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Monday, May 20, 2019

What being Pro-Choice Should Mean

This is going to be a tough posting to digest for some but we'll write on it anyways..

When one hears the term 'Pro-Choice' the thoughts automatically turn to abortion and women's reproductive rights to kill the child inside them for any reason or no particular reason at all

Pro-Choice is more catchy than 'Pro-Infanticide'

But if one really is a true Individual and believes strongly in personal choice, then the social fight isn't over whether a mother should have the right to snuff out her baby's life so to keep a job or a boyfriend, or hide an affair from a hubby..
The ultimate pro-choice fight which is not taking place is the choice to determine one's death and when/how it is to occur

Because right now a person does not legally possess that right.

Some would argue its a good thing..  Some see it different but the truth of it is if you're going to end your life, you better be successful on your first try

We're not talking about people dealing with depression or other mental health issues - quite often they do not fully understand what they are doing or the consequences of the actions; their brains are too distorted
No, what we're speaking of are people suffering from terminal illnesses and maladies where there is no cure like certain forms of cancer or Parkinson's or Alzheimer's

Should a person have the right to end their own life before all the physical and emotional suffering which will take place before finally the person naturally dies?

We believe so but right now society and the law says different

That's true pro-choice, and how truly free a society are we when that basic fundamental decision is taken from a person?
Yes we know the legal complexities especially when it comes to issues of assisted suicide and concerns that people could have their lives ended by others under the guise that it was requested when it really wasn't, etc..etc..

But we're not talking legalese or even making moral, ethical or spiritual arguments

We're stating plain and simple that if we are free people, then it is a decision that we as individuals should possess and not the State

Really how free are we as Individuals in a greater society?  How much control do we have over our own bodies?
We know it sounds very silly to even suggest but just from an academic argument perspective, does an individual have the consequence-free right to cut off one of their fingers or pull a Van Gogh and chop off one of their ears?

Does an individual have the consequence free right to put anything they want into their body; any drink or drug?

No..  There are restrictions and while many of the reasons make perfect sense, as we said before, from an academic argument perspective, we as individuals are not free to make personal choices when it comes to our bodies.
Wendy O. Williams once said "I don't believe that people should take their own lives without deep and thoughtful reflection over a considerable period of time. I do believe strongly, however, that the right to do so is one of the most fundamental rights anyone in a free society should have."

And that is the point of this posting

Pro choice is not about women's rights to snuff out the life inside them

It is about the Individual's control of their lives in all scenarios.
We are not advocating or encouraging people to end their lives; that would be deeply irresponsible of us; it is a decision up to an individual though we hope no person would ever be suffering in any way to the point of even considering it

But when one seriously looks at the Individual and what rights we truly possess in this world, you have to go beyond Constitutionally protected rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and seek to understand as an Individual how truly free you really are

And only from there, make whatever changes you need in any/all areas to take control of oneself

That includes the choice to die on one's own terms, though we hope all our readers live long, happy, fruitful lives..