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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Can Anything Be More Meaningless than Women's Soccer?

~The face of women's soccer for young girls to admire.. a lesbian  Ugh!

June has been quite an odd month.. Moreso than we can remember in Junes past

We've covered ad nauseum how nauseating all the pro-homosexual gay so-called 'pride' is forced upon everyone as a man ejaculating his seminal fluid down another man's throat or up his anal cavity is somehow 'beautiful'

But this June more than ever before, has been this continual non-stop coverage of the most inconsequential team sporting event to ever take place

Women's World Cup..
 Honestly..  Who gives a Fuck!

It is mostly revolting dyke women (and a few heterosexuals) with tattoos like gutteral trash, postponing adulthood and true responsibility so to spend 90 minutes running up and down a field to put a ball through a net

No one cares about women playing team sports..  No One
There has never been a women's soccer league in the US that has not folded operations within 5 years of existence and the only reason the WNBA continues is that the NBA invests i.e. loses dozens of millions of dollars annually in the hopes that funding a sport mainly of ugly black amazons will translate to women interested in the real basketball league

So why all this hype and coverage over something as absolutely trivial as women playing soccer?

Obvious answer - most of the articles written are by women who feel using the tournament is a good way to push their feminist identity politics issues including equal pay which in soccer like most professions is absolutely not deserved
For instance in the NBA, the average game attendance last year was roughly under 18.000 and for the WNBA it was around 7,900

Why the Hell should female basketball players make anything close to what the physically superior men make while playing a far superior form of the game?

And at the end of the day, why can't women be content being women and stop needing to do everything men can do and degrading themselves in the process?

Have to smoke and drink and drug and fuck and gamble and curse and get classless tattoos and play sports and stunt their maturity and intellectual growth like the men and for what.. 
Women used to be the superior gender..  We were the loving girlfriends and wives and caring, devoted mothers to our children.. We were the responsible ones while the men mostly stayed in their reverted emotional child-like form

Now its just another generation of deeply lost soul females who think finding contentment and self worth is to work for another, continually consume or play children's games into adulthood and beyond

Used to be women could Choose to work..  Now its pretty much mandatory since women entering the workforce caused wages to stagnate which gave birth to the two parent working home and the latchkey kid(s)

So sad that young girls are going to look up to such common women unworthy of any respect or admiration, especially the lesbians on the team
At the end of the day, who really cares if the trash representing the US wins it all or inadequate women from another nation call themselves champs

Growing up. yours truly admired women like Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Amelia Earhart, Sandra Day O'Conner...  Women of sincere brains, strength and/or guts who achieved very significant things

Not some dyke with shorts because she can slide tackle or a white pop star with exaggerated singing voice trying to imitate a colored singer

What is wrong with this society?
After nearly 9 years working on A&G, analyzing everything from politics to society to pop culture, one would think we'd have an understanding but admittedly we dont

Other than the simple truth that stupid people make stupid children who ultimately grow up and have stupid children of their own while the intelligent people are mostly celibate

Thankfully this meaningless shit will be a very quickly forgotten memory but unfortunately there's always some other nonsensical nothing that follows which exaggeratedly celebrates and glorifies every group except the one that actually matters and made real contribution to life

And if one keeps living with nothing but looking forward to the next social progressive agenda driven event passing, then one's quality of life becomes a frantic blur of never ending calendar pages  being turned
So while deep down we absolutely do not care about this stupid Women's World Cup, we do hope the US team loses just because they are a revolting collection of super-arrogant bitches who wouldn't attend the White House to be honored anyways

One day we hope the pendulum swings back to how things were but for now, there's this...

Endless soccer played by those who would be accomplishing far more positive and pleasing far more people by baking cookies