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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Brutally Honest Posting on Society and Racism

Which is the worst thing to be in this really horrible society: a rapist or a racist?

Of course the obvious answer is the rapist - he (and sometimes she) physically and sexually hurts others causing them undeserved physical pain and trauma

But in 2019, its to be 'racist'

Worse than being a drug dealer or murderer or even a pedophile..
And we're all complicit in allowing the despicable spit on face deserving liberals to once again dictating terms as to how our society functions

Trump attacks a black Congressman because basically he represents a rodent infested district in Baltimore; liberals and blacks take it to mean he meant colored people are rodents

They are but Trump did not say or mean it that way

Of course that doesn't matter - accusation means more than intent
We never understood why someone accused of being 'racist' doesn't just respond with "Yes, so what?"

What better way to disarm and declaw an attacker as if to say "OK, you stupid bitch or bastard, you won some point I was more than content to admit.. Now shoo fly.."

Every person has the right to like or dislike anyone or anything for any reason or no reason as long as not crossing the line to breaking the law, especially hurting another

Doesn't matter who or why or whether you're right or wrong or smart or stupid to feel it or do it..
Some hate Coke; others Pepsi..  some hate the Dallas Cowboys; others the NY Giants..  who gives a fuck?

Absolutely no difference between that and not liking a race or religion - just a personal preference; an ingrained bias perhaps

And once again to restate this because this point is extremely important - As long as someone is not verbally or physically harming another person or doing anything to impede that other person's pursuit of happiness and progress through life, you have a right to like or dislike or hate or despise who you wish without someone attacking you for it.

That's the cold hearted truth..
Is A&G sometimes racist in what we write and express?   

Yes - so what

We don't like blacks.. Don't like whites.. Can't stand women.. Can't stand men..  Think gays are nauseating..  Think straight folk are nauseating..

We hate all groups.. all collectives..  Every.. Single.. One..
Anything one can feel pride in that is not achievement based - whoever feels pride for being black or white, etc is worthless and a Loser

Only the Individual matters! That's it..

The 'One' is more important than the 'some' and far more important than the 'many'

And to be very blunt about it, we have the right to not like blacks as a collective entity as much as they have the same right to hate whites
Blacks are racists.. Whites are racists..  So are Hispanics and Asians and American Indians..  

And everyone deep down hates mulattoes of all mixtures

The historical whys and whats mean nothing - disparage or look down on another group or choose not to associate with them, you're racist.
It is such an empty word really..  'Racist! Racist!'

What do these liberal fucks think, that there's some 'racist police' that will just rush over and arrest someone for saying 'nigger' or that it means its a slam dunk in winning a court case?

When will people just toughen the hell up already?.

And most have no clue what true racism really is..
Let's say an educated black person is going up for a job that is going to pay a great salary, lots of benefits, maybe even an office with a nice corner view and secretary..

Which response during the interview process is really more racist:

A)  "You have a very impressive resume, great references, I see you attended a solid school,  4.0 - nice, and definitely are a very gifted 'Afr-Amer' who would be an immense benefit to this company but unfortunately we're going to be filling the vacancy in-house but thank you for your time..."


B)  "Wow.. Nigger, you're Hired!!"
Really think on that one..  Which is More racist?  Which is worse?

If you answered 'B', congrats..  You're a clueless white-guilter and we feel sorry for you

Want to see racism truly end in this society?  Stop the political correct double-talk jive bullshit, hiding behind identity politics and collectivism and establish free dialogue where people do not have to feel afraid to speak to one another on race for fear of economic and/or physical retribution

Can't really learn about someone unless you really talk to them and no compromises can ever come unless all sides make concessions and admittance of being wrong

Until that happens, there's going to always be racism and racist sentiment, and that's just how it is.