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Monday, June 24, 2019

We Can Tolerate 'Fake' News, Just Not 'Fake' President

~ Trump talking with the enemy..

Here at A&G we pretty much support the President and with few exceptions, defend him

But when we feel it is warranted and/or deserved, we will criticize him, sometimes harshly if necessary and unfortunately this is one of those times

Overall we are happy with Trump and pretty much agree with his policies but sometimes he can be to put it bluntly, full of shit
For instance, he keeps called the media 'fake news' and expresses that they are the 'enemy of the people' which is accurate

Yet Trump gives exclusive interviews and behind the scenes access to those same entities which is sorta like a man calling a woman something like a filthy, repugnant, diseased whore then going to bed with her

Earlier in his Presidency, he granted the NY Times a long interview to them alone even though the paper despises his soul and then recently Trump gives an interview to NBC's "Meet the Press" and George Snuffleupagus.. um..  Stephanapolus on ABC
We keep getting the names confused..  Snuffleupagus is a furry brown elephant-like creature on Sesame Street and the other is a short, Greek weasel who worked for Bill Clinton

Every program does its best during the interview and afterward to make Trump look bad and the stupid bastard either is oblivious or so arrogant he does not care

So there's that...

Then there's also the complete Bullshit over Trump acting humanitarian that he spared 150 Iranian lives by not striking back for Iran destroying our drone
Perhaps he knew the unmanned drone was really over Iranian territory and not international waters or maybe he is a coward..

Guess it is OK for another nation to destroy a piece of equipment that cost US taxpayers $110 million dollars

Funny how the G-D government shrugs that off as if $110,000,000 is chicken feed yet will audit a US citizen including daily penalties if her/his taxes are off by $150
Trump kept saying he didn't feel loss of life was right when we did not lose any lives ourselves

Absolutely amazed no one in the press called him out on it to ask something like 'So if one US life was lost, THEN it would be OK to kill 150 people? Or would it take two'?

But truth is, Trump's inaction had nothing to do with loss of life, as if his advisers could really accurately pinpoint loss of life based on hitting military targets

The President didn't want to provoke Iran into raising oil prices or setting up a 1970s-like embargo which would cripple the economy, destroy the market and fuck up his chances to win re-election in 2020
One can argue those are valid personal reasons but its the lie that always bothers us and this peace dove act Trump is pretending is just seeped in disingenuousness

So should we have lobbed some missiles or dropped bombs on Iran?


And if Iranian lives were lost?

So what!
Quid pro quo.. You attack us.. We attack you

There's always something that controls a President - need to be re-elected or to be loved after leaving.. or to be popular enough to get funding for the Presidential library or hope their rotten faces get to be placed on postage stamps after they die

While Trump has had many successes and achieved great things in the last 30 months or so, he still has phony bullshitter tendancy which is a shame because it is so unnecessary

Let's hope it is a fluke...