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Friday, June 28, 2019

When Bad People Debate to Attract Votes of Worse People

~ "Raise your right hand if you are a power hungry despicable liberal devoid of a soul?"

What is the most valuable thing on this Earth that a person possesses?

It's not money..  Always can make more money

It's not a home or car or jewelry..

Not even a wedding ring

It's not even good health because ultimately one has no control over it..  Run 30 miles a day, lift a ton of weights and eat a diet of soy burgers and almond milk and one is still going to ultimately die
The most valuable thing one possesses on this Earth is time i.e. how one spends their time and how much or little of it is given to other people or entities

And anyone who watched last night's Democrat Presidential nominee debate Thursday night lost about an hour or two of precious time which one will never ever get back again

We didn't waste a second of our time watching a group of deeply repulsive people go back and forth to win a contest of top rat to be most attractive to Fake Americans.

We did see a very brief headline on Drudge which said all the candidates supported giving free universal healthcare to all illegal immigrants

Pretty much the debate in a nutshell isn't it?
We also saw a 5 second snippet on cable news of colored candidate Kamala Harris go on the attack like a rabid black panther devouring a semi-senile old white man named Joe Biden because supposedly he said something nice about those against school integration..

If that doesn't tell you that Niggers run the country, what will?

Yes, we used the 'no-no' word that only they are supposedly allowed to say..

Upset?  Blame that annoying First Amendment
They are in power, they are in control and do anything to challenge them or deny them authority and those people will pull the race card out of their black asses quicker then it takes to read this sentence..

That's what Harris did to Biden and his heart was racing like a frightened fragile white rabbit

Speaking of Niggers, why hasn't Obama openly and proudly given his endorsement of support to Biden?
Doesn't matter that the Democrat Convention is a full year away...  Biden was Obama's VP.. They supposedly worked closely together for the guy's two terms..

Isn't that enough to garner a full-support endorsement at present or at very least a public rebuttal of any and all who are calling Biden racist

Why is that piece of feces remaining quiet?

Just something to ponder
The election is 16 months away and already we're nauseated by it all - every Democrat candidate is such a detestable, putrid creature and yes, we know that every Democrat in past modern elections has been as well

The last Democrat worth a damn was JFK and since, not a single politician on that side has been worth a spit to the face.

But just so much worse then the past - such open courting of the bottomfeeders of our society with the goal of subjugating whites especially males to keep working and paying for all the charity promises of endless benefits and no-border society

And the white guilt Democrats just succumb so passively
Three years of Trump and liberals still do not accept the cold truth that their beliefs and values are 100% wrong and by and large they have no voice worth listening to

Stubborn bitches n bastards we guess...

So we hope you used your Thursday night more productively then watching vermin fight over rotty  green cheese

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Can Anything Be More Meaningless than Women's Soccer?

~The face of women's soccer for young girls to admire.. a lesbian  Ugh!

June has been quite an odd month.. Moreso than we can remember in Junes past

We've covered ad nauseum how nauseating all the pro-homosexual gay so-called 'pride' is forced upon everyone as a man ejaculating his seminal fluid down another man's throat or up his anal cavity is somehow 'beautiful'

But this June more than ever before, has been this continual non-stop coverage of the most inconsequential team sporting event to ever take place

Women's World Cup..
 Honestly..  Who gives a Fuck!

It is mostly revolting dyke women (and a few heterosexuals) with tattoos like gutteral trash, postponing adulthood and true responsibility so to spend 90 minutes running up and down a field to put a ball through a net

No one cares about women playing team sports..  No One
There has never been a women's soccer league in the US that has not folded operations within 5 years of existence and the only reason the WNBA continues is that the NBA invests i.e. loses dozens of millions of dollars annually in the hopes that funding a sport mainly of ugly black amazons will translate to women interested in the real basketball league

So why all this hype and coverage over something as absolutely trivial as women playing soccer?

Obvious answer - most of the articles written are by women who feel using the tournament is a good way to push their feminist identity politics issues including equal pay which in soccer like most professions is absolutely not deserved
For instance in the NBA, the average game attendance last year was roughly under 18.000 and for the WNBA it was around 7,900

Why the Hell should female basketball players make anything close to what the physically superior men make while playing a far superior form of the game?

And at the end of the day, why can't women be content being women and stop needing to do everything men can do and degrading themselves in the process?

