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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Is it Too Late For Us To Run for 2020 GOP Nomination?

So at one point this afternoon during a lull, we watched the President speak to the media and answer questions for a few minutes before boarding Air Force One

One thought kept rolling through our minds as we listened..

We voted for this fuckin' guy??!!
It was absolutely brutal..  We think Trump said the complete bullshit fake hyphenated term 'Afr-Am' at least 40 times in 15 minutes to describe those people

You know there was a time back in the 1950s and 60s where they Demanded they be called 'black' as a term of respect and dignity..  not 'nigger', not 'negro', not 'colored'...

Black..  as in 'Black is Beautiful and 'I'm black and I'm proud..'

Now they convinced every ignorant imbecile, black and white to call them that fucking patronizing term 'Af-Am' (can't even stomach typing it)

Trump says it..Fox News uses it..  Absolutely disgusting..
So there was that..

Also Trump talked about the economy and was mad at the Fed because they were raising interest rates and not doing more quantitative easing

For those who don't know, remember or understand, QE was a policy enacted by the Fed during the Obama Presidency where around $75 to $100 Billion a month was pumped directly into the stock market to inflate the values of the stocks and make the rich richer

This cost the taxpayers over $1 Trillion a year because what was spent became part of the National Debt
In other words when the National Debt grew by $9 Trillion under Obama, it wasn't he spending $9 Trillion on social services or what not; 50% of that added on debt came from the God-Damn Federal Reserve

And we're watching this guy express in 15 minutes the exact Opposite of what we expected from him and why we voted Trump in 2016

It sure as shit was not to help blacks economically

Right now they have the lowest unemployment rate in the history of the Bureau of Labor Statistics keeping stats and those damn people don't appreciate it - worthless as can be, they still vote lockstep Democrat like the slave mentalities they still possess 150+ years after emancipation
And in the process Trump continually ignores and disrespects the voting bloc that got him elected.. White Males with high school diplomas and two year degrees...

We also did not vote for Trump to do everything humanly possible to make the stock market as large a fake financial bubble as he can

All bubbles go Pop!   Every single one.. 

This will too and everyone who is not extremely wealthy will suffer for it - suffer if government does nothing and suffer if it's proactive because in the case another 2008, it would mean more funding of banks and wealthy individuals and more trillions pissed away so everyday people can know their hundreds in their checking accounts is secure
Politics is so Frustrating..

Every 4 years a bunch of absolutely worthless bitches and bastards throw their hat in the ring, and we're forced to pick the lesser of the garbage in the hopes we're not duped

When we hear Trump speak, we have absolutely no idea why those fucker Democrats hate him so much..

He is Them!

Oh they will never admit it.. Evil, rotten fake American maggot people which liberals are never ever concede anything
But Trump socially is liberal because no genuine conservative would waste a second of time or thought worrying on blacks in poverty especially when as a group, they vote liberal at a 95% rate on average per election

One of the reasons we and so many others voted for Trump was so he'd basically tell those people 'Look. the gravy train is over!  No affirmative action.. no special benefits.. no more handouts.. Learn to survive on your own, damn you!'


Guess that was too much fantasy
Aggravation.. Aggravation..

Wasn't that the purpose of electing Trump - to stop feeling the endless tension felt when that lil chocolate monkey Obama was bouncing up n down in the White House tossing his football?

Is it too late to run for the GOP nod in 2020?

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Brutally Honest Posting on Society and Racism

Which is the worst thing to be in this really horrible society: a rapist or a racist?

Of course the obvious answer is the rapist - he (and sometimes she) physically and sexually hurts others causing them undeserved physical pain and trauma

But in 2019, its to be 'racist'

Worse than being a drug dealer or murderer or even a pedophile..
And we're all complicit in allowing the despicable spit on face deserving liberals to once again dictating terms as to how our society functions

Trump attacks a black Congressman because basically he represents a rodent infested district in Baltimore; liberals and blacks take it to mean he meant colored people are rodents

They are but Trump did not say or mean it that way

Of course that doesn't matter - accusation means more than intent
We never understood why someone accused of being 'racist' doesn't just respond with "Yes, so what?"

