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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Women and Tattoos - Analyzing the Lost Soul

For some reason, yours truly has been thinking a lot lately about tattoos..

Not necessarily getting one for me but in general why so many choose to have them?

With men. its pretty obvious - they're by and large idiots who think its 'cool' or believe it will be some kind of conversation piece that will help them at parties attract girls and get laid easier

But females..  That's not so simple to understand
Been reading many theories and opinions on it..  Talked to many as well to hear their take and while it make some sense in small doses, overall people by and large miss the mark

Some say its beautiful and a sign of self expression, independence and feminism at its best


Women who truly love and respect their body do not pay good money to have it voluntarily and permanently mutilated with silly pictures and empty fortune cookie quotes especially in guttural trash language of Arabic
Besides, how original can a stupid young adult female be to think that getting a butterfly, tribal pattern, heart, cross or Bible scripture on one's body is unique in all the world?!

Newsflash ladies - if you want to stand out in 2019, you keep your skin ink-free

And to those women who put their children's stupid names and birthdays on their wrists..  What, afraid your brains can not remember them without looking at your arms as a sort of 'cheat sheet'?
Some argue those females who choose to get tattoos are basically lost souls who are far more likely to engage in heavy alcohol use, drugs and/or promiscuous sex including the revolting act of bisexuality and lesbianism

And yes there is some truth in that but it is also full of generalization because there are many classless women out there who will engage in those behaviors and be tattoo-less

So I see it in simplest terms as people who completely lack a true identity and want to seek to stand out in some way without actually having to do any real work to make one's mark in life
It is more than ever a copy-cat society; always has been and especially so starting in the early 20th century when advertising started to focus its appeal to one's emotions rather than intellect but with social media as it is, following trends is in overdrive

One sees their favorite actor or singer or best friend smoking pot or drinking or expressing the fake 'normality' of homosexual expression in the bedroom and those without a strong identity and sense of right and wrong will be swayed and/or partake

Same with tattoos
For the most part throughout history the only people who had tattoos were sailors, diseased whores, culturally backwards third world savages and tragically those who suffered in the Holocaust

Now it represents being trendy and unique so like all people seeking to stand out who don't know who they really are, that 'uniqueness' is manifested by copying others

So when a female says their tattoos are meant as a statement or to display feminist strength, that is bullshit
Genuinely strong women do what I do..  Make their voices heard in productive ways that take hard work, real effort, and individual initiative

As one of the founders of "Ants & Grasshoppers'almost 9 years ago, I have focused diligently over the years to blog unique and special among all the other crap that is out there by presenting truthful points of view others do not have the courage to express, all with the goal of stimulating the readers to think for themselves

And purposely not seek to make a penny doing it because to take money for presenting points of view opens one up to being corrupted and/or to pull punches..

A Real feminist..  A Real woman with conviction does what I do to make themselves heard and try to make a difference..  Not get a tramp stamp or something to show their world she is a proud dyke.
Females with tattoos are not attractive.. Not even cute

They are deeply lost souls with no true identity, no true self worth and desire to make a real difference in the world

They are the worst kind of women for a guy to date unless he has a fetish for being with women who will cheat on him without any conscious and believe 'fun' is smoking a bong.

No different than the dope who believe she or he is fighting the system and the plague which is the political left simply by voting
If there is one point that is so important you take with you when visiting A&G, its that the greater society or system does not want you to be a true capital I Individual so it makes little to no effort in the school system or the popular zeitgeist to encourage you to think and act as one

Paint your fingernails blue or dye your hair pink or tattoo a heart on your ass or pierce your clit - you are NOT an Individual; you are a joke..  A Follower
Real Individuals question Everything..  They do not ally themselves with groups or take pride in things that are not achievement based or seek others to tell them what to do or what is 'cool'

This at its core is the differentiation between the 'ant' and the 'grasshopper'

Which are you?