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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

'Pro-Choice' Does Not Really Exist

We saw on Drudge today that Gucci is deciding to inject themselves in the pro-infanticide debate.. oh, sorry, we mean abortion 'rights' with an expensive purple jacket that says 'My body, my choice..'

They all think they're so brave.. 

Real bravery is making a jacket that says 'I am pro-life' and standing up to the hysterics and threats of boycotts which would follow

But who ever said soulless profit hungry corporations who latch on to whatever social causes the social progressive zealots embrace are brave
And when one says something like 'It's my body and I can do what I want with it' its taken as some kind of absolute right that no one can deny or disprove

Except it is absolute bullshit

Whether we like it or not, we do Not have absolute control over our bodies because we live in a System which does not allow it except when it comes to the killing of babies in the womb including third trimester

We mentioned this point a few weeks ago in more detail but in the world we live in, no individual has the legal right to kill themselves or make the choice when and how they are to die
The right to self determination as to the how, where and when to no longer be on this Earth is as fundamental a freedom as breathing yet no country anywhere in the world gives individuals that authority over themselves

Some people have terminal diseases or cancer where its 100% certain they won't survive but the only guarantee is lots and lots of physical suffering as the body is destroyed from withing

Some people are just sick of life, specifically their lives

If one even hints they're thinking of doing the deed, the authorities step in to stop it so if one is to do it, they better damn well keep quiet about it and be successful on that first try..
So if a person does not have any say in their ultimate fate unless to do it secret and shamefully, why the hell do we as a society keep pretending a woman has a right to abort which is snuffing the life of an entity before even drawing first breath, and often for the most selfish egotistical of reasons:

Ccareer, keeping a man and hiding an affair being the top 3

Why so much passion from the left when it comes to abortion?

It's mostly paranoia..  The same kind you saw from the same rot-rotten bottomfeeders when Trump won in 2016
Just like how colored people are afraid if that evil known as affirmative action is scaled back and/or removed, it will lead in their distorted little minds to being made slaves again,  many women have a warped view that if abortion is limited or made illegal, it will lead to the vote taken from them and put back into that supposedly 'horrible' kitchen

Then they'd be forced to be dominated by their husbands and boyfriends instead of the 'freedom' they enjoy of driving in congested traffic to an office to be dominated by an employer

Of course it won't ever go back but that's what you see so many women who are old wretched creatures and deeply fugly women who never had a date with a man, fight harder for the right to kill what is inside a woman then those who are young and attractive enough to attract a mate and conceive
It is also about economics..  Abortion is big business

Each year the abortion industry generates $1.1 Billion in the US alone - those doctors who snip the head from the rest of the baby fetus' body have to get paid don't you know

The doctors get paid between $250 to $500 per abortion and that doesn't include all the consultation visits and other expenses earned prior

In fact it is the only procedure where a doctor is allowed legally to demand cash payment for services and he/she never has to worry about being sued for malpractice since the goal is to kill the baby, not save it meaning they don't need malpractice insurance which is a big savings to doctors.
The big irony over abortion is the people fighting the hardest to protect this non-right are piece of shit political correct social progressive identity-politics embracing liberal scum and yet who are the future children being eliminated before drawing breath?

Colored people and Hispanics and liberal women who if giving birth would have children to indoctrinate to their distorted way of thinking on life

Just a lot of truly awful people on the left.. lowest of the low

And we're all forced to live among them