What better way to disarm and declaw an attacker as if to say "OK, you stupid bitch or bastard, you won some point I was more than content to admit.. Now shoo fly.."

Every person has the right to like or dislike anyone or anything for any reason or no reason as long as not crossing the line to breaking the law, especially hurting another

Doesn't matter who or why or whether you're right or wrong or smart or stupid to feel it or do it..
Some hate Coke; others Pepsi..  some hate the Dallas Cowboys; others the NY Giants..  who gives a fuck?

Absolutely no difference between that and not liking a race or religion - just a personal preference; an ingrained bias perhaps

And once again to restate this because this point is extremely important - As long as someone is not verbally or physically harming another person or doing anything to impede that other person's pursuit of happiness and progress through life, you have a right to like or dislike or hate or despise who you wish without someone attacking you for it.

That's the cold hearted truth..
Is A&G sometimes racist in what we write and express?   

Yes - so what

We don't like blacks.. Don't like whites.. Can't stand women.. Can't stand men..  Think gays are nauseating..  Think straight folk are nauseating..

We hate all groups.. all collectives..  Every.. Single.. One..
Anything one can feel pride in that is not achievement based - whoever feels pride for being black or white, etc is worthless and a Loser

Only the Individual matters! That's it..

The 'One' is more important than the 'some' and far more important than the 'many'

And to be very blunt about it, we have the right to not like blacks as a collective entity as much as they have the same right to hate whites
Blacks are racists.. Whites are racists..  So are Hispanics and Asians and American Indians..  

And everyone deep down hates mulattoes of all mixtures

The historical whys and whats mean nothing - disparage or look down on another group or choose not to associate with them, you're racist.
It is such an empty word really..  'Racist! Racist!'

What do these liberal fucks think, that there's some 'racist police' that will just rush over and arrest someone for saying 'nigger' or that it means its a slam dunk in winning a court case?

When will people just toughen the hell up already?.

And most have no clue what true racism really is..
Let's say an educated black person is going up for a job that is going to pay a great salary, lots of benefits, maybe even an office with a nice corner view and secretary..

Which response during the interview process is really more racist:

A)  "You have a very impressive resume, great references, I see you attended a solid school,  4.0 - nice, and definitely are a very gifted 'Afr-Amer' who would be an immense benefit to this company but unfortunately we're going to be filling the vacancy in-house but thank you for your time..."


B)  "Wow.. Nigger, you're Hired!!"
Really think on that one..  Which is More racist?  Which is worse?

If you answered 'B', congrats..  You're a clueless white-guilter and we feel sorry for you

Want to see racism truly end in this society?  Stop the political correct double-talk jive bullshit, hiding behind identity politics and collectivism and establish free dialogue where people do not have to feel afraid to speak to one another on race for fear of economic and/or physical retribution

Can't really learn about someone unless you really talk to them and no compromises can ever come unless all sides make concessions and admittance of being wrong

Until that happens, there's going to always be racism and racist sentiment, and that's just how it is.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Intelligent v Smart

One thing that yours truly have noticed throughout many years is that by and large, people are really not all that intelligent.

Oh they think they are..

So much so that while they will cheer an amazon putting a ball through a hoop or actor who cries on cue, they have no admiration toward those who are advanced thinkers

They themselves think are as well..  But they're not.
That's not to say most people are stupid or dumb - they are neither

For the most part people possess smarts which is to say they are able to learn what is taught them and/or possess natural survival skills which we call 'street smarts'

But very few are actually intelligent.
You can have a doctorate or be a medical doctor - doesn't mean you are intelligent; it only means you are excellent at studying and memorization

You can be nothing more than a high school graduate or college dropout and be absolutely brilliant and have a hunger to learn but not want the rigid conformity of the system dictating the what and how

Wealth does not equal intelligence either..

