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Monday, June 3, 2019

Quiz: How Much Do You Remember of 2019 So Far

To start off the first posting in June, we thought we'd do something a little different i.e. a trivia pop quiz to see how much of the first five months of 2019 do you the reader remember

Since we're all inundated with so much fake and non-news on a daily basis which is treated as important and often is not, give yourself a nice pat on the back or tush if you get 5 or more correct

Here we go:

1)  In what country was the 2019 North Korea-US Summit held (Feb 27-28)?

A)  Philippines
B)  Vietnam
C)  South Korea
D)  Cambodia

Answer:  B

2)  On March 15th, over 50 people were killed and 50 injured in a terror attack in what country?

A)  Australia
B)  Tasmania
C)  New Zealand
D)  Indonesia

Answer:   C

3)  On the same day, March 15th, 1,073 people in Mozambique died even though it gets zero press coverage.. What caused the fatalities?

A)  Terror attack
B)  Tsunami
C)  Cyclone
D)  Confrontation between pro & anti-government forces

Answer:   C

4) Which college basketball team won the 2019 NCAA tournament?

A)  Texas Tech Red Raiders
B)  North Carolina Tar Heels
C)  Duke Blue Devils
D)  Virginia Cavaliers

Answer:   D

5)   Which film won the 2019 Academy Award for Best Picture?

A)  Green Book
B)  A Star is Born
C)  Moonlight
D)  Black Panther

Answer:   A

6)  At some point in April, Notre Dame was ablaze...  when exactly?

A)  April 5th
B)  April 15th
C)  April 25th
D)  April 30th

Answer:   B

7)  On May 24, world leader Theresa May announced her resignation effective June 7th and will be replaced by end of June..  What nation was she leader of?

A)  Australia
B)  Britain
C)  Canada
D)  New Zealand

Answer:   B

8)  Which college football team won the NCAA championship on January 7th?

A)  Clemson Tigers
B)  Alabama Crimson Tide
C)  Oklahoma Sooners
D)  Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Answer:   A

9)  Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry sadly passed away on March 4th.. What was his real first name?

A)  Colt
B)  Coy
C)  Chase
D)  Chester

Answer:   B

10)  What is the name of the disqualified horse from the 2019 Kentucky Derby?

A)  Maximum Security
B)  Maximum Big Surprise
C)  Maximum Maximus
D)  Maximum Minimal

Answer:   A