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Friday, May 3, 2019

Wishing For A Time Machine: How We Would Have Improved Constitution

When people look at the US Constitution, many see it as a perfect document in that it is the oldest written constitution in the world and other than the addition of amendments over time, has really been untouched or modified

This is of course not true..

It is quite imperfect and in many ways has been the cause of many political and social problems that nearly 240 years later, we're still dealing with as a society

Of course, to some, the Constitution's imperfectness is why it is perfect which is quite a liberal wince-inducting thought akin to scratching a chalkboard
So we at A&G for fun decided to brainstorm how we'd change/alter the Constitution if we had a time machine and could transport ourselves back to 1787

One hard-fast rule we established in this exercise was that we would not get all PC and inject 21st century social values or 2019 worldviews which liberals like to judge people of the past by - things like gay 'marriage', women's sufferage, black 'exceptionalism', banning guns, etc..

That would just get tedious
So anyways after a couple hours of discussion and debate, we came up with really only a few things we wish the founding fathers had changed. altered or inserted during the Constitutional Convention..

1)  A President serves one term of 6 years and no more...

We're absolutely sick and tired of Presidents getting elected regardless of party then spending the first term doing nothing but strategically positioning himself for the second term

The Constitution says a President is to serve a 4 year term then run for re-election..  It actually does not put term limits in the original document which is how FDR could win election 4 times (limits were added later on as an Amendment)

The only reason for most of US history it was 2 terms of 4 years was because Washington declined a 3rd term so that set the precedent until FDR

Interesting to think how history would be different though..
For instance all the stuff with Watergate occurred in 1972 during Nixon's re-election..  If he was to only serve one 6 year term, he'd know his Presidency would end in 1974 and there never would have been the need for the break-in and all that political chaos that followed.

Also in the case of Bill Clinton, had there been a one term, 6 year Presidency, it would have ended in January 1999 and the nation would have been spared the classless man's immoralities - the whole Paula Jones sexual assault, Monica Lewinsky with sticky cum in her mouth and blue dress, etc..etc..

He would have been a private citizen by this point and who knows, perhaps arrested and prosecuted for his sex crimes against Jones and other women he forced himself upon
2)  Make it an impeachable offense for a President to approve large military actions without formal declaration of war and Congressional approval

The last time the US had an official declaration of war was after Pearl Harbor and solely to fight Japan..  Thankfully the Nazis declared war on US a few days later making the need for us to do a second congressional approval to fight Germany unnecessary

But since WWII's end, the US has been involved in constant large scale conflicts from Korea to Vietnam to the Gulf Wars and not once has a President needed or sought approval and not once had Congress ever put its foot down to say, no formal declaration, no financing..

Wonder how modern history would be different if a sitting President was forced to build consensus and seek Congress' approval
3)  Specification as to whether or not a state is allowed to leave the Union and if so, what is the requirements

Over 600,000 Americans lost their lives in the Civil War because the founding fathers were too ignorant or too scared to deal with this one question

If it was to be forbidden for a state to leave the Union once it ratified the Constitution then it needed to be stated directly so it would be clear to everyone forevermore that one a state is in the Union, it is In!

And if the framers felt a state did have the right to leave regardless of the reason(s) that also needed to be very clearly outlined in the document rather the insipid opaqueness it created under the 10th Amendment i.e. Powers given to the States

This way if secession was clearly forbidden, then the Union would have been justified constitutionally to put down the Southern rebellion (as it stands with the Constitution as is, they really did Not)

And if a state had a right legally to leave, then any actions by Lincoln to stop it would have been impeachable.
4)  Address slavery once and for all during the Convention

The founders needed to decide then and there whether the US was to fully abolish slavery or 100% tolerate it..

On this issue, it needed to be black n' white (no pun meant)

No 3/5th Compromise when it came to taxation, no allowing of slave trade up to 1807, no future arguments and more political compromises on slavery and western expansion that did nothing but kick the can

As we said before, we believe those who created the Constitution were cowards in many ways, this being primary
If slavery was declared illegal and every state who wished to enter the Union had to abide by it, then at worst the southern states would have formed their own country in 1787 and there would not have been Civil War later on

Otherwise it needed to be stated that it was to be 100% protected and there could never be any law to prevent or abridge it

Perhaps that still would have caused a permanent split in 1787 but 230+ years later and we're still dealing with blacks and all the problems they have directly and indirectly caused over the centuries..
We see the Constitution as a contract and all contracts need to be as specific as possible to avoid misinterpretations

Overall the Constitution is a great document..

It just could have been much better and avoided a lot of problems later on if those who created it had foresight and courage.