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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wanted: A Genuinely Good Person in US Politics

Have you ever watched a movie where there was not a single character with any redeeming value you could root for?

No good guy or gal to represent you; every character just variances of rotten and dreadful with some a little less so than others..

That's what it feels like when we cover politics

There is absolutely no one in any position of decision making power that we fully like and embrace, and sad to say that includes Trump who we voted for

No one represents us.. Our needs, wants and/or wishes

No one.
The Democrats?   Sewer rats covered in excrement and mites in a human form; fifty shades of despicable

Even the so called 'moderate' wants to put straight Caucasian men into a position of permanent subservient status to blacks, women, gays, Muslims, dogs (repetitive we know) and every other minority because for them that's the winning play to get voted into power

Just constantly ass-kiss everyone But whites, make them feel they're being victimized and because statistically all minorities together are greater than whites especially if one can capture the white woman vote, then Voila, a 1000 year Democrat Reich

And the radicals like the Muslim whore Congresswomen and little brown anus squirt Cotrez - if they had it their way, we'd be living in a Planet of the Apes world with them on top of the food chain to make up for all the perceived wrongs of history
Then you have Republicans..  Ugh

Pretty much worthless and weak, especially all the millions who vote GOP every election

Do they not see every aspect of this beautiful country has been and is being permanently destroyed by the left and the political right does Nothing!..

The left is on the warpath.. There is genuine hate in their hearts and they are so mobilized and organized and those on the right?


But do anything to fuck with a fiscal Conservative's ability to make extreme profit without limitations and then the claws will come out
And then there's Trump...   Fuckin' Hell!

Never imagined he'd be even more pathetic a panderer of women and coloreds as the Democrats - absolutely painful to witness; makes the inners ache

Also, supposedly Trump is the most powerful person in the free world and yet he can not Deeply hurt his political opposition?

He can not use every clever trick in the book; every legal means to destroy those seeking to destroy him?!
He just rants like a fucking baby over every wrong done to him like he is powerless and impotent to attack back

What does he want - you and we,the everyday folk to step in and protect a multi billionaire who has Presidential powers most of us are not even aware of because he refuses to do it himself?!!

He just rants and raves and repeats the same things and texts and tweets and twats nothing that matters

Absolutely sick of it
There's no one that's genuinely good.. No one to root for

And now the whole bullshit of Another election season is beginning except nowadays a 'season' seems to last 18-20 months

Even if we were Democrats and didn't look at that party and liberals on the whole as infected anal polyps, every candidate who has announced they are running for President thus far is pure unadulterated scum.

From Joe Biden and his plagiarism while in college and being the one to take the lead on pushing gay 'marriage' while VP for that black fuck Obama to Kamala Harris who had at one time a long and quite open extramarital affair with the then mayor of SF who was married back in the 1980s..
Not a single Democrat of any genuine quality as a person has announced they will be running in 2020

Which means another election where everyone has to hold their nose and pick what they consider the lesser of two terribles

We can not remember the last time there was an election where we looked at a candidate on either side and felt something like 'Ok, we disagree with his policies, but he seems like a quality person who genuinely wants the best for all citizens'

The whole thing is so hard to stomach and at times even harder to write about because every narrative whether it be a fictitious story or historical account should have some entity the writer and reader can embrace and identify with
In a way covering Dems and Reps is as sickening to us as if we lived in WWII days and had to cover when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union

One of those things where you wish everyone on either side would just destroy one another and never to be heard from again.

And that's the country at present

Two political parties that are absolute shit, people who vote Democrat who are spiritual bottomfeeders, those who vote Republican being cowardly cuckolds afraid to take back their country in ways that no elected official can and Independents who have no convictions on anything
And what are we?  What is A&G's beliefs on the political spectrum?

If there was a party that represented true freedom without promoting recreational drug use (sorry Libertarians), traditional values especially within the family structure, clear social order & cohesion and fully embrace capital I Individuality while committed to doing everything possible to snuff out collectivist thought, we at A&G would be card carrying members

So until then we're forced to vote Republican and hope to God we have a President who will see liberals not as 'fellow Americans' but Enemies of the State seeking constant change and not caring how many get hurt in the process