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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Where's the 'Safe Spaces' to Avoid the Left?

Back in November 2016 after Trump won, a lot of emotionally immature and damaged individuals could not handle the results of a free election

So while some took the streets and chanted 'Not my President' and other idiocy or bawled their eyes out as if everyone they ever loved was killed then raped, many others sought out 'safe spaces'

These were to be designated spots where one could clear the mind; listen to soothing music, sip on some cocoa, color in coloring books or play with Barbie dolls, etc..

And since that time we keep thinking where is the 'safe space' for the rest of us; where is the 'safe space' for those who Deeply, DEEPLY hate liberals and every single belief, value and worldview these rot rotten people believe in?
It's not enough to purposely not befriend or socialize with people who are pure evil and want to destroy any and all remnants of American history, culture and tradition while subjugating the statistical majority race, Caucasians to inferior subservient status..

It's not enough to simply change the channel on the TV remote or make the decision to not watch a certain movie when its a constant, continual bombardment of left-leaning beliefs on every show on every TV station and every movie one wishes to see

Where are the safe spaces from homosexuality ..from interracial love and bi-racial families... from #MeToo and all the rest of the feminist bullshit that liberal women push..

Where's the safe spaces once can not be exposed with the 'coolness' of recreational drug use and the notion that getting drunk or stoned is the only way one can experience fun and joy especially in a social setting..
Where's safe spaces for people who abhor this 21st century world?!

It's not in sports..  Used to be but not anymore

Recently yours truly subscribed to a sports journalism site where the articles were supposed to be of a higher quality and free of ads

In the span of a few weeks I was forced to see headlines and skim articles that often were not pure sports but tainted with the stench of identity politics..
From the whole bullshit in baseball which was Jackie Robinson Day to zealot feminist writers pushing the importance of bitches playing professional hockey in America to Asians wishing there were more of them represented in American sports..

Fuckk.. Fuckk.. Fuckk!   Who God-Damn cares?! 

Sports is entertainment.. It is supposed to be relaxing diversion from the stresses of one's life and all the toxicity and poisons one can easily find on cable news

But nope.. Liberals will never allow normal people a safe space to find mental relaxation without using it as a vestibule to push their dogmas
Can't find it in weekly and monthly magazines either unless one is into bird watching or interior decorating and even there, they will not make any comment how disgusting it is that a homosexual couple showing off their home, call themselves 'married' and act like what they do in bed is beautiful

So let's see..   To escape the absolute evil which is 21st century political correctness and social progressivism, one can not watch any movie or show unless one can stomach those slow moving films and programs from the Leave it to Beaver days

And no sports or magazines or newspapers to read because they all use the same PC language; they all say 'Af-Am' instead of black and all the other hyphenated nonsense

So outside of literally sitting in a dead quiet home, how else can one find a safe space from all the shit without ending up a mental basket case hermit?
Honestly, we don't know at this point.. It has gotten that bad

Some people are better at blocking it out than others - they put up mental barriers or have strong filters so the toxins can not enter their brains and affect them in any way

We admit admiration for those people because for others like us, its just brutally hard to block everything out all the time

Very little in life is accidental or by chance and absolutely nothing about the entertainment industry in terms of the content they put out to the masses is either
Oh sure, the public can decide through Neilsens whether at 10p, they're going to watch beautiful looking lawyers fight for the everyday person or beautiful looking doctors and nurses save lives or watch beautiful looking people find love

But if all shows push the same putrid social values and beliefs and do not provide any character to provide any balance to represent the majority sick of a particular ideology then what's the point

It just becomes watch a perfect looking white woman spread her legs for a black man on channel 2, see two gay men sucking each other's um.. tongues on channel 4 or watch a show where all the women are in positions of power and superiority while men just happily embrace their secondary status

Or watch Turner Classic Movies and fall asleep to a very slow, dull, dry black n white movie from 1931...
Honestly.. You think of one TV show right now where there is not one token racial, ethnic or sexual identity minority in the main cast?

Ughh... Just absolutely no safe space anymore

Can't eat a meal quietly in most fast food restaurants because the TVs will be showing CNN or MSNBC

Can't stomach sitting in a doctor's office to wait one's turn for the same reason
It is just everywhere..  'Trump is illegitimate.. Blacks are exceptional, color is more wonderful than whiteness, gays and transsexuals are normal, women can do anything and should be in charge of everything..'

Never.. Ever.. Stops..   No matter how much of a complete total lie we all know it is..  Just never stops

We guess one has to create their own personal 'safe space' but to do so, takes actual work and effort which sadly few wish to do

One has to make self sacrifices which people hate doing..
For instance I used to love watching Saturday Night Live..  Had to stop during the 2016 Election - it was very difficult and hated depriving myself of something I enjoyed but the show got to be so EVIL (which it still is) that I had to make that personal decision and stick with it

Can you do that?  Can you make hard choices and sacrifices to spare yourself the constant deluge of Goebbels-like propaganda from the left?

Only you the reader can answer that.
There is a continual war out there by liberals for the hearts and minds of every living, thinking being; to get everyone to think and believe as they do

The older one is, the less important it is for them to snag - it is the youth that is always the target but they have no problem indoctrinating adults as well

The only way to fight it is to be conscious of it and do whatever you must to keep all things that go against your core as far away from you as possible

It's work but like anything that matters, it is worth it..