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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What is True Feminism vs Fake?

Everyone seems to have an opinion or two or three as to what a 'feminist' is and usually its from a liberal perspective meaning very angry, defiant and filled with patriarchal hate

But that often is not real or true feminism because it is corrupted by social politics and the need to avenge perceived historical wrongs no matter how accidental the slight

The current #MeToo movement of the last year is as good an example as any

Women wanting to be perceived as strong and deserving of respect yet using victimization as the means to gain power because the easiest way to take control is when there is a void and easiest way to control men is to emasculate them and force them to curtail their natural biological tendencies to be the pursuer..
So what is a true feminist?

Simply it is a woman making decisions in her life because she chose certain paths or desired certain personal outcomes, and not letting either men or women pressure or sway her to alter her will

She can be happily married, content to not work and focus on pleasing her man in all ways a wife should and still be a feminist

She can focus all her energies on being a good mother to her children, baking them cookies, taking them to soccer practice and not have the slightest desire to climb a career ladder and still be a feminist

She can be a pro-life Conservative with deep Christian belief of right and wrong, and possess strong family values and still be a feminist
But of course that is not the message push-pushed - not to the liberal's advantage.. certainly not to the advertisers

Fake feminists must work, work, work..  Must strive for career advancement..  Bigger job title.. More money.. Then spend spend spend.. 

Fake feminists must be in constant fear of men seeking to supposedly domineer them and put them in that 'kitchen' so to stay vigil and verbally (or physically) fight back always

Fake feminists must constantly fight to protect the freedom to kill the babies inside them because nothing comes before their career or man or simply because one feels like it and to concede an inch is akin to conceding the whole women's movement
They're truly horrible people but then again they're liberals so it really goes hand n hand in terms of genuine rottenness

Wish girls and young women had the role models I had growing up so they could understand what True feminism is vs this Democrat-corrupted psychobabble version we see constantly on movies and TV

A true feminist sees themselves as a special, unique Individual in control of her unique destiny and not to attach identity to connect fake 'pride' to the collective of female gender as a whole
They aren't seeking to look like or live their lives like those on the screen or magazines; they aren't following trends and mindlessly embracing empty social media hashtag slogans

The strength of women who are True feminists come from within

And because so few women unfortunately do not see themselves that way, and are so easily manipulated, it makes True feminists a bit of an endangered species