Have to smoke and drink and drug and fuck and gamble and curse and get classless tattoos and play sports and stunt their maturity and intellectual growth like the men and for what.. 
Women used to be the superior gender..  We were the loving girlfriends and wives and caring, devoted mothers to our children.. We were the responsible ones while the men mostly stayed in their reverted emotional child-like form

Now its just another generation of deeply lost soul females who think finding contentment and self worth is to work for another, continually consume or play children's games into adulthood and beyond

Used to be women could Choose to work..  Now its pretty much mandatory since women entering the workforce caused wages to stagnate which gave birth to the two parent working home and the latchkey kid(s)

So sad that young girls are going to look up to such common women unworthy of any respect or admiration, especially the lesbians on the team
At the end of the day, who really cares if the trash representing the US wins it all or inadequate women from another nation call themselves champs

Growing up. yours truly admired women like Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Amelia Earhart, Sandra Day O'Conner...  Women of sincere brains, strength and/or guts who achieved very significant things

Not some dyke with shorts because she can slide tackle or a white pop star with exaggerated singing voice trying to imitate a colored singer

What is wrong with this society?
After nearly 9 years working on A&G, analyzing everything from politics to society to pop culture, one would think we'd have an understanding but admittedly we dont

Other than the simple truth that stupid people make stupid children who ultimately grow up and have stupid children of their own while the intelligent people are mostly celibate

Thankfully this meaningless shit will be a very quickly forgotten memory but unfortunately there's always some other nonsensical nothing that follows which exaggeratedly celebrates and glorifies every group except the one that actually matters and made real contribution to life

And if one keeps living with nothing but looking forward to the next social progressive agenda driven event passing, then one's quality of life becomes a frantic blur of never ending calendar pages  being turned
So while deep down we absolutely do not care about this stupid Women's World Cup, we do hope the US team loses just because they are a revolting collection of super-arrogant bitches who wouldn't attend the White House to be honored anyways

One day we hope the pendulum swings back to how things were but for now, there's this...

Endless soccer played by those who would be accomplishing far more positive and pleasing far more people by baking cookies

Monday, June 24, 2019

We Can Tolerate 'Fake' News, Just Not 'Fake' President

~ Trump talking with the enemy..

Here at A&G we pretty much support the President and with few exceptions, defend him

But when we feel it is warranted and/or deserved, we will criticize him, sometimes harshly if necessary and unfortunately this is one of those times

Overall we are happy with Trump and pretty much agree with his policies but sometimes he can be to put it bluntly, full of shit
For instance, he keeps called the media 'fake news' and expresses that they are the 'enemy of the people' which is accurate

Yet Trump gives exclusive interviews and behind the scenes access to those same entities which is sorta like a man calling a woman something like a filthy, repugnant, diseased whore then going to bed with her

Earlier in his Presidency, he granted the NY Times a long interview to them alone even though the paper despises his soul and then recently Trump gives an interview to NBC's "Meet the Press" and George Snuffleupagus.. um..  Stephanapolus on ABC
We keep getting the names confused..  Snuffleupagus is a furry brown elephant-like creature on Sesame Street and the other is a short, Greek weasel who worked for Bill Clinton

Every program does its best during the interview and afterward to make Trump look bad and the stupid bastard either is oblivious or so arrogant he does not care

So there's that...

Then there's also the complete Bullshit over Trump acting humanitarian that he spared 150 Iranian lives by not striking back for Iran destroying our drone
Perhaps he knew the unmanned drone was really over Iranian territory and not international waters or maybe he is a coward..

Guess it is OK for another nation to destroy a piece of equipment that cost US taxpayers $110 million dollars

Funny how the G-D government shrugs that off as if $110,000,000 is chicken feed yet will audit a US citizen including daily penalties if her/his taxes are off by $150
Trump kept saying he didn't feel loss of life was right when we did not lose any lives ourselves

Absolutely amazed no one in the press called him out on it to ask something like 'So if one US life was lost, THEN it would be OK to kill 150 people? Or would it take two'?

But truth is, Trump's inaction had nothing to do with loss of life, as if his advisers could really accurately pinpoint loss of life based on hitting military targets

The President didn't want to provoke Iran into raising oil prices or setting up a 1970s-like embargo which would cripple the economy, destroy the market and fuck up his chances to win re-election in 2020
One can argue those are valid personal reasons but its the lie that always bothers us and this peace dove act Trump is pretending is just seeped in disingenuousness

So should we have lobbed some missiles or dropped bombs on Iran?


And if Iranian lives were lost?

