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Friday, May 24, 2019

Is This Really What Our Founding Fathers Intended?

When we watch/read yesterday that despicable cunt Nancy Pelosi stating Trump is involved in a cover up which to anyone with any understanding of the word, implies Nixonian criminality and a President canceling an infrastructure meeting with the same bitch he openly stated he wanted to be the Speaker of the House and would campaign in her behalf if asked..

What a perfect example of how absolutely Horrible a nation we live in politically

It made us think - is this bullshit what the founding fathers envisioned when creating the Constitution in 1787?

And the answer is both yes and no..
Those who met in Philadelphia that summer to figure how to fix the Articles of Confederation and what ultimately create the Constitution were very paranoid

They did not trust anyone or anything - so afraid to give too much power to this over that yet knew the Confederation government was too weak to accomplish anything

So they created this checks n' balances which everyone is told is great but it basically means every branch has power to override each other and absolutely nothing gets done unless its in small, slow incremental steps
The system was also set up so the the statistical minority could stall or derail the desires of the majority (filibuster in Senate) and where the smallest population states could dictate terms to those with largest representation (every state has 2 Senators)

So on one hand the framers thinking themselves clever-clever did design government to purposely work slow and as inefficiently as possible out of fear of any person or branch actually getting things done efficiently

And whether a person likes or dislikes this method often sways depending on if their party is in power
Now where the framers did not ever imagine this nation being do deeply fucked as it has been for most of its history is when it came to political parties

Back in 1791 when Washington became President, there was no political party - he was asked to run, he agreed then was unanimously voted in (as he was for his 2nd term starting in 1795)

Divisions as to how decide the best direction for the nation developed within his Cabinet as Jefferson and Adams did not see eye to eye on really anything and from that came the Federalist and anti-Federalist parties to which Jefferson was the latter
And without this turning into a long history lesson, its been a history of one party battling it out vs another for power, getting little done, being voted out then reclaiming power to be voted out again

This is a big reason slavery lasted as long as it did - no person or entity had the power to completely abolish it or stating this is the forever law of the land..  Instead you had 80 years of compromises and can kicking

And the framers could not envision a time when a sitting President could be so personally hated and despised by the opposition political party
These are not policy disagreements or debate over the direction of the nation - Democrats by and large would love to you-know-what to him because he lives and breathes

They're smart enough not to directly say it or demand others do it for them but they sure have glazed the line a few times..

We've never had such a deep, intense Hatred for every person who votes and thinks liberal as we have since the past election..  Got to the point, yours truly had to cut associations with every putrid person I knew who were ideologically the left

Hated doing it but saved me from experiencing ulcers from it
We're sure a lot of decent Germans felt the same about their countrymen when the Nazis came to power in the 1930s

Nazis..  Democrats..  no difference really anymore

And so we have a government where nothing gets done which seems to be what many worthless know-nothing American citizens on the left wanted

The House keeps passing (or trying to pass) every extreme leftist piece of legislation they can while knowing full well it will not get passed in the Senate much less land on Trump's desk to veto

And Trump himself just never really goes on the attack
We don't mean tweets and press conferences - we mean something.. anything within the laws and privileges of the Presidency to HURT Pelosi, House Democrats and really Democrats overall

We absolutely hate that every good thing Trump does especially involving the economy, those motherfuckers benefit as well

Sorry but we communicate in language and tone the way normal everyday people genuinely think and feel and not that fake Fox News fluff

So we head into Memorial Day weekend and really what's to celebrate unless you love NASCAR or picnics by the lake..
It's such a fractured horrible nation right now with 50% living among us who Hate the President, Hate this country from its history to its culture and want to do everything to destroy it so the other 50% suffers

And the 50% who are more and more subjugated, do nothing to fight back in any way...  Nothing to figuratively or literally get in the faces of those who want to irrevocably change this nation forever in ways most can not even fathom

Yes, a political correct, social progressive, globalist world worse than even the one we live in today

We hope you all enjoy your 3 day weekend but amid whatever activities you do, think on really where this country is right now and what part you can play big or small to fight those seeking to take it from you.