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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Finding PC-free TV Sanctuary in Bob Newhart

Last night as I was hunting YouTube for something interesting to watch, I came upon an old episode of the Bob Newhart show from late 1972

And based on all the politically correct and social progressive identity politics norms of TV today, made the show absolutely refreshing

Before getting into the plot of the episode, it was just amazing and very comforting to watch and not see not a single black person depicted

Don't care how it sounds..  It's true.. 
Absolutely every show today Has to have at least one token black cast member, usually in a position of great authority and/or wealth no matter how completely unrealistic it is

There were also no token Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, homosexuals or any other group that Has to have representation in everything no matter how contrived

Pretty sad that one has to watch a TV show from 46 years ago to escape the liberal shit that permeates every single program today
Anyways the episode's plot revolved around Bob and his friend Jerry the dentist wanting to watch Monday Night Football and Bob's wife Emily essentially sickened and having a cow because to her, Bob watched football on Sunday so that was plenty

So they try to include her in watching the game but she is utterly confused by the game and asks truly dumb questions

Can not think of any show in the last couple decades where a TV was brave enough to depict a woman as less knowledgeable and more confused then a man with maybe the exception of the character Mallory on 'Family Ties'

So once again.. Absolutely refreshing to watch
Then ultimately when Bob says he plans on watching every Monday in spite of Emily's protests, they have an argument and neither sleep until settled

The very cool part of this?  Not only did Emily not win but she was contented though disappointed because her love for Bob trumped the need to be in power and control and win the day

She wasn't fighting for women's rights or #MeToo bullshit..  She simply wanted to spend more quality time with her husband

Once again, pretty sad that one has to go back nearly five decades to see relationships and life in general depicted with any sense of reality where the man does not cower to the woman and where whites do not have black friends just because the advertisers need to target that demographic to sell their soap and soda..
There are two realities to life - Real reality and entertainment reality which is rarely ever depicting how things really are or lamenting how things should be but projecting to viewers how the liberal creators of the content want things to be...

Used to be women sought contentment and fulfillment through relationships.. 

The last few decades, the message is that contentment and fulfillment can only be found in career
Used to be women looked at men in patriarchal terms and didn't mind a man one loved and trusted taking the lead

Now everything has to be a battle and as entertainment depicts the male-female relationship, she has to first kick his ass in a big explosion-ridden cartoon comic book fight and then later show a sensitive side so that that emasculated man knows she can kick his butt again if need be

Or horrible films like god damn Wonder Woman, one of the most rotten pieces of crap I've ever seen where she is a clueless moron but no man will bluntly tell her that her beliefs are idiotic and oh yes, only she can end World War I..

Fuckin' hell..
Amazing is the word of the day as in just amazing how topsy turvy life has been over the last couple generations and how many people especially the young are absolutely distorted in their views of each other based on the modern poisons depicted on TV and film

Thank goodness for the old days..   Well, most of it

The Mary Tyler Moore show was horrible feminist crap too.