So what!
Quid pro quo.. You attack us.. We attack you

There's always something that controls a President - need to be re-elected or to be loved after leaving.. or to be popular enough to get funding for the Presidential library or hope their rotten faces get to be placed on postage stamps after they die

While Trump has had many successes and achieved great things in the last 30 months or so, he still has phony bullshitter tendancy which is a shame because it is so unnecessary

Let's hope it is a fluke...

Friday, June 21, 2019

How Advertising Pushes Political & Social Ideologies

This is a repost from October, 15 2018 and even though there's a reference or two to the then upcoming midterm elections, we felt the main points were just as relevant now as then and fit the overall theme of what we've been writing about the last week..

Enjoy.. ~
If there is one constant in modern life besides death and taxes, it is that you are going to be bombarded with marketing to try to sell or push something onto you

We're not talking about cars, sneakers or soda though the techniques are essentially the same

More like ideas, beliefs, worldviews; very little do we actually formulate on our own
Some things are a bit obvious like what we're all experiencing now with run-ups to elections - political parties and candidates convincing you they're better and will do more than their opponent

Other things aren't - multiculturalism, racial integration, homosexuality, transgenderism, globalism, etc..

These are hard pushed into your conscious and subconscious on a daily basis and we're all bombarded by it to a point it really does take great strength to rebel and hold positions which differ from the contrived 'norm'
We've used this true example before..

Back at the turn of the century there was a man named Edward Bernays, known as the 'father of public relations' and nephew of Sigmund Freud

It was he more than anyone else responsible for using psychology and playing upon one's emotion and Id rather than logic to sell ideas and beliefs, both by using products and incorporating different components that had nothing to do with one another

This is what 99.9% of all advertising is currently based on..
So after WWI, Bernays believed that people's minds could be reprogrammed to never want to go to war again and this was the basis for his development for molding the mind to his purposes (or whatever the advertiser sought)

So anyways, back in the 1920s, cigarette companies were noticing that women just weren't smoking enough and getting addicted to their product so they sought the advice of Bernays to help create a marketing campaign

In short, he connected holding a cancer stick between one's fingers with women's equality and labelled them 'freedom sticks'
Basically the marketing campaign was 'Hey women, want to show your independence and you're not going to be a slave to your husband, then smoke cigarettes and make them gasp'

Of course it worked; tell any group all they need to do is eat or drink something and they can feel better about themselves or superior to another group, and by n' large that group will consume it

Same thing today..
Why is it you see so many blacks all over the TV screen especially in commercials..

It feels like an alien race or creatures from the black lagoon conquered the nation and forced everyone to put them in every single ad

No.. What happened is corporations and advertisers did research and found in the case of whites, especially liberals that they felt better about themselves when colored people were over-saturated in commercials, TV or film because it helped cloak their distorted race-guilt/shame
Didn't matter to white liberals if blacks actually had a higher quality of life than generations before; they just wanted to see the upward mobility depicted

In the case of blacks, they did not want to see themselves as they really are and happily embraced the fantasy that they are all intelligent, cultured, refined and mulatto

So advertisers saw that people were happier seeing a 100% black or interracial family than a Caucasian one and preferred seeing the customer with the purchasing power be negro and have the white sell to them

This mindset has been true for some time
Back in the late 1800s came the birth of the department store and in the south like everywhere else, some thrived and some didn't last but in that region of the country, there was a little clever trick that the successful businesses learned

Black customers did not want to be helped by black employees

They wanted to be served and waited on by whites so they could feel superior for a brief moment in time, so those stores in black areas who hired white employees fared much better and when blacks were hired to serve other blacks, those stores folded

So you see its not just that everything in advertising is a lie but has strategic purposes that go beyond you buying tissues or detergent
Belief systems are the same as products.. Thanks to collusion between pop culture and media and orchestrated through carefully crafted PR campaigns, lie upon lie is pushed upon you and all with clever slogans and catch phrases to get you to think in a liberal way

You're not supposed to judge others, not supposed to look at other groups or individuals in ways you are not told and supposed to look at life only as they project it should be perceived

Many fall for it due to the need to be popular and others are just beaten down by the message to the point, one figures.. 'Eh, fine.. i'll experiment with my own gender sexually or let a black person enter me.. love is love.. whatever!'
Fortunately due to good parenting and/or strong inner self, not all are susceptible to it

Even in a free society, everyone seems to want to control each other; their movements and their minds and reprogram how we all think

It is an exhausting fight for control of your mind and soul but we promise it is well worth the effort and energy when all said and done

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gay Branding or 'Homosexuality.. Buy Some Today!'

