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Friday, June 28, 2019

When Bad People Debate to Attract Votes of Worse People

~ "Raise your right hand if you are a power hungry despicable liberal devoid of a soul?"

What is the most valuable thing on this Earth that a person possesses?

It's not money..  Always can make more money

It's not a home or car or jewelry..

Not even a wedding ring

It's not even good health because ultimately one has no control over it..  Run 30 miles a day, lift a ton of weights and eat a diet of soy burgers and almond milk and one is still going to ultimately die
The most valuable thing one possesses on this Earth is time i.e. how one spends their time and how much or little of it is given to other people or entities

And anyone who watched last night's Democrat Presidential nominee debate Thursday night lost about an hour or two of precious time which one will never ever get back again

We didn't waste a second of our time watching a group of deeply repulsive people go back and forth to win a contest of top rat to be most attractive to Fake Americans.

We did see a very brief headline on Drudge which said all the candidates supported giving free universal healthcare to all illegal immigrants

Pretty much the debate in a nutshell isn't it?
We also saw a 5 second snippet on cable news of colored candidate Kamala Harris go on the attack like a rabid black panther devouring a semi-senile old white man named Joe Biden because supposedly he said something nice about those against school integration..

If that doesn't tell you that Niggers run the country, what will?

Yes, we used the 'no-no' word that only they are supposedly allowed to say..

Upset?  Blame that annoying First Amendment
They are in power, they are in control and do anything to challenge them or deny them authority and those people will pull the race card out of their black asses quicker then it takes to read this sentence..

That's what Harris did to Biden and his heart was racing like a frightened fragile white rabbit

Speaking of Niggers, why hasn't Obama openly and proudly given his endorsement of support to Biden?
Doesn't matter that the Democrat Convention is a full year away...  Biden was Obama's VP.. They supposedly worked closely together for the guy's two terms..

Isn't that enough to garner a full-support endorsement at present or at very least a public rebuttal of any and all who are calling Biden racist

Why is that piece of feces remaining quiet?

Just something to ponder
The election is 16 months away and already we're nauseated by it all - every Democrat candidate is such a detestable, putrid creature and yes, we know that every Democrat in past modern elections has been as well

The last Democrat worth a damn was JFK and since, not a single politician on that side has been worth a spit to the face.

But just so much worse then the past - such open courting of the bottomfeeders of our society with the goal of subjugating whites especially males to keep working and paying for all the charity promises of endless benefits and no-border society

And the white guilt Democrats just succumb so passively
Three years of Trump and liberals still do not accept the cold truth that their beliefs and values are 100% wrong and by and large they have no voice worth listening to

Stubborn bitches n bastards we guess...

So we hope you used your Thursday night more productively then watching vermin fight over rotty  green cheese