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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Identity Politics Infects Everything.. Even Apollo 11

So in a few days, the world will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of man on the moon

Not woman..  Man

Not black.. Not Hispanic.. Not Asian..

White Man.
Normally this would be extremely irrelevant and wincing to type much less say out loud but seeing how identity politics contaminates Everything, including honoring this special event half a century ago, it needs to be said

The other day, the Today show did a segment honoring women involved in the lunar landing..

Other outlets have made a big hubbub about the contributions of colored people

Nigger, please!
Even saw a YouTube video where Brits were trumpeting their small part in the launch which was a bit pathetic..


No, really... Why?

Why must every fucking group try to attach some kind of race, gender, ethnic, sexual orientation or non-American nationalistic pride to Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon
He like the other two - Aldrin and Collins were heterosexual Caucasian men of American birth and Western European ancestry as were pretty much every other single person of any Genuine importance connected to Apollo 11 and all the spice flights that proceeded it

The only exception being the former Nazis we smuggled into the US after the end of WWII because of their knowledge in rocket propulsion and other useful backgrounds

But if you want to say a secretary typing and getting coffee for her boss and blacks cleaning the toilets where NASA employees shit upon was all working as part of the same team, then sure..  whatever

But otherwise, No - there was not a single woman or black or any other minority group of any consequence or importance to Apollo 11 with the exceptions of the wives of the astronauts who loved their husbands and gave them emotional support.
Harsh?  You betcha..

Someone has to be..

As a politically correct, social progressive pro-identity politic society, we are all so inundated and suffocated by non-stop propaganda, it makes any free thinking person unable to breathe

We see this time and time again throughout modern telling of American History and are just sick of it..
The Boston Massacre of 1770 saw 6 people get killed by the British and who does history constantly focus on?

The black guy.. Rice Crispy-us or some name like that

General Andrew Jackson defeats the British decisively at New Orleans in 1814 and what is the historical focus?

A few indians and blacks who fought alongside as if they alone made the difference

Psst..  they didn't..
During the Civil War, historians make a big fucking deal over the 54th Massachusetts regiment because they were darkies but absolutely no one talks or cares about the 53th or 55th Mass or really any other regiment of any state

During WWI, over 1 million Americans go 'over there' to fight the Hun and who gets to be depicted on the box of a recent WWI themed video game?

A black solider..  Ugh~

On and on..   Absolutely no need for it!!
 Constantly focusing on the minimal, trivial or un-noteworthy contributions of every group under the sun so they can all feel a part of something that in this case everyone should embrace as humans.

Worse part is no one stands up to God Damn liberals..  Not on anything

Making a big deal about women and blacks in the space program in the 1960s is like focusing on whites' participation in the civil rights movement and the role men played in giving women the vote.

But its all a big double standard isn't it..

So on July 20th, we're going to celebrate 50 years since three brave, heroic white men landed on the moon in their lunar capsule with the guidance of a lot of white men behind computer terminals at Houston because That is the reality of the event.