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Saturday, May 18, 2019

A Rare Weekend Posting: A&G's True Views on People

Normally we do not write weekend posts but we wanted to follow up briefly on yesterday's posting and make a couple things very clear so readers know our position when it comes to people..

1)  As groups go, we are all Equal.. 

Black, White, Gay, Straight..  Equal..  No group better or exceptional to another; No group's history or culture or contribution to humanity more important than another

For most of Western Civilization, some groups were 'superior' and treated others as dirt and the last 50 years or so seems to be where those historically at the bottom want revenge

We do not embrace or accept..  Not by anyone.

On a collective level, everyone is equal... Everyone has positives and black marks to which on a group level, people should be embarrassed by

And Everyone is open to being mocked or teased or lampooned; no exceptions
2)  What makes each of us wonderful is based on Individuality

A good person is a good person regardless of pigment, faith or anything else

A piece of shit person is the same

Your successes and failures and whatever contributions to life you do are unique to You; to see yourself as part of any tribe as a source of pride stunts your ability to fully discover the full You.

Most people are scared to be Individuals and they hide behind group identity and groupthink like cowards

They take pride in things that are not accomplishment based and get slighted/insulted too quick when not directly teased or buffooned

That has got to change...
How?  It is too big a problem for us to pretend to solve but one person at a time we hope people will stop attaching their identity to things much bigger than them who deep down do not know of them or care they exist

People are so bombarded with constant messages to do the opposite and because our last post was so strong, that we had to take a moment out of our weekend to once again get these points across

This way when you continue reading & following A&G you can understand very clearly what we're about and what we're not.

Enjoy your weekend~