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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Why Do Caucasians Watch TV When It Does Not Respect Them?

~ The most recent example of the absolute shit which makes up TV

Last night yours truly tried to watch a new show on Amazon called 'Good Omens' starring a couple Brits I assume others have heard of who play an effete angel and devil respectively..

And like pretty much everything else on TV whether it be network, cable or pay services like Amazon, Netflix or Hulu, the show was just stomach churning

It starts with the voice of God of course being a woman because who else could the Lord be but a woman

Guess that is why there is so much pain and suffering and misery in the world and prayers are often ignored yes?
Then you see a moment later a depiction of Adam and Eve, and because political correct social progressivism must rule the day and be Pushed, Pushed, Pushed into all entertainment, the two were very dark chocolate skinned negroes.

Fucking hell!

Just 2 minutes into the first episode, I stopped watching from that point and really to come to the point, what the Hell is the point of such continual misrepresentation of gender, race, ethnicity and other orientations into Everything?
If one is to believe the Bible as truth, then God in visual figure is Male because when he created humans in his own image, Adam came first and the woman was second

In terms of skin tone, Adam and Eve would both be olive complexion and Semitic looking, and long hair would not be perfect strategically covering both of Eve's tits like in every single visual depiction of the Garden of Eden

And if one thinks the Bible is bullshit and those who have faith are morons, then one is likely to go into the entertainment business as a script writer and create shit like 'Good Omens'
This is a constant problem and nowhere is it worse than British programming who made a very concerted effort since the 1970s to put blacks into every BBC show regardless in practicality or reality because they were determined to integrate the 1% of their population who were colored into the other 99% of society

Their movie award show, the BAFTA which is sorta like our Oscars but not as important even made a decision a couple years back that no movie would be nominated for Best Picture that did not have multi-ethnic representation in its cast

A year or so ago, an overall good series by the BBC was released called 'The Hollow Crown' covering the Shakespeare works of Kings Henry IV through VI

When the plays of King Henry VI parts I and II were depicted on screen, some extreme liberal bastard made the decision to cast a black woman as Queen Eleanor of France
This was not a fictional character like say Prince Hamlet of Denmark,,  This was an actual historical figure who was blonde haired, blue eyed and had pale white skin

And a piece of garbage Brit producer decided it would be interesting to put a mocha-skinned black woman in that role because...  Well, no clue really..

Try casting a white to play Martin Luther King in a biopic.  We already know its OK to cast a colored person to play Alexander Hamilton on stage in a musical where no whites were allowed to try out for any of the roles

Everything with social progressives is always a one-way street
Most white actors would love to play blacks if they could get away with it, and 'feel their pain' to borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton but know without the blackface, its just not convincing

So instead everyone wants to play a gay man or lesbian as if that is some kind of acting challenge; as if there is street cred to do a scene where two of the same gender are swirling tongues or simulating fellatio

To all actors out there - want to play a very challenging role?  Try playing a person of quality, morals and ethics who is Conservative and portray him or her in a dignified way instead of a cartoon caricature
So hard to watch anything..  Movies.. TV.. even ads..

Everything taken over by colored oversaturation and constant pushing of extreme feminism because the male liberal white guilters who control entertainment corporations and ad agencies are determined to make the statistical majority groups feel like they're nothing but aliens
in their own land

And when we continually allow it, then who really is more at fault for this continual social-cultural poisoning:  They or Us?