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Friday, July 12, 2019

Dinner for Four

There's a sorta 'fun' game that people play to pass the time where each person goes around the room and states three famous people from history they'd invite for a dinner party

And then the others smile or laugh or whatnot and it doesn't go any further than that

Yours truly decided to think about who'd I'd invite from all of history for this amazing dinner for four but took it a step beyond to wonder how the conversation would go

My three selections would be Joan of Arc, Nathan Bedford Forrest and Ty Cobb, each for unique reasons yet all tie in together
So the four of us would be seated around an elegant table and during the hors d'oeuvre, my focus would be on the Maid of Lorraine

I would ask her in French how she accomplished all she did and found the bravery, strength and courage to defeat the English

And I'm sure her response would be it was based on a deep love and strong faith and conviction in the Lord; that she never questioned him or looked at herself as His equal or superior or expect God's will to conform to her
So her strength would have been based on a devotion to the Lord and his Word

And I would have certainly been amazed by this because really there are few to none that live in this 21st century world, male or female who have their priorities as correctly focused as her

Most people today are deeply selfish, self-centered people who either do not believe in God, hate Him or expect He or the Church/Synagogue to conform to Them and their secular values in order for them to keep attending services
Then the dinner course arrives and my attention would be to General Forrest and how someone with no formal military training or education could rise from dirt poverty to be a millionaire in 1850s America and then once the war begins, start as a private and finish as a Lieutenant General in only four years

I would expect Forrest to express something to the point that his background and life experiences taught him that he had to work hard to succeed in life because no one was just going to hand him anything

He probably would have expressed that he had to make his opportunities, work diligently and know there was no government apparatus that was going to pick him up if he failed and fell; no entity to provide welfare or social security or food stamps if he could not himself feed his family
And certainly I would have asked him about the time during the Civil War, he basically threatened his superior officer General Braxton Bragg that if he crossed Forrest's path, it would be at the peril of his life..   How did he have the courage to declare something so honest and sincere?

Forrest would have probably stated that he was not a Yes man, was not one to suffer fools with phony civility and disingenuous politeness; in other words he wasn't going to play the political correctness and office politics game

And I'm absolutely sure I would have been blown away by the General's strength of character, fierce resolve to succeed based on his own Individual initiative and personal drive to succeed

Probably because people in 21st century life do not possess any of these things
Oh sure, many want to be wealthy or successful but they also are dependent on others or government and do not have the guts to tell someone they don't like they're a piece of shit, especially to a boss' face by getting in his/her face

God knows most employers deserve far worse then being cursed at

So by dessert my focus would be on Cobb
I'd be most curious how it was that in spite of all the tragedy in his personal life (his mother shot/killed his father during his rookie season in Detroit in 1904) and the vicious and often violent hazing he was subjected to by his Tigers' teammates including many a beating, how he didn't crumble and just quit...

And I believe Cobb would have basically expressed in one form or another the adage of 'Whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger'; how in spite of the ruthless hazing and vicious verbal and physical attacks upon him, he never whined or complained

Never cried to management or acted in a victim-like manner
And in spite of his family tragedy, never used it as an excuse to fail but rather a motivation to succeed

How many today are like that?!

Every damn minority group claims victimhood status.. bitches and complains of perceived slights, creates Fake hyphenated names of contrived 'importance' then uses past history as a crutch or crook to get more power and control over society at the Caucasian's constant acquiescence

Blacks can't accomplish anything on their own without government meddling (affirmative action), women can't handle men calling them 'sweetie' and complimenting them on their bodies and homosexuals can't admit their lifestyle is wrong

No one takes blame for anything and few have the courage to keep progressing through life without the suffocating shackles of group identity
Just absolutely no clue how pathetic we've become as people since the end of World War II i.e. the 'Greatest Generation'..

Piece of shit liberals piss on themselves and cry into their sippy cups over an election and conservatives are genuinely scared to death to confront social progressives, physically if need be to combat their scourge..

How did we all get so soft.. So effete..  So compromising in our values and convictions..  So tolerant of behaviors and attitudes which are repugnant..  So metrosexual..

How did we all, including most so-called Republicans get so fucking social-liberalized?!

Shame that the only real non-parental role models and those deserving of admiration and respect are long dead..