'If not completely happy in 14 days, get your money and soul back..'

Been thinking a lot on this bullshit gay 'pride' lately

Not because one wishes or wants to but mainly because we can not remember any moment in human history where glorifying the act of a man putting his penis inside another man's mouth among other acts has been more pushed down everyone's throat

Um.. figuratively..
Even compared to last June when it seemed incessant, it is now complete overkill

When your local mechanic sends an email with a coupon for a discounted oil change or other car service and attaches the homosexual rainbow to it with the painful pun "P(ride)" you know how deeply fucked in the ass this society is

Once again.. figuratively..
Why must one celebrate two men having anal sex just to get a discount on a lube job... on the car that is

Why the constant bombardment of celebrating 'pride' at every turn?

Because it is no longer a political or social statement..

It is a product.
No different then selling soda, sandwiches, sneakers or a million billion other items or concepts for people to buy and buy into

Compare the whole gay 'pride' bullshit to Coke or Pepsi for a minute

Both have slogans.. logos..  color identity..  celebrity endorsement

The big difference is most corporations and media entities do not go out of their way to push soda onto people unless financially compensated
With homosexuality and celebrating this nothingness, everyone seems to do it for free


The goal for many is that the financial reward will come from queers and those empathetic to them who will be more likely to eat hamburgers or shop in department stores that pretend their deviant lifestyle is normal and sexual expression beautiful

Go to any professional sport online shop to buy merchandise of your favorite team..  You will see apparel celebrating those God Damn people because just like exploiting the legacy of Jackie Robinson, there's money to be made from pushing liberal social values

And if you show that society's outcasts matter, they will financially reward you many times over
It could also be part of a continual social progressive liberal clandestine 'Fuck Trump' movement going on since most fake Americans believe he is anti-gay which would be nice if so, but it is not true

But money trumps Trump and a lot of truly bad people who live among us see it as a win-win to promote a sexual genetic mutation while financially profiting by attaching brand loyalty

That's how Capitalism in its most base form works

It's like when you see all these corporations attach themselves to the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar landing and let's say a beer company puts out ads like 'X congratulates NASA for blah blah...' so the person seeing it (its called corporate synergy) thinks 'I like space exploration so I think I will try this alcohol'
Homosexuality and its 'coolness' is a brand now and 'Pride' the catchphrase

It is being pushed so hard by corporate America, we wouldn't be surprised if there were some complete idiots thinking 'hmm, maybe i should try this' as if fucking one's same gender and taking in their semen was like experimenting with a new laundry detergent or ice cream flavor.

June used to be such an absolutely wonderful month..

Now we're just counting the days until this endless celebration of faggots as a marketing gimmick cease

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What is True Feminism vs Fake?

Everyone seems to have an opinion or two or three as to what a 'feminist' is and usually its from a liberal perspective meaning very angry, defiant and filled with patriarchal hate

But that often is not real or true feminism because it is corrupted by social politics and the need to avenge perceived historical wrongs no matter how accidental the slight

The current #MeToo movement of the last year is as good an example as any

Women wanting to be perceived as strong and deserving of respect yet using victimization as the means to gain power because the easiest way to take control is when there is a void and easiest way to control men is to emasculate them and force them to curtail their natural biological tendencies to be the pursuer..
So what is a true feminist?

Simply it is a woman making decisions in her life because she chose certain paths or desired certain personal outcomes, and not letting either men or women pressure or sway her to alter her will

She can be happily married, content to not work and focus on pleasing her man in all ways a wife should and still be a feminist

She can focus all her energies on being a good mother to her children, baking them cookies, taking them to soccer practice and not have the slightest desire to climb a career ladder and still be a feminist

She can be a pro-life Conservative with deep Christian belief of right and wrong, and possess strong family values and still be a feminist
But of course that is not the message push-pushed - not to the liberal's advantage.. certainly not to the advertisers

Fake feminists must work, work, work..  Must strive for career advancement..  Bigger job title.. More money.. Then spend spend spend.. 