Many genuinely unintelligent people represent the economic top 1% but because they were connivers and con-artists with intelligent underlings, they were able to make and keep their fortunes
There's many definitions of intelligence based on dictionaries and how academia perceive it but basically it comes down to this:

A person who craves learning more about something, anything or everything without financial motivations; who wants to think and communicate about more than the mundane and trivial and when they speak it is not regurgitation of someone else's talking points

 That is intelligence

Everyone else is simply smart.
What do I mean by 'financial motivations'?   Good Question..

If we lived in a society where a college degree meant nothing i.e. anyone could get hired for any position in any field whether attending a university or not, and let's say it was 100% free but one had to commit the full 4 years..

There's not a doubt in my mind that college enrollment would drop by 95% because most do not go to be educated and enlightened but rather to learn and do whatever needs to be done to get that piece of paper so to get a good paying job

That mindset may be smart but its not representative of intelligence.
Another example - if you are extremely knowledgeable in your profession, read the trade publications and want to know everything there is to know, you are not necessarily intelligent

You are highly motivated and have a wonderful desire to succeed and be the best at what you do

But it does not automatically mean intelligence.

If you devote those energies to your profession And take the time to learn all you can about other topic(s) that will not do anything more than enrich your mind and spirit..

Then you are.
We live in a continuously dumbed down society and its sorta chicken/egg - Is everything dumbed down because its all most can handle thus no reason for any entity to try harder or is it most can only handle a certain level of curiosity and thought provocation so that's what is given to us?

Look at the quality (or lack thereof) of visual and print news, TV shows, movies, music, books, art...  All aimed at the masses

What challenges the mind and forces one to think and question ends up being low ratings and/or a money loser; what appeals to the crowd especially the teen market is a success

People really do not want to think if there's no financial benefit
A few months ago at the library, I rented an old TV show from the early 80's that I remembered as a child called 'Police Squad' staring Leslie Nielsen

It was a comedy by the guys who made 'Airplane!' and in that similar vein with ultimately 3 movies in the late 80s to early 90s made under the 'Naked Gun' series..

But the TV show itself was cancelled after only 7 episodes and in the commentary section of the DVD, Nielsen talked about it..
Basically Nielsen said that a year or so after the cancellation he ran into one of the head TV programmers at ABC which aired it, and casually asked why the show had been cancelled since the ratings had been alright in comparison to other shows, some better, some worse

The network honcho told Nielsen the show forced people to think too much; if one was distracted for 15 seconds, they'd miss the jokes because they were too nuanced and not obvious enough; it forced the viewers to pay attention

Also it was explained to Nielsen that advertisers hated the show because by forcing viewers to pay attention and think during the show, it would make them continue during the commercials and question the truth behind their product ads

If people were thinking and engaged today, would anyone tolerate the onslaught of constant multiculturalism, interracial couples and bi-racial & 100% black families depicted in every visual and print ad; a group of people that only represent 14% (1 in 7) of the population?
People are just not intelligent and it is why the world generation after generation is so messed up and little ever seems to get better outside of technology advancements..

Intelligent people are not easily swayed or duped; they don't run with the pack as to their likes, dislikes or how they are to vote

They're not popular and don't seek to be; they are the people few want to be around because it reminds others they're not as brainy as they deluded themselves into thinking.
Intelligent people read A&G and are loyal followers; the rest are content to get their information from cable news and establishment newspapers.

So if you're intelligent, then good for you and keep trying hard not to get dispirited by the world progressing on a lower mental level; they can not stimulate you mentally and if you can truly accept that, you will be happier

And if you're not intelligent, well..  smart is OK too.

Friday, July 26, 2019

The Concept of Economic Incrementalism

Have you ever wondered by you and just about everyone else in America, much less the planet does not get to live in beautiful mansions, drive expensive head turning sports cars and take private jets to your favorite destinations..

