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Monday, July 1, 2019

If They Had Known, Would They Have Bothered?

~ "Lovely flag Ms Ross but I am tired of sewing..  I want to work in a corporation and neglect my family as I climb the career ladder so I can have more power, make more money and buy more things.."

With Fourth of July approaching which for most means vacations, barbecues, baseball, NASCAR and a couple dozen things that have nothing at all to do with the 4th, we were doing some thinking..

Pondering a question few ever ask and when done so, usually get the answer wrong

If those who participated in the American Revolution could see what the US has become technology advancements aside today vs the 1770s, would they feel their hardships and sacrifices were worth it..

Or would they be absolutely repulsed?
We really believe they'd be sickened

So for this exercise we sat around a room, brainstormed and came up with some questions:

Colonial America was by and large very God-fearing..  Would they have wanted to fight and die for the birth a nation that ultimately spits and shits on Christianity and biblical values at every turn?

The capital V Vast majority of those who took up arms and fought were Christian white Caucasian men..  Would they feel all their effort was worth it to see a country where every race, gender, ethnicity and religion other than them were treated as exceptional and superior?
Would they not just vomit upon themselves knowing a black would one day be President and that a man placing his cock inside another man's anus to ejaculate semen was something to be 'proud' of?

And think anyone would have wanted a nation created that gave faggots the freedom to marry and equal rights to disgusting transsexuals ??

Would those who fought Great Britain for 7 years, some losing limbs, others their eyes while others their lives be happy knowing those same people were now our friends and allies and that 160 years after Yorktown, American blood would be spilled in Europe to protect that country?
Would those who fought under Washington under the belief they would be free and independent as individuals whose loyalty really was to their states, be joyful knowing their descendants would be completely under the thumb of the Federal Government as everyone's every movement is surveillance and tracked, especially through credit card use and Internet cookies?

Think they'd be pleased knowing they put up with hardships and misery so their descendants would be forced to go to school, live among and take shits on the same toilets as colored people without any rights or freedoms to decline?

What if anything about 2019 America would those who fought to make this country a reality in the 1770's not be absolutely Disgusted by?

Do you think they'd be happy with a nation that overtaxes its productive citizens so to give handouts to those who are too ignorant and lazy to work?

Do you think they fought to create an Independent nation so ultimately we would get involved in foreign entanglements and work to create a globalist new world order with a United Nations superior to us?
Do you not think if someone told one of them saying 'Nigger' is a word only blacks may say because they're in charge of language and diction and, that they'd passively take it

Or that their lineage would willingly seek and desire colored men to impregnate them while the rest of society smiles as if its normal and beautiful?

There is absolutely nothing good about this nation in the eyes of someone who fought back then for its creation if you look sincerely and objectively..

America is such a deeply disgusting nation socially and culturally and it sincerely hurts us to say it and not even someone like Trump can change anything back to how it should be

So we believe if most knew the end result of their endeavors, they would instantly stop and allow Britain to retain colonial control especially if there was some guarantee that the social progressive political correct existence we're forced to live in was not to ever be

So for better or worse, guess its a good thing one does not possess a crystal ball

Or is it?