Fake feminists must be in constant fear of men seeking to supposedly domineer them and put them in that 'kitchen' so to stay vigil and verbally (or physically) fight back always

Fake feminists must constantly fight to protect the freedom to kill the babies inside them because nothing comes before their career or man or simply because one feels like it and to concede an inch is akin to conceding the whole women's movement
They're truly horrible people but then again they're liberals so it really goes hand n hand in terms of genuine rottenness

Wish girls and young women had the role models I had growing up so they could understand what True feminism is vs this Democrat-corrupted psychobabble version we see constantly on movies and TV

A true feminist sees themselves as a special, unique Individual in control of her unique destiny and not to attach identity to connect fake 'pride' to the collective of female gender as a whole
They aren't seeking to look like or live their lives like those on the screen or magazines; they aren't following trends and mindlessly embracing empty social media hashtag slogans

The strength of women who are True feminists come from within

And because so few women unfortunately do not see themselves that way, and are so easily manipulated, it makes True feminists a bit of an endangered species

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Women and Tattoos - Analyzing the Lost Soul

For some reason, yours truly has been thinking a lot lately about tattoos..

Not necessarily getting one for me but in general why so many choose to have them?

With men. its pretty obvious - they're by and large idiots who think its 'cool' or believe it will be some kind of conversation piece that will help them at parties attract girls and get laid easier

But females..  That's not so simple to understand
Been reading many theories and opinions on it..  Talked to many as well to hear their take and while it make some sense in small doses, overall people by and large miss the mark

Some say its beautiful and a sign of self expression, independence and feminism at its best


Women who truly love and respect their body do not pay good money to have it voluntarily and permanently mutilated with silly pictures and empty fortune cookie quotes especially in guttural trash language of Arabic
Besides, how original can a stupid young adult female be to think that getting a butterfly, tribal pattern, heart, cross or Bible scripture on one's body is unique in all the world?!

Newsflash ladies - if you want to stand out in 2019, you keep your skin ink-free

And to those women who put their children's stupid names and birthdays on their wrists..  What, afraid your brains can not remember them without looking at your arms as a sort of 'cheat sheet'?
Some argue those females who choose to get tattoos are basically lost souls who are far more likely to engage in heavy alcohol use, drugs and/or promiscuous sex including the revolting act of bisexuality and lesbianism

And yes there is some truth in that but it is also full of generalization because there are many classless women out there who will engage in those behaviors and be tattoo-less

So I see it in simplest terms as people who completely lack a true identity and want to seek to stand out in some way without actually having to do any real work to make one's mark in life
It is more than ever a copy-cat society; always has been and especially so starting in the early 20th century when advertising started to focus its appeal to one's emotions rather than intellect but with social media as it is, following trends is in overdrive

One sees their favorite actor or singer or best friend smoking pot or drinking or expressing the fake 'normality' of homosexual expression in the bedroom and those without a strong identity and sense of right and wrong will be swayed and/or partake

Same with tattoos
For the most part throughout history the only people who had tattoos were sailors, diseased whores, culturally backwards third world savages and tragically those who suffered in the Holocaust

Now it represents being trendy and unique so like all people seeking to stand out who don't know who they really are, that 'uniqueness' is manifested by copying others

So when a female says their tattoos are meant as a statement or to display feminist strength, that is bullshit
Genuinely strong women do what I do..  Make their voices heard in productive ways that take hard work, real effort, and individual initiative

As one of the founders of "Ants & Grasshoppers'almost 9 years ago, I have focused diligently over the years to blog unique and special among all the other crap that is out there by presenting truthful points of view others do not have the courage to express, all with the goal of stimulating the readers to think for themselves

And purposely not seek to make a penny doing it because to take money for presenting points of view opens one up to being corrupted and/or to pull punches..

A Real feminist..  A Real woman with conviction does what I do to make themselves heard and try to make a difference..  Not get a tramp stamp or something to show their world she is a proud dyke.
Females with tattoos are not attractive.. Not even cute

They are deeply lost souls with no true identity, no true self worth and desire to make a real difference in the world

They are the worst kind of women for a guy to date unless he has a fetish for being with women who will cheat on him without any conscious and believe 'fun' is smoking a bong.

No different than the dope who believe she or he is fighting the system and the plague which is the political left simply by voting
If there is one point that is so important you take with you when visiting A&G, its that the greater society or system does not want you to be a true capital I Individual so it makes little to no effort in the school system or the popular zeitgeist to encourage you to think and act as one

Paint your fingernails blue or dye your hair pink or tattoo a heart on your ass or pierce your clit - you are NOT an Individual; you are a joke..  A Follower
Real Individuals question Everything..  They do not ally themselves with groups or take pride in things that are not achievement based or seek others to tell them what to do or what is 'cool'

This at its core is the differentiation between the 'ant' and the 'grasshopper'

Which are you?