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Monday, July 29, 2019

Intelligent v Smart

One thing that yours truly have noticed throughout many years is that by and large, people are really not all that intelligent.

Oh they think they are..

So much so that while they will cheer an amazon putting a ball through a hoop or actor who cries on cue, they have no admiration toward those who are advanced thinkers

They themselves think are as well..  But they're not.
That's not to say most people are stupid or dumb - they are neither

For the most part people possess smarts which is to say they are able to learn what is taught them and/or possess natural survival skills which we call 'street smarts'

But very few are actually intelligent.
You can have a doctorate or be a medical doctor - doesn't mean you are intelligent; it only means you are excellent at studying and memorization

You can be nothing more than a high school graduate or college dropout and be absolutely brilliant and have a hunger to learn but not want the rigid conformity of the system dictating the what and how

Wealth does not equal intelligence either..

Many genuinely unintelligent people represent the economic top 1% but because they were connivers and con-artists with intelligent underlings, they were able to make and keep their fortunes
There's many definitions of intelligence based on dictionaries and how academia perceive it but basically it comes down to this:

A person who craves learning more about something, anything or everything without financial motivations; who wants to think and communicate about more than the mundane and trivial and when they speak it is not regurgitation of someone else's talking points

 That is intelligence

Everyone else is simply smart.
What do I mean by 'financial motivations'?   Good Question..

If we lived in a society where a college degree meant nothing i.e. anyone could get hired for any position in any field whether attending a university or not, and let's say it was 100% free but one had to commit the full 4 years..

There's not a doubt in my mind that college enrollment would drop by 95% because most do not go to be educated and enlightened but rather to learn and do whatever needs to be done to get that piece of paper so to get a good paying job

That mindset may be smart but its not representative of intelligence.
Another example - if you are extremely knowledgeable in your profession, read the trade publications and want to know everything there is to know, you are not necessarily intelligent

You are highly motivated and have a wonderful desire to succeed and be the best at what you do

But it does not automatically mean intelligence.

If you devote those energies to your profession And take the time to learn all you can about other topic(s) that will not do anything more than enrich your mind and spirit..

Then you are.
We live in a continuously dumbed down society and its sorta chicken/egg - Is everything dumbed down because its all most can handle thus no reason for any entity to try harder or is it most can only handle a certain level of curiosity and thought provocation so that's what is given to us?

Look at the quality (or lack thereof) of visual and print news, TV shows, movies, music, books, art...  All aimed at the masses

What challenges the mind and forces one to think and question ends up being low ratings and/or a money loser; what appeals to the crowd especially the teen market is a success

People really do not want to think if there's no financial benefit
A few months ago at the library, I rented an old TV show from the early 80's that I remembered as a child called 'Police Squad' staring Leslie Nielsen

It was a comedy by the guys who made 'Airplane!' and in that similar vein with ultimately 3 movies in the late 80s to early 90s made under the 'Naked Gun' series..

But the TV show itself was cancelled after only 7 episodes and in the commentary section of the DVD, Nielsen talked about it..
Basically Nielsen said that a year or so after the cancellation he ran into one of the head TV programmers at ABC which aired it, and casually asked why the show had been cancelled since the ratings had been alright in comparison to other shows, some better, some worse

The network honcho told Nielsen the show forced people to think too much; if one was distracted for 15 seconds, they'd miss the jokes because they were too nuanced and not obvious enough; it forced the viewers to pay attention

Also it was explained to Nielsen that advertisers hated the show because by forcing viewers to pay attention and think during the show, it would make them continue during the commercials and question the truth behind their product ads

If people were thinking and engaged today, would anyone tolerate the onslaught of constant multiculturalism, interracial couples and bi-racial & 100% black families depicted in every visual and print ad; a group of people that only represent 14% (1 in 7) of the population?
People are just not intelligent and it is why the world generation after generation is so messed up and little ever seems to get better outside of technology advancements..

Intelligent people are not easily swayed or duped; they don't run with the pack as to their likes, dislikes or how they are to vote

They're not popular and don't seek to be; they are the people few want to be around because it reminds others they're not as brainy as they deluded themselves into thinking.
Intelligent people read A&G and are loyal followers; the rest are content to get their information from cable news and establishment newspapers.

So if you're intelligent, then good for you and keep trying hard not to get dispirited by the world progressing on a lower mental level; they can not stimulate you mentally and if you can truly accept that, you will be happier

And if you're not intelligent, well..  smart is OK too.

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