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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Commercials.. A Constant Cavalcade of Crap

It's Tuesday and we're back..  Hope everyone had a great Decoration Day Weekend

Decoration Day.. Huh?

See that was what Memorial Day used to be called and it was specific to Only honoring those who died in the Civil War..

But then someone decided to honor all fallen of all wars, conflicts and engagements in one day so to save time and now its what it was

Funny if you really think about it..  Blacks, Hispanics. Women, Homosexuals, Asians and every other identity politics group gets a full month a piece to honor them and celebrate their history, etc and yet those who die for their country get a day
Anyways yours truly visited some family for the weekend which overall was fun except for the fact that the loved ones who I visit watch TV incessantly..

They sleep with the TV on then wake up to the idiot box always showing programming and since they don't have movie networks like HBO, it means constant commercials

Nonstop incessant ads upon ads upon ads

So even though I'm not a big drinker by any stretch, I decided to play a game of sorts to numb my mind to the barrage of commercials I was forced to sit through just to spend time with family
It went like this...  I would take a drink of alcohol every time the following occurred in an advertisement:

*  A white man was portrayed as truly masculine, confident and dominant in an ad where he was with his woman (a white male hanging with other male friends did not count)

* A woman was portrayed in a sexy or sexual manner in either dress or conduct - this could be flirting with a guy, wearing a bikini or apparel which accentuated her tits, ass or other body part

* Any commercial break segment.. Just ONE where there was Zero black representation of any kind, especially interracial couples or biracial families - Yuk!
* Any time a black and white were in the same ad and the black acted like the goofball or idiot and the white person is the person in the ad who gives the reaction shot to express 'what a dope'

* Any ad in an office setting where the male was the boss and the female the secretary or underling

* Any ad where the female was the homemaker and genuinely contented to be wife to a wonderful husband and mother to beautiful kids instead of only feeling contentment by working

Needless to say, it was a very sober weekend
TV is just one super shitty advertisement after another reinforcing the political correctness and social progressivism of the the crap programs its financially supporting

So many god-damn awful ads I saw this weekend.. a few stuck in my mind as particularly revolting

* An ad for Head and Shoulders where this teen girl is embarrassed she may have dandruff flake then you see her using the product in the shower and finally she's at her prom where she rushes into the arms of her fucking dyke girlfriend, they kiss then dance together

*  An ad for some prescription to prevent the spread of sexual disease to people who are HIV negative and every person speaking is a faggot male, lesbian or disgusting tranny
*  An ad where a chunky guy wearing a beard is dressed in an aqua blue tank top and panties trying to flirt with another guy in a humorous way...  The expression on the other guy's face is WTF!

*  A daddy allowing his daughter to apply makeup on his face including eye shadow, lipstick and rouge supposedly because he loves her but really ends up looking like an emasculated queer

* One black family after another advertising everything from waffles to cereal to cell phones to cars - just non-stop colored as if these fucking people were 95% of the population
How and why no one fights back in any way from this complete propaganda takeover by the far left as they shove their worldview down middle America's throat is beyond me

So even though it's always nice to have a 3 day weekend, if it means keeping that wretched TV off and not being exposed to the constant crap on every TV network, then horray for another workday