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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gay Branding or 'Homosexuality.. Buy Some Today!'

'If not completely happy in 14 days, get your money and soul back..'

Been thinking a lot on this bullshit gay 'pride' lately

Not because one wishes or wants to but mainly because we can not remember any moment in human history where glorifying the act of a man putting his penis inside another man's mouth among other acts has been more pushed down everyone's throat

Um.. figuratively..
Even compared to last June when it seemed incessant, it is now complete overkill

When your local mechanic sends an email with a coupon for a discounted oil change or other car service and attaches the homosexual rainbow to it with the painful pun "P(ride)" you know how deeply fucked in the ass this society is

Once again.. figuratively..
Why must one celebrate two men having anal sex just to get a discount on a lube job... on the car that is

Why the constant bombardment of celebrating 'pride' at every turn?

Because it is no longer a political or social statement..

It is a product.
No different then selling soda, sandwiches, sneakers or a million billion other items or concepts for people to buy and buy into

Compare the whole gay 'pride' bullshit to Coke or Pepsi for a minute

Both have slogans.. logos..  color identity..  celebrity endorsement

The big difference is most corporations and media entities do not go out of their way to push soda onto people unless financially compensated
With homosexuality and celebrating this nothingness, everyone seems to do it for free


The goal for many is that the financial reward will come from queers and those empathetic to them who will be more likely to eat hamburgers or shop in department stores that pretend their deviant lifestyle is normal and sexual expression beautiful

Go to any professional sport online shop to buy merchandise of your favorite team..  You will see apparel celebrating those God Damn people because just like exploiting the legacy of Jackie Robinson, there's money to be made from pushing liberal social values

And if you show that society's outcasts matter, they will financially reward you many times over
It could also be part of a continual social progressive liberal clandestine 'Fuck Trump' movement going on since most fake Americans believe he is anti-gay which would be nice if so, but it is not true

But money trumps Trump and a lot of truly bad people who live among us see it as a win-win to promote a sexual genetic mutation while financially profiting by attaching brand loyalty

That's how Capitalism in its most base form works

It's like when you see all these corporations attach themselves to the 50th Anniversary of the Lunar landing and let's say a beer company puts out ads like 'X congratulates NASA for blah blah...' so the person seeing it (its called corporate synergy) thinks 'I like space exploration so I think I will try this alcohol'
Homosexuality and its 'coolness' is a brand now and 'Pride' the catchphrase

It is being pushed so hard by corporate America, we wouldn't be surprised if there were some complete idiots thinking 'hmm, maybe i should try this' as if fucking one's same gender and taking in their semen was like experimenting with a new laundry detergent or ice cream flavor.

June used to be such an absolutely wonderful month..

Now we're just counting the days until this endless celebration of faggots as a marketing gimmick cease