets done unless its in small, slow incremental steps
The system was also set up so the the statistical minority could stall or derail the desires of the majority (filibuster in Senate) and where the smallest population states could dictate terms to those with largest representation (every state has 2 Senators)

So on one hand the framers thinking themselves clever-clever did design government to purposely work slow and as inefficiently as possible out of fear of any person or branch actually getting things done efficiently

And whether a person likes or dislikes this method often sways depending on if their party is in power
Now where the framers did not ever imagine this nation being do deeply fucked as it has been for most of its history is when it came to political parties

Back in 1791 when Washington became President, there was no political party - he was asked to run, he agreed then was unanimously voted in (as he was for his 2nd term starting in 1795)

Divisions as to how decide the best direction for the nation developed within his Cabinet as Jefferson and Adams did not see eye to eye on really anything and from that came the Federalist and anti-Federalist parties to which Jefferson was the latter
And without this turning into a long history lesson, its been a history of one party battling it out vs another for power, getting little done, being voted out then reclaiming power to be voted out again

This is a big reason slavery lasted as long as it did - no person or entity had the power to completely abolish it or stating this is the forever law of the land..  Instead you had 80 years of compromises and can kicking

And the framers could not envision a time when a sitting President could be so personally hated and despised by the opposition political party
These are not policy disagreements or debate over the direction of the nation - Democrats by and large would love to you-know-what to him because he lives and breathes

They're smart enough not to directly say it or demand others do it for them but they sure have glazed the line a few times..

We've never had such a deep, intense Hatred for every person who votes and thinks liberal as we have since the past election..  Got to the point, yours truly had to cut associations with every putrid person I knew who were ideologically the left

Hated doing it but saved me from experiencing ulcers from it
We're sure a lot of decent Germans felt the same about their countrymen when the Nazis came to power in the 1930s

Nazis..  Democrats..  no difference really anymore

And so we have a government where nothing gets done which seems to be what many worthless know-nothing American citizens on the left wanted

The House keeps passing (or trying to pass) every extreme leftist piece of legislation they can while knowing full well it will not get passed in the Senate much less land on Trump's desk to veto

And Trump himself just never really goes on the attack
We don't mean tweets and press conferences - we mean something.. anything within the laws and privileges of the Presidency to HURT Pelosi, House Democrats and really Democrats overall

We absolutely hate that every good thing Trump does especially involving the economy, those motherfuckers benefit as well

Sorry but we communicate in language and tone the way normal everyday people genuinely think and feel and not that fake Fox News fluff

So we head into Memorial Day weekend and really what's to celebrate unless you love NASCAR or picnics by the lake..
It's such a fractured horrible nation right now with 50% living among us who Hate the President, Hate this country from its history to its culture and want to do everything to destroy it so the other 50% suffers

And the 50% who are more and more subjugated, do nothing to fight back in any way...  Nothing to figuratively or literally get in the faces of those who want to irrevocably change this nation forever in ways most can not even fathom

Yes, a political correct, social progressive, globalist world worse than even the one we live in today

We hope you all enjoy your 3 day weekend but amid whatever activities you do, think on really where this country is right now and what part you can play big or small to fight those seeking to take it from you.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wanted: A Genuinely Good Person in US Politics

Have you ever watched a movie where there was not a single character with any redeeming value you could root for?

No good guy or gal to represent you; every character just variances of rotten and dreadful with some a little less so than others..

That's what it feels like when we cover politics

There is absolutely no one in any position of decision making power that we fully like and embrace, and sad to say that includes Trump who we voted for

No one represents us.. Our needs, wants and/or wishes

No one.
The Democrats?   Sewer rats covered in excrement and mites in a human form; fifty shades of despicable

Even the so called 'moderate' wants to put straight Caucasian men into a position of permanent subservient status to blacks, women, gays, Muslims, dogs (repetitive we know) and every other minority because for them that's the winning play to get voted into power

Just constantly ass-kiss everyone But whites, make them feel they're being victimized and because statistically all minorities together are greater than whites especially if one can capture the white woman vote, then Voila, a 1000 year Democrat Reich

And the radicals like the Muslim whore Congresswomen and little brown anus squirt Cotrez - if they had it their way, we'd be living in a Planet of the Apes world with them on top of the food chain to make up for all the perceived wrongs of history
Then you have Republicans..  Ugh

Pretty much worthless and weak, especially all the millions who vote GOP every election

Do they not see every aspect of this beautiful country has been and is being permanently destroyed by the left and the political right does Nothing!..

The left is on the warpath.. There is genuine hate in their hearts and they are so mobilized and organized and those on the right?


But do anything to fuck with a fiscal Conservative's ability to make extreme profit without limitations and then the claws will come out
And then there's Trump...   Fuckin' Hell!

Never imagined he'd be even more pathetic a panderer of women and coloreds as the Democrats - absolutely painful to witness; makes the inners ache

Also, supposedly Trump is the most powerful person in the free world and yet he can not Deeply hurt his political opposition?