Why it is that no matter how much, long or hard someone works or how much one saves and scrimps and self-denies, it is nearly impossible to be truly wealthy?

It is no accident - the System sets it up this way because otherwise for better or worse, there'd be no world as we know it..

The concept is called economic incrementalism is basically at its simplest terms is like this:
Each employer has employees that do different tasks and functions.. 

And for each worker, that employer has to determine within a competitive economic environment what is the salary based on education, experience, etc to pay someone that is just enough that the worker will not quit yet not so much to allow that worker the financial freedom to just stop working

Each worker accepts the salary offered because the practical need to pay bills and provide toward a family takes precedent over principles such as being underpaid and/or overworked
On occasion a job will pay enough to also allow for savings toward something nice or a rainy day but it is never enough to simply retire; never enough to curse the boss out or punch a co-worker in the face, walking out and never returning

And then to make sure every worker has as little as possible beyond covering the necessities of life, the government takes a portion of each person's toil

If someone pays 25% in income taxes, it means every work day in a calendar year between January 1 and March 30th; all those days dealing with snow and cold rain and rush hour traffic nightmares, etc..  all that earned income goes to the tax man

That is economic incrementalism.
Occasionally the system will allow someone to be extremely wealthy at a young age, usually an entertainer or an athlete and this allows the common masses to have something to dream and fantasize about.. A belief that one day maybe their situation could change into that

The system can afford to allow a few multi-millionaires but not for everyone to become one..

It needs people borrowing massive amounts of money and being in perpetual debt..  student loans, car loans, mortgages, second mortgages, credit cards..

The system to paraphrase from the film Caddyshack, needs ditch diggers too
If everyone was wealthy and able to live out their dreams with no financial worry, who would bother to work the millions upon millions of inconsequential and low/no skilled jobs the workforce needs to function

How could life function other than to raise the costs of products and services to such an ungodly amount that $1 million would be like $100

For an individual to have any chance to succeed within an economic incrementalism society, he/she would have to deny themselves practically everything until their later stages of life

Let's take purchasing a home as an example..
Two people, Andy and Bob are both 35 and plan on buying homes separately that will cost each $200k

Andy wants his home now so he goes the mortgage lending route, putting down $20k at 3.875% interest for 30 years fixed which is the current real time mortgage rate

Using a mortgage calculator, he will be paying just under $1,300 a month which comes to $15,600 a year

After the mortgage is repaid, Andy will have paid out $137,185 in interest making the $200k home total really $337,185
Bob decides to wait and puts $10k away every year until he is 55 then buys his $200k home..

In order to avoid being financially raped for $137,000 by a bank just to have a home, Bob has to sacrifice every dream, fantasy and goal involving home ownership for two decades

The system can not survive if most were like Bob..  It needs lots n lots of Andys

That's economic incrementalism
It forces nearly everyone to keep working and working and denying themselves every expensive tangible pleasure or become a debt slave until one is old and grey and impotent or post-menopausal

Personally, yours truly has chosen the 'Bob' path

It's often been a brutal, tension ridden aggravating experience especially to see peers have it all as I've lived a semi-spartan existence

But to live a debt free life with lots of accessible wealth in an environment where cash is still king, one has to self-deny to near extreme in order to overcome incrementalism and defeat the system.

But since I'm the anomaly and most can not control their instant satisfaction and gratification purposes, the System will always be able to keep firm control over society, and turn in a nice profit doing so..

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Is Trump a Modern James Buchanan?

When historians are asked who was the worst President in US history, by and large the consensus is one individual..

And it's not Nixon

It is our 15th President, James Buchanan (1857 - 1861)
Why is that?   Well, glad you asked..

