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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Gay Affluence Myth

~ Bud Light is attaching themselves to gays to expand their profits but really the message is that Bud Light is not a drink for men.. Only women and queers..

So the other day we wrote about how June which used to be quite a nice month, has been taken over by non-stop pushing of gay 'pride' with everyone from department stores to sports leagues to celebrities getting in on the act to make a big deal over Nothing

And the question is Why?

A small part of it is these are very liberal people and entities and think by patronizing homosexuals and propping them up to be more important then they really are, that they're doing a good deed and/or sticking it to the religious types

But most of it has to do with money.
The myth about gay people is that by and large they as individuals and couples are more affluent then straight people thus much more likely to afford being gouged with three-time markups for jewelry and fragrances at Macys or Nordstrom or more likely to pay those astronomical prices to see a ball game

But of course like all myths, this one is false

UCLA’s Williams Institute found that 29% of LGBT adults, approximately 2.4 million people, experienced food insecurity—a time when they did not have enough money to feed themselves or their family in the past year vs only 16% heterosexuals

Also 1 in 5 gays and lesbians between 18 - 44 receive food stamps
Gay men were also found to have a poverty rate of 20.5% while the rate for straight men was 15.3 %; for lesbians it was 22.7% compared to 21% for heterosexual women

Yet what is the image of gays that the parasitic entertainment industry and advertisements portray?

Lots and lots of disposable income to buy the trendiest fashions, most expensive brands and all without an economic care in the world

Now we don't care about the financial survival of gays any more than we care about straight people since the only entity that matters to us is the Individual but we're stating this to make a bigger point
Celebrating gay pride like colored pride or female pride or any other 'pride' is nearly a 100% economic patronizing business model decision based on this naive belief that they possess more money to throw away on products and services than straight Caucasian men

Or maybe its more of a backhanded slap as if all other groups are more foolhardy with their money and don't have the intellect or discipline to self-deny shopping impulses

And certainly the fact that anyone with a pulse can get credit cards meaning even the poorest urban trash can afford a Fendi bag or David Yurman jewelry means no longer is advertising targeting those who have the actual means to buy these items but just possessing credit is enough
So what we get with gays, blacks, and really anyone who is not white, male and straight is a constant incessant non-stop deluge of advertising that targets these secondary groups as if they are the ones who have the most money and are the movers n' shakers of the economic society..

Which they are Not

73% of whites own a home' about 45% of coloreds and Hispanics do in comparison

The average savings for a white family in their 50s is $100,000..  For blacks its $48,000

On and on.. 
We could through tons of stats but what is the point?

It is a deeply horrible society where those at the top are purposely treated as secondary to make all those at the bottom feel better about themselves and many evil white fake Americans (liberals) play along

And it is the fault of the rest of us for condoning it and allowing this to perpetuate

The only hope really is one day the pendulum sways back to how it was 20-30 years ago when enough of these businesses lose so much money from this strategy of celebrating gays and others not deserving and stop excluding whites, especially those from Red State America from daily representation in society.