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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

If A&G Could Give a Class of 2019 Commencement Address

For the most part we can not stand celebrities and politicians but if there was one aspect of their lives we would love to enjoy other than immense wealth, it is the ability to be invited to give a graduate commencement speech

Most who are asked and accept tend to waste the opportunity with empty fluff positivity mixed with silly-stupid humor and lots n' lots of famous quotes and sayings

In other words nothing a college or university graduate can actually use in their real lives but for those 20 - 30 minutes or so sitting in the audience wearing cap n' gown, it makes the kids feel good like cotton candy or soda but for the mind
We would love to have the opportunity to give a commencement address though it won't ever happen mainly because 1) None of us who write for A&G are secretly famous and 2) No school would ever invite any of us if knowing that we'd be presenting reality for those about to embark on the next chapter of their lives

So we're going to pretend some college of university somewhere was crazy enough to let us give a speech to their graduating class..

This is what we would basically say to them and really to all from the class of 2019:
Hello everyone..  Congratulations on getting your degree..

For some we know it was very hard work - you took difficult courses, challenged yourself to excel and studied your tail ends off with the goal of being the absolute best you could be..

Others, we know you didn't really do very much during your 4 to 7 years except drink and party and do recreational drugs and have lots of sex..  You took the easiest courses you could find and chose the most non-challenging major while lingering in adolescence as long as you could..

Both the 'ants' and 'grasshoppers' out there made it and this is your day.

We hope you earned your degree through scholarships and grants because for the vast majority of you, the money spent via student loans to get your degree was wasted and you will be paying for this mistake for at least the next 10 years..
But tomorrow will come very soon as will the next day and you need to really ask yourself if you are prepared not just academically but in terms of the roadblocks you will face

It is always difficult for those graduating college to find good paying jobs and even though the economy today is so much better than it was two years ago and far superior than a decade ago, expect to struggle for a long time financially

Your parents and grandparents are forced to work longer and harder and more up in years then they should and that means they're retaining jobs that otherwise would be yours
In addition that student loan debt repayment which we mentioned before will be starting soon and you will find it be a major hindrance to your ability to save for any kind of future, forcing you to put off things like buying your own home or dating and/or one day getting married and having children unless you go into even more debt

A lot of you no matter how brilliant and hardworking and driven you are to succeed will find yourself working the same terrible retail jobs you probably had when in high school but don't let that bring you down..

Keep focused on realistic short and long term goals to get you over this very difficult period known as one's 20's...
Globally the world is getting smaller and even more technology and computer dependent than ever before

Many will struggle to find work because you are not only competing against other Americans but thanks to constant outsourcing of jobs, you are competing with those abroad

Job security is not something you should ever expect with a degree - I hate to burst your bubbles but truth is truth

Someone who fixes toilets, cars, roofs or mows your lawn will be safe from outsourcing abroad; in all likelihood your profession will not be, especially by 2050 when you all will be in your late 40's and early 50's
So be adaptable..  Be open to learning new skill sets and making yourself as invaluable to your employer as you can be..

The most important thing to remember Class of 2019 and this may be hard to accept but right now nothing you've done to this point means anything to anyone in the real world

No one respects a business degree or is awe because you are pre-law or pre-med

Where you graduated does not mean anything either..
For the vast majority of jobs out there, an employer would rather hire someone who attended No-Name College than someone who attended Harvard or Yale if the No-Name guy or gal will work longer hours and for less..

And the vast majority of your friends - the ones you spent years cultivating...  They will disappear on you within 3 years of graduating, you will be out of touch with all of them, or they of you, so don't put any stock in them as a support system

You are on your own buddy..
But that's a good thing..  Individualism and Independence go hand and hand, and while others may survive by networking and cliques and other forms of internal weakness, only a strong, confident 'Captain' can guide your 'ship' to success and happiness

No other deserves even a moment to touch your 'wheel'

So you're about to step out into a bigger world.. a very uncaring, selfish world full of deeply ignorant people who believe what they're told and afraid to think for themselves; all part of a Matrix-like apparatus who wants to have as much control and intrusion into your private life as they can get away with..
And if you're one of them, you will have an easier go of things because conformity is the most simple action a person can perform

But if you are a person of quality and have the ability to have strong filters to keep all the political correct and social progressive poisons at bay, you will struggle at first but ultimately you will succeed and achieve all the things you wish

God Speed in your journey of life..   You will need it