The reason he is so attacked by historians is because it was clearly apparent by the early part of his one term in office that the south was tired of the north and wanted to leave badly

The political air was toxic from both sides and Buchanan did nothing either to put his foot down that secession would not be tolerated or to tell northerners to back off their constant abolition harping

Buchanan basically sat and did nothing
Maybe if Buchanan had acted like a real President; a man, he would have put the south down before the conflict turned to bloodshed much like Andrew Jackson did when South Carolina threatened secession in the 1830s

Or maybe Buchanan could have led the way to get Congress to pass a law protecting slavery especially in western territories under the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific Ocean

But he did nothing even though it was clearly known by all that something was going to happen but the only real unknown was the powder keg
And this long introduction ties in to Trump who is becoming in our eyes another James Buchanan because he absolutely Refuses to deal with liberals as the danger which they are to the stability and prosperity of this nation

It is all a game to the President and he sees them, especially those minority bottomfeeder cunt Congresswomen as mere noise to use to rally his base just enough to re-elect him in 2020

Except liberals today are not like any time in recent history

Maybe there is some connection to the radical liberal socialist hippie and Black 'power' scum of the 1960s, who also should have been violently put down but were not because Nixon was really an insecure coward who cared too much of legacy which as we know now is very ironic..
The political far left is not focused merely on elections - they want dramatic change that society is really ill-prepared for if their schemes become a reality

They really want an upside down world where blacks and every other non-Caucasian group is in charge of the nation and whites at the bottom where to them, they belong

Sorta like a 100% real version of Planet of the Apes
And remember this point because it is so important - social progressives Never Stop...

Never Ever Ever..

Constant change.. Constant tinkering and meddling in all aspects of society always because to stop altering the lives of others is akin to cutting off their air supply

These evil monsters i.e. those on the left have been dramatically altering society for the worse for over 50 years but did it very slow and incremental
Look at the definition of 'family' over that time as an example - used to be for thousands upon thousands of years that 'family was a heterosexual two parent home with a mother and father, both of same race and religious views

Then the definition altered where one parent taking care of kids was 'family' followed by a white and colored couple with caramel colored children, followed by different race and ethnicity and religious mixes

So many Jewish people now inter-faith marry because of self-hate and loathing for who they are that most offspring have absolutely no clue they're half- Jewish (if the mother is Jewish, the child is 100% Jewish no matter how much they deny it)

So sad - those people survived so much persecution and their ultimate destruction will be inter-faith family
Then family became same sex couples and the absolute bullshit which is gay marriage, the ultimate middle-finger 'Fuck You' to organized religion and those of strong faith followed by tranny couples raising kids

One day 'family' will probably include adults and children or adults and Great Danes cohabitating in bed..  Nothing would surprise us where the liberals are concerned

And Trump does Nothing..  Not a fucking thing to stop any of this

Maybe he'll tweet something meaningless or say something in a rally like he did with the NFL but never backs it up
In the case of the NFL, the barnyard animal players along with white cuck compatriots still kneel at the national anthem and the league is wealthier thanks to Trump assisting the NFL with them showing games in Canada as part of the larger new trade deal with them and Mexico

Such a bullshitter sometimes..   We barely stomach it from liberals..

Why should we tolerate it from someone who is supposed to be on our side?

We believe this danger from the left will ultimately come to a head and be properly dealt with but certainly not with this President
Everyone just hides from it.. too politically scary to address

To deal with the danger from the far left, its not about going after individuals and certainly not anything involving 1 on 1 violence..  never ever

It is about the government and conservative leaders getting some guts and passing laws to greatly restrict the power of the social progressives to keep contaminating this society

And it is about us as everyday people to fight back as much as possible both with our wallets/purses and to verbally confront, debate and if need be shout out the enemy to make them feel as tense as they make us
Liberals are truly an Enemy of the State in so many ways, we barely could scratch the surface here

Best understand this and fight for your right to exist and to raise your family on your own terms because on this, no one in Washington or your state capitol is fighting for you

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Is Capital F 'Freedom' of Choice Obtainable in Our Society

~ To buy the dark blue, light blue or the red - this is not true freedom

When most people think of a political chart, it is simply a horizontal line from left to right with a vertical line in the middle

And in this simplistic chart, the left represents the Democrats with more extreme elements of liberalism as you move more leftward while Republicans are to the right and radical elements of that party in the right-side direction..