He can not use every clever trick in the book; every legal means to destroy those seeking to destroy him?!
He just rants like a fucking baby over every wrong done to him like he is powerless and impotent to attack back

What does he want - you and we,the everyday folk to step in and protect a multi billionaire who has Presidential powers most of us are not even aware of because he refuses to do it himself?!!

He just rants and raves and repeats the same things and texts and tweets and twats nothing that matters

Absolutely sick of it
There's no one that's genuinely good.. No one to root for

And now the whole bullshit of Another election season is beginning except nowadays a 'season' seems to last 18-20 months

Even if we were Democrats and didn't look at that party and liberals on the whole as infected anal polyps, every candidate who has announced they are running for President thus far is pure unadulterated scum.

From Joe Biden and his plagiarism while in college and being the one to take the lead on pushing gay 'marriage' while VP for that black fuck Obama to Kamala Harris who had at one time a long and quite open extramarital affair with the then mayor of SF who was married back in the 1980s..
Not a single Democrat of any genuine quality as a person has announced they will be running in 2020

Which means another election where everyone has to hold their nose and pick what they consider the lesser of two terribles

We can not remember the last time there was an election where we looked at a candidate on either side and felt something like 'Ok, we disagree with his policies, but he seems like a quality person who genuinely wants the best for all citizens'

The whole thing is so hard to stomach and at times even harder to write about because every narrative whether it be a fictitious story or historical account should have some entity the writer and reader can embrace and identify with
In a way covering Dems and Reps is as sickening to us as if we lived in WWII days and had to cover when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union

One of those things where you wish everyone on either side would just destroy one another and never to be heard from again.

And that's the country at present

Two political parties that are absolute shit, people who vote Democrat who are spiritual bottomfeeders, those who vote Republican being cowardly cuckolds afraid to take back their country in ways that no elected official can and Independents who have no convictions on anything
And what are we?  What is A&G's beliefs on the political spectrum?

If there was a party that represented true freedom without promoting recreational drug use (sorry Libertarians), traditional values especially within the family structure, clear social order & cohesion and fully embrace capital I Individuality while committed to doing everything possible to snuff out collectivist thought, we at A&G would be card carrying members

So until then we're forced to vote Republican and hope to God we have a President who will see liberals not as 'fellow Americans' but Enemies of the State seeking constant change and not caring how many get hurt in the process

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

If A&G Could Give a Class of 2019 Commencement Address

For the most part we can not stand celebrities and politicians but if there was one aspect of their lives we would love to enjoy other than immense wealth, it is the ability to be invited to give a graduate commencement speech

Most who are asked and accept tend to waste the opportunity with empty fluff positivity mixed with silly-stupid humor and lots n' lots of famous quotes and sayings

In other words nothing a college or university graduate can actually use in their real lives but for those 20 - 30 minutes or so sitting in the audience wearing cap n' gown, it makes the kids feel good like cotton candy or soda but for the mind
We would love to have the opportunity to give a commencement address though it won't ever happen mainly because 1) None of us who write for A&G are secretly famous and 2) No school would ever invite any of us if knowing that we'd be presenting reality for those about to embark on the next chapter of their lives

So we're going to pretend some college of university somewhere was crazy enough to let us give a speech to their graduating class..

This is what we would basically say to them and really to all from the class of 2019:
Hello everyone..  Congratulations on getting your degree..

For some we know it was very hard work - you took difficult courses, challenged yourself to excel and studied your tail ends off with the goal of being the absolute best you could be..

Others, we know you didn't really do very much during your 4 to 7 years except drink and party and do recreational drugs and have lots of sex..  You took the easiest courses you could find and chose the most non-challenging major while lingering in adolescence as long as you could..

Both the 'ants' and 'grasshoppers' out there made it and this is your day.

We hope you earned your degree through scholarships and grants because for the vast majority of you, the money spent via student loans to get your degree was wasted and you will be paying for this mistake for at least the next 10 years..
But tomorrow will come very soon as will the next day and you need to really ask yourself if you are prepared not just academically but in terms of the roadblocks you will face

It is always difficult for those graduating college to find good paying jobs and even though the economy today is so much better than it was two years ago and far superior than a decade ago, expect to struggle for a long time financially

Your parents and grandparents are forced to work longer and harder and more up in years then they should and that means they're retaining jobs that otherwise would be yours
In addition that student loan debt repayment which we mentioned before will be starting soon and you will find it be a major hindrance to your ability to save for any kind of future, forcing you to put off things like buying your own home or dating and/or one day getting married and having children unless you go into even more debt

A lot of you no matter how brilliant and hardworking and driven you are to succeed will find yourself working the same terrible retail jobs you probably had when in high school but don't let that bring you down..

