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Friday, June 7, 2019

Supporting President Trump but Really Missing 'Candidate' Trump More

We start with a simple question..  Assuming you're not a Democrat, why did you vote for Trump in 2016?

That is not meant to provoke a defensive posture or response but just genuinely asked

Was it based on economic issues?  Trump's positions on international affairs?  Disgust with Obama?

Like you we're sure, our support of the President then was not based on one single issue but a myriad of stances and positions
For us, it started very early into his Presidential campaign when he correctly stated that most illegals who come in from Mexico do not represent the best and brightest and often bring with them drugs and crime

Pretty ballsy to express such honest and truthful sentiments so openly

But sometimes like perhaps some of you, our political 'love affair' with Trump hits rough patches and like good Christians, have to learn to forgive and forget, such as he tweeting last week his complete support for homosexual rights which is basically a thumbs up to sexual deviance

We often wish he'd be more of a bastard and less of a statesman like the good ol' days of his candidacy
He keeps calling the Democrats 'obstructionists' which is a very tiring word that really doesn't ruffle any feathers

The term 'fake American' is so much more of a verbal thumb to the eye socket and so much more accurate a description

Or say something like "The Democrats used to be known as the 'loyal opposition' but now the term 'loyal' does not apply"

His inability to attack the enemy of this country with any real lexiconic bite is maddening
Maybe he doesn't hate liberals as deep as he should or see them as the danger that they are - must be some reason he doesn't go for the jugular in his criticism

Also not sure why Trump needs to engage in an economic World War?

Tariffs on China, Japan, Germany, Mexico..

Sure hope he doesn't start a trade war with the Dominican Republic or the price of Fruit of the Looms will skyrocket
Of course we understand there's been dramatic and constant trade inequities for many decades and in the case of Mexico, they just absolutely refuse to stop those worthless Central American migrants from entering our nation so there has to be some motivation to fix things

But we are also not too excited to pay 25% more for our lettuce and tomatoes (Mexico) or a new Toyota

Everything is so crazy when it comes to globalism and corporations..

For instance German car manufacturer Audi will now have all their vehicles assembled in Mexico even those sold in Germany itself

Many parts will still come from the Fatherland but those will be shipped to Mexico to be put together

So if there's a tariff on Mexico, does that affect what is assembled there or only made from scratch?
We also wish he'd stop pandering to blacks and women, something we've vented many times here before

Can not emphasize enough how pathetic that is

How can we ever be a truly equal society where we are judged individually by the content of our character when so many continue to cowardly hide behind genetics like race and gender as so-called 'achievement' to which they had absolutely nothing to do with

Be so nice if a modern President would just tell identity politics groups to fuck themselves and if Trump the wildcard Republican can't do so, don't expect any future US leader to express it
Hard to believe the next election is only about 515 days away...

Makes us wish the US adopted the Confederate Constitution of 1861 model and just have a 1 term 6 year Presidency

We voted for Trump back in 2016 not just to so-called 'Drain the Swamp' but to basically drown those on the left IN the swamp until they pass out..

Um..  politically metaphorically we mean

But not to be nice or respectful to Democrats or pretend to work to better all Americans - In a perfect world, Trump's economic policies would only benefit his supporters and those on the left would continue to be out of work
We wanted a President who rewarded his supporters by enacting policies solely for the benefit of those who loyally supported him while disenfranchising the enemy

We wanted a President who humbled and humiliated the media, denying them access and hurting their business model

We wanted a President who actively, aggressively and passionately fought political correctness and social progressivism including never saying hyphenated terms to describe blacks or Indians and to stop honoring minority groups especially their contrived 'months' take place

June is faggot acceptance month thus the reason Trump tweeted support for sodomy last week
Kinda be nice if there was a 'Caucasian straight males who created and built this nation' month, you'd think

Will we support Trump in 2020?

In all likelihood yes, especially once the Dems choose the revolting man or woman to be their nominee

But it doesn't stop us from wishing President Trump would be much more like the Candidate Trump we grew to love in '16 and stop being nice and respectful to people who will always hate him and never vote for him...