The center of course being 'centrist' or moderate
It is extremely inaccurate for many reasons but mostly because it makes the assumption that America is a free society with very minimal controls or restrictions

The US like every other government on Earth is actually quite constrictive to the Individual spirit and soul but because it is a bit freer than other nations, it appears to be capital-F 'Free'

It is not.

Below is a much more accurate and detailed political compass chart so let's take some time to look at it:

First thing is to notice that both the concepts of Federal Republic and Federal Democracy are politically on the right side of the chart.

The keyword is 'Federal' as in the Federal government is control of everything and makes all the rules and laws while the people are expected to comply

The vast majority of Democrats and Republicans embrace this which is why election upon election, one President after another and there's no genuine actual Change!
Now the four pieces of excrement Congresswomen who hate America, whites, men, Christians, Jews and everyone else who doesn't look like them would be socialists which is represented in the top left quadrant of the chart

They make a lot of noise and the media give them lots of attention and free airtime but in American political circles, they are extremists because most other Democrats from Pelosi to Schumer are really right of center

They all are wealthy, believe in making as much as humanly possible without limits and paying as little taxes as possible - deep down no different than Republicans.
When the nation was first conceived in the 1780's it was a hybrid of Federal and Traditional Democracy somewhere just north of Tribalism based on the political compass chart.

Then over time it became more Federal and central government controlling

Back in the 1860s when the southern states seceded to form the Confederacy, they were sick of the government control of every aspect of their lives and sought to create a nation in the form of a Confederate republic, located in the bottom right quadrant

Government would have a place in society but the states and really the individual mattered more then a centralized powerful all-encompassing Federal Union with the south's motto being 'Live and let live...'
Many seem to think America is like that today but no, far from it

Government must track and know all your movements at all times; constant surveillance from security cameras on every corner to tracking credit card purchases as they make it impossible for a cash user to survive in this society

The system constantly tinkers in society especially social engineering so the inferiors are made to feel superior and those at the top are shoved to the bottom and to be happy about it if they want to financially survive and be viable hireable employees.
The system is also set up that no everyday Joe or Jane could ever realistically think he/she could become President, much make changes to the status quo

Trump by the way was no outsider..  No billionaire can be..

And the fact that he had business dealings and moved in the same social circles as just about every politician and insider in Washington for many years before running for office attests that Trump was no everyday man

Even Lincoln was no commoner - he was an attorney who served in the US Congress, then lost the bid for Senator of Illinois in 1856 then worked and built a reputation within the then fledgling Republican Party..
So America is a nation where pretty much you gain power and control through a political blood line and that is as far from true democracy and freedom as one can get on the chart and in reality

If A&G was to assign ourselves a position on this chart, it would be Confederate Republic close to the border of Tribal Confederacy (bottom right quadrant) since we believe in the balance between very limited government intrusion while still retaining a useful function and maximum individuality

No wonder Republicans aggravate us as much as Democrats
So while you have entities who want to take this nation toward the top or bottom left or top right based on the chart, few to none want to direct this nation to become truly freer with the most minimal government possible

Which is why most people are slaves to the system - because freedom and liberty does not come from consumption or possessions or the ability to travel anywhere in the world (which of course one can only do when getting a government issued passport subject to background check and approval by said government so your global footprint can be tracked/monitored)

Freedom and liberty is having true pro choice (not the BS of aborting human life) and not be worried that the decisions one makes will have financial or criminal penalties associated or other societal punishments

We're not there yet..  Not by a long shot, thus we are not Free in reality; only in mere illusion.