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Monday, June 10, 2019

June Used to Be Such a Great Month..

So June is supposed to be lesbian and gay pride month..

Used to be such a great month - it represented sunshine, warmth, Summer Solstice, school letting out, family vacations...

Now it celebrates a man putting his penis inside another man's anal cavity and ejaculating semen inside it as 'beautiful'
Did that description offend or sicken you?

Why?   What do you think it means when two men express 'love' i.e. what we're all supposed to tolerate as none of our business

What did you think gay pride was - two men or women hugging?

And really what is there to be 'proud' of?  Speaking in a lisp?
In the case of lesbians, often one is the 'butch' or masculine in the relationship and she expresses her lust and desire for her partner ('wife' is just too fake) by wearing a harness with a rubber penis called a 'strap-on' and pleasures her bitch (that's an acceptable term of affection between lesbians much like nigger is among blacks)

Did that revolt you as well?

Jeez..  Thought everyone was down with the LGBTQ movement?

That is what mainstream media tells everyone anyways
Yes, 30 days and night celebrating immoral, unethical deviance by people who are genetic mutations no different then someone born with a physical or mental disability except their defect is sexual

Not sure when it became 'cool' for someone especially female and college aged to experiment and kiss and fuck another female but is sure is trendy today

They're called bi-sexual because its just something 'fun' to do or the person is completely lost inside
Those who will fuck or be fucked by man or woman or both are called 'pan-sexual' and those who are completely lost souls who are born male or female but think in their twisted minds they are the opposite and go through surgeries and hormone therapy to change themselves are called trannies

Men who alter their bodies to look like females but keep the dick are called 'pre-op'... Those who chop their pecker off are called 'post op'

Isn't this just Fun?!   We're all learning so much about these sexually distorted people today
Everyone wants to celebrate people who are Deeply fucked up

Famous people constantly take to social media to express their support for queer people - helps push their brand

Sports have gotten in on the act too

What's better than a Yankees or Red Sox baseball cap?  A Yankees or Red Sox baseball cap with the gay rainbow as the logo so you can show the world you have hometown pride and swallow another man's semen

Double win, right?
Just an absolutely Disgusting fucked up world and even Trump won't stand up for what is right where those people are concerned.. He thinks there are vote to be won

The one part of homosexuality which is the most baffling is that it always seems throughout history that 1 in 10 people are gay and since the defect can not be spread genetically, how is it that 10% always exists?

Ehh.. just something to brainstorm
Overall we're sick and tired of every month honoring some minority group.. Really God-Awful

Whether one likes it or not, it was straight Christian and Jewish males of Western European decent who came to North America, built a new world, established colonies, ultimately the US and pretty much every single achievement, invention and artistic/cultural contribution to this society until recently was by them

Everyone else prior to the post WWII era achieved little to nothing..  Whatever the reasons for it, the truth of it remains the same
Yet they can not even be honored with one day much less a week or month

And who's fault is it?

Straight Caucasian males - some worked hard to put themselves in secondary inferior social status..

The rest were too busy or distracted to care

There's a lesson here somewhere..  Up to you to figure it out..