Keep focused on realistic short and long term goals to get you over this very difficult period known as one's 20's...
Globally the world is getting smaller and even more technology and computer dependent than ever before

Many will struggle to find work because you are not only competing against other Americans but thanks to constant outsourcing of jobs, you are competing with those abroad

Job security is not something you should ever expect with a degree - I hate to burst your bubbles but truth is truth

Someone who fixes toilets, cars, roofs or mows your lawn will be safe from outsourcing abroad; in all likelihood your profession will not be, especially by 2050 when you all will be in your late 40's and early 50's
So be adaptable..  Be open to learning new skill sets and making yourself as invaluable to your employer as you can be..

The most important thing to remember Class of 2019 and this may be hard to accept but right now nothing you've done to this point means anything to anyone in the real world

No one respects a business degree or is awe because you are pre-law or pre-med

Where you graduated does not mean anything either..
For the vast majority of jobs out there, an employer would rather hire someone who attended No-Name College than someone who attended Harvard or Yale if the No-Name guy or gal will work longer hours and for less..

And the vast majority of your friends - the ones you spent years cultivating...  They will disappear on you within 3 years of graduating, you will be out of touch with all of them, or they of you, so don't put any stock in them as a support system

You are on your own buddy..
But that's a good thing..  Individualism and Independence go hand and hand, and while others may survive by networking and cliques and other forms of internal weakness, only a strong, confident 'Captain' can guide your 'ship' to success and happiness

No other deserves even a moment to touch your 'wheel'

So you're about to step out into a bigger world.. a very uncaring, selfish world full of deeply ignorant people who believe what they're told and afraid to think for themselves; all part of a Matrix-like apparatus who wants to have as much control and intrusion into your private life as they can get away with..
And if you're one of them, you will have an easier go of things because conformity is the most simple action a person can perform

But if you are a person of quality and have the ability to have strong filters to keep all the political correct and social progressive poisons at bay, you will struggle at first but ultimately you will succeed and achieve all the things you wish

God Speed in your journey of life..   You will need it

Monday, May 20, 2019

What being Pro-Choice Should Mean

This is going to be a tough posting to digest for some but we'll write on it anyways..

When one hears the term 'Pro-Choice' the thoughts automatically turn to abortion and women's reproductive rights to kill the child inside them for any reason or no particular reason at all

Pro-Choice is more catchy than 'Pro-Infanticide'

But if one really is a true Individual and believes strongly in personal choice, then the social fight isn't over whether a mother should have the right to snuff out her baby's life so to keep a job or a boyfriend, or hide an affair from a hubby..
The ultimate pro-choice fight which is not taking place is the choice to determine one's death and when/how it is to occur

Because right now a person does not legally possess that right.

Some would argue its a good thing..  Some see it different but the truth of it is if you're going to end your life, you better be successful on your first try

We're not talking about people dealing with depression or other mental health issues - quite often they do not fully understand what they are doing or the consequences of the actions; their brains are too distorted
No, what we're speaking of are people suffering from terminal illnesses and maladies where there is no cure like certain forms of cancer or Parkinson's or Alzheimer's

Should a person have the right to end their own life before all the physical and emotional suffering which will take place before finally the person naturally dies?

We believe so but right now society and the law says different

That's true pro-choice, and how truly free a society are we when that basic fundamental decision is taken from a person?
Yes we know the legal complexities especially when it comes to issues of assisted suicide and concerns that people could have their lives ended by others under the guise that it was requested when it really wasn't, etc..etc..

But we're not talking legalese or even making moral, ethical or spiritual arguments

We're stating plain and simple that if we are free people, then it is a decision that we as individuals should possess and not the State

Really how free are we as Individuals in a greater society?  How much control do we have over our own bodies?
We know it sounds very silly to even suggest but just from an academic argument perspective, does an individual have the consequence-free right to cut off one of their fingers or pull a Van Gogh and chop off one of their ears?

Does an individual have the consequence free right to put anything they want into their body; any drink or drug?

No..  There are restrictions and while many of the reasons make perfect sense, as we said before, from an academic argument perspective, we as individuals are not free to make personal choices when it comes to our bodies.
Wendy O. Williams once said "I don't believe that people should take their own lives without deep and thoughtful reflection over a considerable period of time. I do believe strongly, however, that the right to do so is one of the most fundamental rights anyone in a free society should have."

And that is the point of this posting

Pro choice is not about women's rights to snuff out the life inside them

It is about the Individual's control of their lives in all scenarios.
We are not advocating or encouraging people to end their lives; that would be deeply irresponsible of us; it is a decision up to an individual though we hope no person would ever be suffering in any way to the point of even considering it

But when one seriously looks at the Individual and what rights we truly possess in this world, you have to go beyond Constitutionally protected rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and seek to understand as an Individual how truly free you really are

And only from there, make whatever changes you need in any/all areas to take control of oneself

That includes the choice to die on one's own terms, though we hope all our readers live long, happy, fruitful lives..