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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tiger Woods and An Award honoring Freedom,, Hmmm

Yesterday at a Rose Garden ceremony, Trump gave the Congressional Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods..

Umm..   Why?

Yes, he's a great golfer which really is not a sport..  Any social activity where the elderly and overweight can participate is not 'sport'..  It's recreation.

But beyond the fact Tiger is excellent at putting a little white ball into a hole in the ground, what makes him so deserving of this accolade?
Is it all the women he fucked on the side like a sex-addicted mindless animal while married to a beautiful Caucasian Nordic woman (who lowered herself by being with him) and producing two children that had to go through the emotional scars of ultimately seeing their parents divorced?

Was it when he was so intoxicated while driving, he smashed his Cadillac Escalade into a tree, which is kinda funny since for years he did commercials peddling Buick...

Same General Motors brand but still..
Maybe its because Tiger is black or at least half black and if you're black, you are treated as exceptional and important and brilliant by people scared to death of even accidentally offending

Maybe its because Tiger is half black and says nice things about Trump and the two have played golf many times together including recently while he's been President

Yes that's kinda sounding like it..
Yours truly never liked Tiger..  Never liked golf either

But we disliked the media and marketing hype machine that came with his entrance into the recreational activity years back..

The PGA was absolutely determined to market him to the hilt from the onset and the white-guilt media was hungry to push a minority succeeding in a historically Caucasian dominated game

Oh you know how the backstory went..  'Blacks historically were prevented from playing golf or joining country clubs and only way they could enter one was as a valet..  and then Tiger destroyed that..  Hip Hip Horray...'
It sure helped that Tiger was talented (we've no problem expressing the truth) but had he not been, he would have been promoted and overhyped just the same

We saw the LPGA do it with this little nothing female golfer named Michelle Wie who wasn't good enough in her teens to make the cut on golf tours but sponsors would give her exceptions which means you keep playing even if you did not earn it by playing golf.

NASCAR also overhyped Danica Patrick.. 

She had a moderate amount of success in Indy Cars then came over to drive stock cars for a few years, making a ton of money, getting a lot more endorsements and accomplishing nothing of significance on the track, not even winning 1 race
Think that mattered to those determined to topple anything that men excel in?

Same goes for tennis..  Wonder why women's tennis gets so much more media attention then men's?

Women's tennis had the charcoal skinned amazons called the Williams sisters. 

Both enjoyed great success, especially Serena but had they just been mediocre, guess who would get the focus?
Just think how desperate the NHL is to find a black hockey player who is talented and can score many goals?   You know they have had marketing masturbation fantasies on that

Even MLB is desperate to have a colored player to promote as the face of the league..

Their best player Mike Trout is very private, is reticent to do ads and is only interested in playing baseball, not becoming a 'look at me' star..

Admirable but to MLB which is so desperate to appeal to young urban idiots that it openly encourages the players to make total assholes of themselves every time one hits a home run, well to their marketing department, it makes them ill..
So back to Tiger..  A man who achieved very little of any meaning other than hitting a golf ball very well and making a ton of money, gets a Congressional Medal of Freedom by a golfing buddy who owns a lot of golf courses

And most do not know or probably even care

But if you do shrug, sorry to be blunt but you are truly oblivious to the 21st century world and your pecking order in it...