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Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Desperation of Baseball to Attract Specific Viewers..

Today we're going to write on a topic that on the surface may not seem all that important but in the greater scheme of the continued de-evolution of this society, its more important than anything else in the so-called news at this moment

Baseball..  Specifically the rise in continual displays of unsportsmanlike behavior that this year more than before MLB has not only tolerated but openly embraced

Why on the 150th anniversary of the game, has MLB decided to support those who conduct themselves like arrogant, rotten children playing on the local sandlot instead of stomping this behavior out?
It has to do with a color and we are not talking green

Well not primarily anyways..

It's about blacks ..  MLB like every other corporation under the sun doing everything humanly possible to appeal to this demographic

Years ago, baseball realized they were losing the interests of colored kids in urban areas by a wide margin compared to football and basketball and that participation among blacks had continually declined over the 1990's and first decade of 2000

So what to do?
First they tried investing money in black communities to build local parks and refurbish old fields where those people could play as if local parks where Caucasians lived were just automatically pristine and in no need of assistance

That didn't work.. 

Then they decided to use Jackie Robinson as a marketing gimmick, paying off his family for the rights to annually exploit him through a contrived farce called 'Jackie Robinson Day' every April 15th

To drive the point home to blacks, they forced all MLB teams to retire the number '42' even though professionally, Jackie only played for the Dodgers and then make everyone wear that number on their uniforms on 4/15 to show blacks they were exceptional and they mattered more than anyone else
God help any player who would dare to point out what a ultra-conformist, individuality-stripping act is it for everyone to wear the same number of a player that historically for most teams never wore their jersey

They also created a silliness called the 'Civil Rights' game and pumped tons of merchandise honoring Jackie so to suck as much money as they can from a race that by and large can not afford to waste their income on $40 hats and $300 authentic jerseys

But as we said before, this is not so much about greenbacks but MLB doing everything humanly possible to make colored people feel exceptional and important..  Well important enough to watch 4 hour games and appease advertisers
So now its players, mostly black but some white as well making complete fools of themselves every time they reach base and acting so shocked when the next at-bat, they get a fastball to the wrist or head

Used to be the motto was 'act like you've been there before'

Nope.  Not exciting enough to the urban market it seems so now there's crazy bat flips and idiotic post home run celebrations with other teammates, unique to each player

We know professional baseball is a child's game played by emotionally stunted adults but jeez..

Just another example of how god-awful every single aspect of this society has become and how the barnyard animals have taken over the farm
Before we conclude, we want you to do a quick mental exercise..

Close your eyes and imagine Jackie Robinson playing baseball in his prime.. 

Picture him getting hit after hit.. stealing base after base..  One defensive gem after another for Brooklyn
Now imagine Jackie hitting a double then waving like an idiot toward the dugout (the Phillies players do this constantly) or hitting a HR then flipping his bat exaggerated or standing to watch before starting his victory trot around the bases..

Imagine Jackie Robinson pumping his chest and pointing to the sky after touching home plate, then kissing his 24 karat gold, diamond covered 4" cross which is dangling over his jersey and then doing silly-stupid celebrations on the steps of the dugout with every teammate

Admittedly we can not and imagine you're having a difficult time too
So how can a league that pretends to honor Jackie Robinson for his dignity and character allow its modern players to shit on him and his legacy by demonstrating they possess no dignity and character of their own?

Should we assume MLB doesn't feel focusing on Jackie the actual person will draw all those urban post millennial lost souls to the National Pastime?

Is there anything..  Any aspect of the world we live that does not seek to court, attract and appease the most base, classless, gutteral aspects of our society??
Sports.. Movies.. Music..  The more scummy you look and are inside, the cooler you are depicted and the more young people gravitate to it because what else do intellectual inferiors do but seek out their own..

At the end of the day it doesn't matter in many ways who is President

Sure we prefer Trump to any Democrat but in all areas of everyday life, pop culture and the greater society, a President is absolutely powerless to do anything to restrict or eliminate the poison

Especially an evil corporate entity with anti-trust exemption.