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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fake Americans Running in 2020 - Why?

So the 2020 election is just a mere 500 or so days away and a bunch of fake Americans (Democrats) have thrown their hats into the ring with more we're sure to come..

And we honest to God can not understand why?

Oh sure there is the mental sick Trump hatred factor at play and of course liberals are just so power hungry and evil to the core that it would be unrealistic to expect them to concede that the President's administration has been a success thus far...

But beyond that..   Why run for President?
Right now those despicables on the left can't sincerely campaign on the economy - its been an overwhelming success thus far

Unemployment is steady at 3.6% and even with only 75,000 new jobs last month, that is still growth..

Three years ago in June 2016 when that black bastard was wrapping up his Presidency, unemployment was at 4.6% and hourly earnings were at $25.61 while the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows hourly earnings now at $27.83

In simple terms, on average a person is making $4,617 more per year under Trump then the parasite who contaminated the White House prior
Are rot rotten Democrats going to run on international issues?

ISIS is practically defeated, something Obama failed to do, Trump is in the process of working on a long term peace deal with North Korea and he's showing great strength in dealing with our enemies like China and Iran

And for all the bullshit on Russian collusion and Trump being Putin's puppet, the President has done more to punish Russia vis a vis economic sanctions then the poo colored pretzel stick before Trump ever did
So maybe Democrats will run on social issues?

Immigration for sure but most Hispanics who were both born here and came to this country Legally want those illegal immigrant filth prevented from just entering the country as they wish across the border

What sane person celebrates and fights for those who basically cut in line to enter America and claim citizenship while other go through the long, lengthy process of legitimate naturalization?

Then there's faggot and colored rights..  god!

Was talking with someone pretty intelligent last night who made a great point which admittedly we at A&G hadn't thought of

The gays keep pushing and celebrating 'pride' as if its a good thing when really Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins i.e. immoral vices along with Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath and Lust

It is wrong to be prideful yet every damn minority group and even some stupid white people feel 'proud' in their background which is so idiotic since pride can only be something achievement based
So what can Democrats run on?

They have no policy ideas and have spent every day since taking over the House doing nothing but obstructing and being very petty bitches and bastards about it

We are sure they'll scrape up something slimy from the bottom of the basin and millions will vote for whichever cunt (its gender-neutral word) wins their primaries then do every unethical and illegal trick to win

Just makes one dread 2020